Why do chickens live on a farm

Demeter eggs & Demeter poultry

A chicken life with dignity

Scratching on the chicken yard is part of a species-appropriate chicken life. And so exercise is a matter of course for our chickens. So that the shy escape animals can also use the run, it is equipped with bushes or other hiding places for the chickens. Since chickens don't like to go outside in all weathers, there is also a covered outdoor area for scratching and walking. In the barn, scratching surfaces and perches provide variety, a maximum of 3000 laying hens live in one building at Demeter. There must be a minimum distance of 150 m between two chicken coops, so that the chickens are guaranteed to have enough space to run around. If the farm only keeps a small herd of chickens, the chicken coop is also examined by the regular Demeter / organic control. From 1000 laying hens, we send a specialized inspector to the farm to inspect the barn, who is particularly familiar with poultry. Detailed information on poultry farming.

The organic chicken of tomorrow

Together with Bioland, Demeter founded the ├ľkologische Tierzucht gGmbH, which provides organic eggs from the start. The aim of the initiative is to breed a chicken that is adapted to organic farming. The chickens should get along well with organic feed, be robust and enjoy being outdoors. Ultimately, breeding should create an alternative to chick killing: a dual-purpose chicken that both sets of meat and lays eggs and a laying hen whose brothers are raised as so-called brother cocks.

An ecological life for the breeding animals

Organic animal breeding also helps the parents of the laying hens, i.e. the breeding animals, to live in the herd. Breeding animals are otherwise kept in individual cages in order to collect precise information about the chickens: How much do the animals eat? How heavy? How many eggs do you lay? How big are the eggs? How thick is the shell? The breeding animals of organic animal breeding, on the other hand, can move freely and live in a herd group. A complex system is used to assign the eggs laid to the respective chickens in order to collect important information for breeding. Organic animal breeding offers an alternative to industrial breeding structures. And the charity guarantees that the breeding remains in the hands of farmers.

Plus points for Demeter poultry farming

  • 100 percent organic feed with 70% Demeter content
  • Grain forage for scratching and pecking every day
  • More space on the bars, on the feeding trough, by the drinking troughs than in the EU Eco-Regulation
  • Multi-climate zone stable with daylight, outdoor exercise yard, exercise area
  • Daily access to the outdoor air-conditioning area and exercise area
  • A maximum of 3000 animals per stall
  • Docking or touching beaks is prohibited
  • Roosters in every flock of hens
  • Pullets are only bought from Demeter pullet breeders or reared themselves (with the exception of pedigree poultry)
  • Demeter is working intensively on setting up biodynamic parent flocks, own hatcheries, rearing pullets and developing a dual-purpose breed

Would you like to keep your chickens biodynamic? Then you will find more information here. If you would like to keep animals from ├ľkologische Tierzucht gGmbH, you will find information here.