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Everything Bollywood and Curry? Not even close! India has a lot more to offer. This is also evident in books by Indian authors or novels set in India. The political problems that preoccupy the country as they are today are often an elementary component, but of course there are also many positive things to discover in Indian literature. Let yourself be taken on an exciting journey to the Indian subcontinent by grabbing one of the books from this list! You can show which India books you particularly liked with your votes below. We also have selected some great India tips for you.

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  1. Tishani Doshi

    The fortune seekers

    First publication: 02.09.2010
    Current issue: 11/12/2011
    When two cultures collide ... Prem Kumar Patel sent his son Babo to study in London, but he hadn't planned on him falling in love with an English woman there! But the young lovers are not impressed by the father's plans to break them apart, and the result is a wonderful family story in which England and India unite. A touching love story and the rapprochement between two cultures make Tishani Doshi's debut novel a particularly readable Indian novel.