What kind of mother do you have

If you still have a mother

If you still have a mother
So thank God and be satisfied;
Not all of the earth
Is this great happiness granted.
If you still have a mother
So you should take care of her with love,
That one day she will have her tired head,
In peace can lay to rest.

Because what you are you are through them.
She is your being, she is your becoming,
She is your greatest asset
And is your greatest treasure on earth.
The father's word is serious and severe,
The good mother alleviates it again.
The father's blessing builds the house,
The mother's curse tears it down.

She has from day one
Lived for you with anxious worries;
She brought you to rest in the evening ‘
And woke you up in the morning kissing you.
And were you sick, she took care of your,
whom she was born with deep pain;
And they all gave up on you
The mother did not give you lost.

How often has not the tender hand
Lying on your lure's head!
How often has not her pious heart
I prayed for you for God's blessing!
And if you had misunderstood love,
Their loyalty is rewarded with ingratitude,
Mother always forgave you
Embrace you again with love.

And you would have the mother's heart yourself
So little cared for you
You never repay the little itself,
And if you were the rich king!
The greatest sacrifices are minor
For what they gave for you;
And if she had forgotten you
So she gave you life.

And don't you have a mother anymore
And can you no longer please her
So you can see her early grave
Decorate with fresh flowers.
A mother's grave, a holy ‘grave,
The eternally holy place for you!
O turn to this place
When the wave of life beats you!

Friedrich Wilhelm Kaulisch