Where can I move when I'm homeless

Homeless moving to new federal state, what do I have to consider?

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19 November 2010
AW: Moving homeless to the new federal state, what do I have to consider?

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first of all a few questions for you:

Living apart and homeless

You write "living apart" does that mean you are living in a divorce?

I can no longer stay in the accommodation and it is impossible to find an apartment.

You pay for the accommodation yourself at the moment and are the circumstances there that make you no longer want to stay there, right?

I have now planned to go to Wuppertal and find something there (my home)

Here you should take a look at this link - these are the local guidelines for Wuppertal as well.

Then this note for you, there is a counseling center in Wuppertal, please have a look here:

Advice and help

I do not receive Harz4 but I will lose my sick pay by moving.

How long have you been receiving sick pay?

I'm still signed in to the property. What should I do unsubscribe

Here you should wait until you have a new apartment or a registered address.

Can the job center refuse me because I was in accommodation?

No, you need a registration address here, without a registration address you have to visit the JC personally every day.

Section 36 SGB II local jurisdiction

It is important for the JC that you can be reached by post, i.e. that you can receive your mail every day. There are registration addresses, for example, at the Diakonie, the advice center in Wuppertal can certainly also help you, see my link above.

I found a 2 room apartment but it was 460 warm. I was told it will not be taken over.

Please take a look at the local guidelines of Wuppertal as already written.

6- What do I have to do after the inspection and approval by the landlord?

In any case, submit a rental offer to the JC with a short cover letter and personal delivery against confirmation of receipt.

I'm sure there are some more tips for you.