Why are some men awful with women

That drives men crazy (in every way)

Sometimes we don't understand. WHAT ONLY CAN HE FIND IN YOU? It looks okay, but it's not dazzling beauty. She's not stupid, but neither is she an intelligent beast.

What is it about some women that makes men fall for them? Well - we did a little research!

And tell you which psychological tricks you use to drive him crazy (in every way):

Being unpredictable is allowed (sometimes). Always just being nice, that's not possible. Nobody can do that anyway. And besides, women run the risk of being taken for granted (and no feeling is worse. After all, we want to be admired. Not every second and maybe not when we are jogging in front of the TV ... but by and large we just deserve to be considered special). So we quickly get the guys with little fears out of their daily grind. Maybe by not being available. Distant without giving any reason. Stupid games? Yes absolutely. But every now and then we have a right to be stupid. Basta!

And then again everything is so tralala. The truth is, men love women who are in a good mood and who are happy and cheerful most of the time. Does that contradict the first point? Of course not. Because when we convey to him that we don't actually need him to be happy and content, then he finds it pretty irresistible.

I WANT YOU! Where does a man seek approval from a woman most? Correct. In bed. (Jajajaa, we use clich├ęs here. But the basest sayings are sometimes the truest). We do not advocate cheering on someone who does not try at all between the sheets (we rather fire them out of our lives), but rather clearly signaling to our heart partner that we are keen on him again and again.

Consistency is sexy. What he really, really stupid? Then he has to feel it too. It doesn't do any good if a woman swallows her anger and anger (if it is justified and if the thing is worth a row). Sometimes there has to be consistency. Say an opinion. A lecture. Distance. Until he realizes his mistake. Works wonders (even if it's tough to pull off).

He should watch you. Sometimes you have to bump into these guys again what they have in us. How do you do that? If we give him time to watch us. While we play with the kids. Read. Working on the laptop. It doesn't matter. Men find it attractive to watch a woman indulging herself in something. Especially when it is not needed. He thinks it's wonderful.

Do you think that all sounds very exhausting? Right. But anything goes in love and war (and some couples will confirm that the two are not that far apart).