How do you look with glasses

Fake glasses: are you still looking through or are you already seeing?

  • May 5th. 2009
  • Anastasia Hansen
  • Current

In the course of the trend wave of nerd glasses, a very special chic has established itself in the fashion sector in terms of accessories: You are again exemplary and flawless. At least it is currently addrett to adorn yourself with the image of the virtuoso. This fad directed their attention primarily to what is probably the most obvious attribute of an impeccable geek: his glasses. Big, bulky glasses were the theme last season! Sunglasses in particular are now in season again, but corrective glasses are still extremely socially acceptable.

Glasses are simply an important means of creating a certain look. They change the overall appearance of a person like no other accessory. An apparently steadily growing fashion scene now revolves around this eyewear hype. Every day we notice new glasses models, nicer, bigger, funnier, more unusual - something for everyone. But now the question: what to do if you don't need glasses but still want to wear one? No problem! You can also wear glasses, even if you can see perfectly without them. At Mister Spex you can order any pair of glasses with so-called plain lenses. When ordering, simply enter zero values ​​in the fields required for the prescription. The glasses then come with super anti-reflective "window glass". You can wear these like any other fashion accessory, depending on your mood. For example for a job interview: glasses strengthen the perceived intelligence.

Incidentally, you can find particularly beautiful fake glasses models by Ed Hardy, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Sean John and Tom Ford.

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