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Birthday wishes: Beautiful and popular birthday wishes

Beautiful and personally formulated birthday wishes make the special day even more special. Everyone is happy to receive a card with loving words and wishes for their birthday. For well-wishers the question remains: How do I write the birthday wishes? We can help: With more than 50 beautiful, loving and funny birthday wishes for men and women ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Formulate birthday wishes individually

The classic "Happy Birthday" is a good start for birthday wishes. These are even better if you formulate your wishes for the birthday individually and adapt them to the birthday child. Go into the personal relationship or life situation and adapt the birthday wishes to the recipient.

We have put together numerous examples of birthday wishesthat can serve as inspiration and basis for you. A little reformulated, you can use it to create beautiful and personal wishes for your birthday that will be well received by everyone - whether family, friends or colleagues.

The most beautiful birthday wishes

  • "I wish you as much happiness as the rain drops, as much love as the sun's rays and as much joy as the sky has stars."
  • "I wish you a wonderful day, a lot of joy, health and satisfaction for the next year and good luck for everything you plan to do."
  • “The best days of the last year may be the worst of the coming. Happy Birthday!"
  • “Let yourself be celebrated, enjoy the day and stay the way you are! Happy Birthday!"
  • "I wish that you will come one step closer to your dreams every day."
  • "For your birthday I wish you are as happy every day as you are today!"
  • "May the coming year bring many wonderful adventures, successes and great memories."
  • "I wish you 365 days full of happiness, love, laughter and health."
  • "Not only today, but every day I wish you happiness, health and fun in life."
  • “We wish you all the best and lots of joy on your special day today. Let it be well with you! "
  • "Get rich gifts, enjoy the day and look forward to the wonderful year that lies ahead of you."
  • "For your cradle celebration, I wish you lots of sunshine, personal and professional happiness and always a smile on your face."
  • "Happy Birthday! We are very happy for you and hope that all of your dreams will come true."
  • "Have a wonderful day with wonderful people who always want to be by your side."
  • “It's not a big birthday, but we still want to celebrate it that way. Have a great day and an even better person! "
  • "For your birthday, I not only wish you health, love and happiness. I wish you from the bottom of my heart that all of your wishes will come true and that you will achieve your personal goals. "
  • "We wish you a wonderful birthday, an entire year full of joy and every day more happiness than you can use up."

Short birthday wishes for Whatsapp

  • "May you live as long as you want - and want it as long as you live!"
  • “You should wake up happy every day and go to bed satisfied. Happy Birthday!"
  • "For your birthday party, I wish you: the most beautiful of the beautiful and the best of the good."
  • "For your birthday I wish you all the best and good luck for the coming year!"
  • "I wish you a year full of joy and success!"
  • “I send you many greetings for your birthday! Stay healthy and happy! "
  • "You should always be happy and worries should disappear from your life."
  • "Happy Birthday and all the best for your birthday!"
  • "Congratulations! Let yourself be celebrated and give rich presents!"
  • "For your birthday I wish you the freedom to do whatever you want."
  • "Feel tightly pressed on your special day, have a nice party and enjoy the cake!"
  • "A year full of fun, adventure and special moments should be waiting for you!"
  • "Let the sun shine for you and make every day a happy one."
  • "To a carefree new year and success in all situations!"
  • “I'm sending you a thousand kisses and hugs for your birthday! Happy Birthday!"
  • “For you, every day should be even more beautiful than the previous one. Happy birthday all the best! "

Birthday wishes for men

  • “We have known each other for so long and I am still happy to be one of my best friends. Stay the way you are and enjoy the new year of your life! "
  • “It is well known that men get better and better with age - although that is of course hardly possible with you. Happy Birthday!"
  • “I hope your midlife crisis will be a few more years away. Happy Birthday!"
  • "Great guys like you don't get older, just more mature and even better!"
  • "There Birthday boy no longer fits and my wife says old sack be rude, I just say: Happy Birthday! "
  • “Do it like a good captain: stay on the right course, steer with full speed ahead and let the tail wind propel you! All the best for the coming year! "
  • "I wish that all dreams will come true and that your wife will not get angry about it."

Birthday wishes for women

  • Your dreams should be wider than the sky, your happiness brighter than the sun and your love deeper than the sea. "
  • "May all your dreams and wishes come true."
  • "I wish you warming sunshine, fragrant flowers and eyes that shine with joy every day."
  • “You should get the sweetest and best of the cake of life. Happy Birthday and celebrate your special day! "
  • “Keep your joy in the little things, enjoy every moment and let yourself be enchanted by everyday life. Happy Birthday!"
  • “I can hardly say how important you are to me as a friend - stay exactly as you are! I wish you all the luck in the world for your birthday! "

Funny birthday wishes

  • "I am happy for you! Not because you're getting older, but because you make me look young!" (Frank von Schillerberg-Gosheim)
  • "I wish you a warm and bright birthday - but with so many candles it seems a matter of course."
  • "You and old? No, I would never say that - maybe just write it in lower case so you don't see it. Happy Birthday!"
  • "For your birthday I wish you still have enough air to blow up all these candles."
  • “I know exactly how old you have become today - but you're lucky: I can keep quiet! Congratulations! "
  • “May your hair not turn gray and hold your bones for a long time. Happy Birthday!"
  • “I wish you good luck and health. Yes, especially health at your age. "
  • "On your birthday you should live according to an important motto: What you can uncork today, don't postpone it until tomorrow!"
  • “You should celebrate every birthday the way you were born: naked and screaming! Happy Birthday and enjoy yourself today! "

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