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Ariana Grande & Rihanna: That is what private concerts by the stars cost

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LOS ANGELES (FIRSTNEWS) - Who does not know it: The birthday of your loved one is just around the corner and once again the question of the ideal gift arises. We have a tip: How about a private concert by a world star? Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Shakira, Usher or Zara Larsson - they can all be booked for a living room serenade. However, this is a question of your wallet. An evening with superstar Grande, for example, costs 1.3 million euros, according to “Bravo”. If you understandably don't want to afford that, you could reach a shelf lower and book Rihanna. Cost point there: 670,000 euros. Shakira, on the other hand, is almost a bargain. The Latina singer costs only 450,000 euros. But if all this is still too much for you, you might get weak with Usher. The 40-year-old is available for a comparatively slim 180,000 euros. And those who are currently a little clammy have to be content with Zara Larsson for 133,000 euros.

Incidentally, it is doubtful whether Rihanna needs such exorbitant prices for a living room concert. The 31-year-old is considered the richest singer in the world.

Announcement published on 06/12/2019
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