Benjamin Netanyahu was born in America

He's the longest-serving prime minister in Israel - and yet Benjamin Netanyahu's popularity with the people is meager.

  • Benjamin Netanyahu what first 1996 to the Prime Minister of Israel elected. He is now the longest ruling prime minister in Israel.
  • He is in for his uncompromising politics Middle East conflict known that he was the boss of right-wing conservative party Likud tracked.
  • To Corruption scandals the popularity of the head of government decreased more and more. Also his actions in the Corona crisis is criticized.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu what on October 21, 1949 born in Tel Aviv. He is the son of the historian and Zionist activist Benzion Netanyahu and his Mrs. Zilawho also have the Sons of Jonathan other Iddo had. Jonathan is considered a war hero in Israel after being hostages in a military rescue operation 1976 lost his life. After the children grew up in Jerusalem, the family later moved to the United Stateswhere Benzion Netanyahu at colleges like the University of Denver taught. Benjamin Netanyahu attended the Cheltenham High School in the state Pennsylvania, where he 1967 also graduated.

As a result, Netanyahu returned to Israel for the Israel Defense Forces to join. For five years he fought in an elite troop and was among other things in the Attrition was between Egypt and used Israel. He was injured in several missions and shot about in the shoulder. 1972 the politician was discharged from active service and returned to the USA to architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study. Already in October 1973 he returned to im Yom Kippur War to serve. 1975 closed to be Netanyahu Bachelor degree followed a year later Masters degree at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He also studied Political science at the Harvard University and at MIT.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Political Beginnings and Career

1976 started Benjamin Netanyahu, as Business consultant in the Boston Consulting Group to work. There he worked with the later US presidential candidate Mitt Romney together, with whom he developed a friendly relationship. After his brother Jonathan joined the Operation Entebbe died, the Netanyahu family founded that Jonathan Institutewho organized events by the international terrorism against Israel acted. To head the institute, Benjamin Netanyahu moved 1978 back to Israel. There he made his first political contacts and learned Moshe Arens who was working as the Israeli ambassador to the United States at the time. 1982 Arens made him the deputy ambassador in Washington. Two years later he became the Permanent Representative of Israel both United Nations in new York. During this time, Netanyahu became friends with the real estate entrepreneur Fred Trump at, the father of the current US president Donald Trump.

His return to Israel followed 1988. There the aspiring politician joined the right-wing conservative party Likud and was elected as a member of the Knesset elected to the Israeli unicameral parliament. This was followed by the office of Deputy Foreign Minister. 1993 became Netanyahu to Party leader des Likud elected after the latter's disastrous election results.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Rise to Prime Minister of Israel

1996 ran for Benjamin Netanyahu in choosing the new one Prime Minister of Israel. His predecessor Shimon Peres had early elections scheduled after it became a series Palestinian suicide attacks on Israeli civilians, killing 32 citizens. As a result, the people's confidence in Peres sank rapidly. Netanyahu, in turn, secured the services of the American election campaign strategist Arthur J. Finkelsteinwho worked for conservative and right wing candidates around the world for decades. Although Netanyahu's sometimes aggressive campaign was met with criticism, it turned out to be a success: am May 26, 1996 he was elected as the new Prime Minister of Israel. This made him the youngest person in the history of the state to assume the highest-ranking Israeli office. To make a government possible, Netanyahu had to form a coalition with the ultra-orthodox parties Shas other UTJ as the opposition won more votes in parliament.

As already announced in the election campaign, the new prime minister pursued one far more uncompromising line than its predecessor. The Palestinian Authority Netanyahu demands that they fulfill their obligation and fight terrorism. He continued to criticize that Oslo Agreementwhich is its predecessor Yitzhak Rabin with the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat because too many concessions would be made to the Palestinians. In his opinion, this only left room for extremists. Although Netanyahu followed the deal roughly, the peace process slowed down during his tenure.

in the August 1996 he raised the one decreed by Shimon Peres Construction freeze for Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories. In the same year he left an exit for the Western Wall Tunnel open, leading to three days of rioting by the Palestinians and numerous deaths on both sides.

in the October 1998 Netanyahu and Yasser Arafat signed that Wye Agreement, which was supposed to regulate the withdrawal of the Israeli forces from the West Bank. Despite the mediation efforts of the US President Bill Clinton The agreement proved difficult to implement in reality and was criticized in Netanyahu's government for being too radical or not progressive enough.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Other political offices

After a number of Corruption scandals sank Benjamin Netanyahus Increasing popularity among the population. As a result, he missed 1999 re-election to prime minister and had to take office Ehud Barak to hand over. To 2002 he withdrew from the political scene in Israel back. Under Barak's successor Ariel Sharon he was appointed Foreign Minister. Subsequently, Netanyahu called for the president to be the party leader of the Likud out, but Sharon had to admit defeat. 2003 he entered the position of Finance minister at. Two years later, Netanyahu resigned from the ministerial office to protest the cabinet's decision to withdraw Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip provided. He feared a possible split in the state and a threat to peace.

In the same year the politician was re-elected chairman of the Likud. With this he found himself after the 2006 presidential election in the oppositionafter the movement founded by Sharon Kadima had won the elections. Because of the Lebanon War The incumbent Israeli Prime Minister's popularity fell Ehud Olmert always more. He was accused of having missed the war aims. Netanyahu also sharply criticized Olmert in public and made it clear that he was all too ready to return to his old office.

Benjamin Netanyahu's re-election as Prime Minister of Israel

This wish came to him on February 10, 2009 granted: President Shimon Peres commissioned him after the Israeli general election again with the formation of the government. He went among other things a coalition with the right-wing nationalist party Jisra’el Beitenu a. In the early parliamentary election 2013 Netanyahu's government was confirmed in office, as well 2019when the Likud achieved its best election result in 16 years. Unlike in the past, the coalition talks failed, what one New election in the September 2019 resulted in. When the formation of the government failed again, the mandate to form the government went to the Speaker of Parliament Benny Gantz. in the April 2020 the two politicians reached an agreement to form a joint government. There should be a change of prime minister after one and a half years. Netanyahu is now the longest-serving prime minister in Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Challenges of his tenure

Despite his record-breaking term in office, leaves Benjamin Netanyahus Popularity with israeli people to be desired. Allegations of corruption persecute the politician to the present day. He is said to have accepted perks from two businessmen in the amount of around 250,000 euros. Besides, it will Media manipulation accused. Among other things, he is said to have granted a telecommunications company advantages so that its news portal would publish positive reports about him. 2019 were Accuse because of Bribery, fraud other Breach of trust charged against Netanyahu. The Criminal proceedings against the Prime Minister was on May 24, 2020 opened. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic was continuing the process on January 2021 postponed. The politician himself denies the allegations and suspects a conspiracy by the police, the media and the public prosecutor's office against him.

Netanyahu too Corona policy is heavily criticized. He got after a strict lockdown Everything started up again too quickly and thus provoked further outbreaks. He also gave the impression that the virus had been defeated and that life could go on as usual. To increasing numbers of infections and one second wave the government reacted chaotically and resorted to contradicting measures. So, Netanyahu wants Hypocrisy accused. For example, he had demonstrations against him banned while allowing ultra-Orthodox Jews to meet in large groups in the synagogue to gain the favor of their parties.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Family and Personal Life

Benjamin Netanyahu was married three times in total. His first wife Miriam Weizmann he learned in Israel know and the two moved 1972 to study in the United States. Shortly afterwards, the couple married. Your Daughter Noa came on April 29, 1978 to the world and lives today as ultra-orthodox jew in Jerusalem. While his wife was pregnant, the politician started one affair with the non-Jewish British student Fleur Cates. When Miriam found out about the affair, she ended the marriage. 1981 Netanyahu said yes to his former lover and she converted to Judaism. The divorce followed three years later.

The Prime Minister met his third wife, Sara Ben-Artzi, on a flight from new York to Israel where she worked as a stewardess. The wedding followed 1991. The couple have two sons named together Jair other Avner. 1993 admitted Netanyahu live on TV, having an affair with his PR consultant Ruth Bar to have had. A political rival secretly filmed compromising video material and blackmailed him with the recordings in order to force his political resignation. He and his wife then worked on their marriage and remained a couple while Netanyahu joined Likud party leader was chosen.

1996 it was reported that the politician had a 20-year friendship with an Italian-American woman. Netanyahu sharply criticized the media for their reporting and accused them of violating his privacy in front. He suspected that political rivals had hired spies to gather evidence of his alleged affairs. His wife Sara, on the other hand, is said to be so afraid of further cheating scandals from her husband that she fired secretaries and nannies.