How far are we from telekinesis

Telekinesis (moving things with your head) is possible

Science fiction is no longer fiction. You can really change the world around you just by thinking.

Here is how.

In the unimaginably strange world of subatomic particles such as electrons (carriers of electric current), individual particles exist in many places at the same time. I know that seems impossible, but experiment after experiment over the past 100 years has shown that it is unequivocally true.

In fact, you're currently using a computer, which is basically a whole bunch of electronic parts called transistors. Each and every one of these transistors would only work if electrons were present in multiple places at the same time, a bizarre phenomenon called quantum superposition.

What does quantum superposition have to do with it? Telekinesis or thoughts about matter?

Well, particles like electrons don't always live in a certain place, but in a kind of smear in many places, most of them very close together, some very far away. Another way of putting it is that some tiny packages of matter are light all overbut exactly nowhere.

This means that there are many electrons in the room you are sitting in - like those in your computer - in the computer other in your brain.

And what happens in your brain every time you think? Electric currents and electromagnetic fields flow that affect electrons, including those that occupy spaces inside and outside your head.

Now, when you push or pull an electron with an electric field, like an electron in static electricity that builds up on your dog's fur, the electron moves a little. When this happens to an electron that occupies many spaces at the same time, it will experience what physicists call a collapse.

A breakdown is similar to what happens when a shepherd gathers in his scattered sheep at the end of the day, with one small difference. If the various sheep in a herd were like the many quantum states of a single electron, the shepherd would not have to send out his sheepdog to consolidate the animals. He just tapped the next sheep and then - and I mean faster than the speed of light - all but one of the sheep would disappear and only one would be led into the sheep pen for the night.

The Shepherd's "tapping" is an analogy to what you do with the many states of an electron when you create an electric field with your mind: You cause several simultaneous incarnations of this particle to "collapse" to occupy a certain location.

And that "place" can be in your brain, anywhere in the room you are sitting in, or 14 billion light years away on the other side of the universe.

You heard me right: when I said that the electron started easily everywhere, I meant all over.

Now buckle up; It's getting really wild here. When particles are everywhere and exactly nowhere, then some of the particles that make you up are inside you you At the same time, they exist on the other side of the universe.

OK, that's weird, no doubt. So what? A quantum rooster coming from the other side of the universe - such as an exploding star - could cause a "collapse" in your skull. This is What.

Your thoughts move the universe a little outside of you and the universe moves you.

Are you actually feeling any of these infinitesimal activities? Can a person feel a quantum change in their brain caused by a quantum change in someone? otherwise Brain?

Almost certainly not.

But almost certain is not the same as certain, is it?