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Set up Facebook Messenger - it's that easy!

Messenger is one of the biggest topics for Facebook over the next few years. Over the past few months, the company's own messenger platform has been regularly updated and new features introduced. For Messenger People customers, the use of Facebook Messenger as a newsletter, service and chatbot tool is already activated and free of charge. In this article, we will explain to you how to activate Facebook Messenger for your channel in two simple steps.

In this article you will learn:

  1. Why FB Messenger is important for companies
  2. Set up Facebook Messenger in two steps
  3. How to make it easier for your users to start chatting via Facebook Messenger bot

1. Why FB Messenger is important for companies

There are numerous reasons why Facebook Messenger is becoming more and more exciting as a communication tool for companies.

  • Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users per monthworldwide
  • The messenger has over 1 billion active users per month
  • Facebook Messenger is that second most popular iOS app of all time according to the Facebook app (App Annie)
  • Facebook Messenger was over downloaded a billion times via Android
  • Round 400,000 users from over 200 countries chat every day with a Facebook Messenger bot in Messenger
  • On average will be more than 5 million GIFs every day sent via messenger
  • over2 billion messages (global / month) are exchanged between users and companies
  • In Germany, the FB Messenger is used by more than 23 million users per month
  • About helped(53%) of Facebook users prefer companies they can chat with

Source: FB Messenger

2. Set up Facebook Messenger in two steps

To set up Facebook Messenger you only need two steps that are easy to implement and do not require any programming knowledge.

1) Make settings on Facebook

  1. Make sure you Admin rights for your company's Facebook page so that you can make the changes in the settings.
  2. Please activate the option "Activate messages " on your company's Facebook page as follows:
  • Click in the top right of your page "Settings"
  • In the left menu click on "Generally "
  • Click on "News "
  • Activate the field next to "d"Allow others to contact my site privately by displaying the 'Message' button"
  • Now click on "Save Changes "

2) Set up Facebook Messenger in the MessengerPeople customer interface

  1. Make sure that you have admin rights for the MessengerPeople account.
  2. Activate Facebook Messenger:
  • In the Messenger People customer interface click in the menu on the left on "Settings "
  • Now navigate to "Settings" in the menu on the left and open the menu item "Messenger"
  • Now click on the button "Log in with Facebook"



  • Sign in with the Facebook credentials of the page you want to connect
  • Now click on "Log In"
  • It is imperative to activate the "NewsBot" for a successful connection



  • Then select the Facebook page that you want to connect to the channel and click on "Okay" and "Connect"



  • The Facebook page is now successfully connected and users can contact you via Facebook Messenger

3. How to make it easier for your users to start chatting via Facebook Messenger bot

With the following two extensions you can customize the welcome screen of your Facebook Messenger in the MessengerPeople interface and offer your users an even easier chat entry via the Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Welcome text

In the welcome text field you have the option of creating an individual greeting for new users. Here you can z. For example, you can also write an introduction to starting a chat or a declaration of use that users see as soon as they call up your Facebook Messenger chatbot in Messenger on their smartphone - even before they type anything.

Create a greeting text

  1. In the Messenger People customer interface click in the menu on the left on "Settings "
  2. Make sure that the connection to your Facebook account is active
  3. In the given "Welcome message on first contact " your individual greeting
  4. After the entry, the text is automatically saved or updated

Please note that users of the "MIA function" can create a separate greeting. If you have any questions, please contact our support via messenger.

How do my users subscribe to the Facebook Messenger channel?

After activation, Facebook Messenger is available as an option in your login widget. Make sure the widget is featured prominently on your website or landing page. This is how users sign up for your Facebook Messenger channel:

  • The user clicks on the button "Facebook Messenger ". A plugin opens.
  • Now the user clicks on the “Start Facebook Messenger” button. The Facebook Messenger chat window opens directly.
  • Here the user can now register with a start message for your newsletter (only for news sites that are registered in the NPI (News Page Index)) and / or start a chat.

Alternatively, the user can log in directly via the Facebook page by sending any message in Messenger to your company page. Facebook offers more and more ways to connect directly to you in Messenger, such as the new Facebook Messenger Ads.

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