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Marvel Heroes Psychological Quiz: Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

Which Marvel hero is your personal favorite? This question should be completely irrelevant to us today. Rather, we want to know which Marvel hero you actually ARE! After all, desire and reality rarely go hand in hand. So who are you really To find out, we designed 15 special questions that get to the bottom of the psychological issue. The questions range from your relationship with dad to your greatest fears and your sex life. If you answer them honestly and to the best of their conscience, you will find out in the end which Marvel hero is actually closest to him. But be careful: you may not like the answer. Here is our Marvel hero psychological quiz. Have fun!

You have to give the superheroes from the Marvel Universe one thing - they all have a very nice package to carry. Broken childhoods, stately father complexes, bad feelings of guilt and disturbed feelings of self wherever you look. Superheroes apparently need super therapists. Our quiz takes the moving stories of the Marvel heroes as an opportunity to spice up today's character quiz a little. Participate at your own risk!


Marvel Heroes: Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

The following 15 questions are based on a psychological profile of the characters known from the Marvel films. We mainly orientated ourselves on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but here and there we also incorporated a few additional background facts from the comic universe. If you like, you can honestly answer our questions and see which Marvel character is most similar to him in this regard. You can of course also try to outsmart our Marvel quiz and use your knowledge of the Marvel heroes to achieve the desired result. Either way, we hope it's fun.

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Quiz: Which Marvel Superhero Are You?

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