Can dogs eat corn?

Can dogs eat corn?

Freshly picked corn on the cob from the field is more than just a toy and pastime for most dogs. In addition to the numerous nutrients and energy in the corn kernels, the dog has the opportunity to do something for his teeth and gums at the same time by gnawing. All without difficulty. But how do you handle canned corn? Can dogs also eat canned corn?

Corn - Mexico's top export

The Origins of the corn lie in Mexico. Seafarers brought the first ones with long voyages Grains to Europewhich quickly spread them.

The corn consists largely of water. It also contains fats, protein and carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. Immediately after harvest, the corn kernels contain most of it Sweet. With the storage time, the sweetness of the sugars turns into starch.

In addition to provitamin A, the various B vitamins, vitamins C and E, there are also numerous minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc in maize. A constellation that benefits the dog. So for a healthy one Skin and shiny fur there is something: linoleic acid. It is one of the important fatty acids that the dog needs.

The dog and the canned corn

Like the fresh corn straight from the field - Of course, toxin-free - the dog can also consume the corn from the can. However, the keeper must be aware that the maize kernels have been pretreated. Also, numerous nutrients such as vitamins and Minerals lost.

So that ingredients of the corn can best be absorbed, they should be pureed before consumption. The dog is not able to break open the grain coat with its teeth. As a result, the inside with all of its contents cannot be reached. If the four-legged friend still consumed whole grains, this is it no reason to worry. Whole corn kernels are excreted undigested without any problems.

Although basically nothing against corn speaks from the can, you should still pay attention to the amount. Corn contains starch, which in the amount that Digestive system strain the dog. Another side effect is a strong tendency to become overweight.

Corn for dogs as a grain substitute

Maize meal in particular is particularly popular when the dog is allergic to grain. Corn has the advantage of being absolutely gluten-free. However, there is still an unsubstantiated suspicion that the maize itself could trigger allergies. Our recommendation: dog food without grain.