How do I get to Kodaikanal from Hyderabad

7/10/18 - 7/17/18 Hyderabad and Kodaikanal

We had planned to make a short culinary stop in Hyderabad, as we ate some of our best Thalis there on our last trip. But once again everything turned out a little different, the journey from Koraput was already spectacular. Since we had to take two trains and we know that this is a bit risky, we planned 3 hours to change trains and hoped to make our connection. Our first train was already 1 1/2 hours late when we got on, but as it moves continuously that didn't seem to be a problem, we thought. Because who could have guessed that the train would simply stop for almost 2 hours 10km from the destination. Since there are no train announcements in India, we only have our own interpretation that our train no longer had a place in the system due to its existing delay and therefore had to let others in front. Be that as it may, we had already given up our connection and worked out an emergency plan when the train started moving again. Highly tense and ready to get out of the car, we continued to fear because he was driving at a snail's pace and stopped twice. But since we noticed that no train had come towards us that could have been ours, but it was already after the scheduled departure time, our actual arrival had to be quick. We sprinted up the stairs as fast as we could with a backpack and discovered our train two tracks further, which was just starting to move. So get down as fast as possible and luckily we are in India and on the one hand the doors of the trains are open and on the other hand they leave the station so slowly that we just managed to jump into the moving train. Totally knocked out, but happy to have made it, as short-term train tickets are not easy to get in India, we settled down on the train for one night.

We then found the hoped-for culinary highlights as planned, unfortunately with fatal consequences, we also organized our onward journey, whereby our train system again posed a challenge and then Lea caught herself with food poisoning that can hardly be beaten and we were able to Do not start the planned onward journey. Since there was no chance of getting a train ticket again in the near future, when Lea had sweated away her fever, we had to resort to a bus, which was supposed to cost three times as much and would otherwise cause some inconvenience - comfort, inconvenient boarding points, ... but we wanted to continue to Kodaikanal. And from this way we made the way in one night instead of the originally planned two.

So from Hyderabad we first took the night bus to Dindigul, a city 980km further south. From here we could take a bus to Kodai. In 3 hours we not only drove 90km but also up to 2100m, where we died a thousand deaths at the speed and the many curves. In colonial times, Kodaikanal was a so-called hill station, a place where the British withdrew from the heat and drank tea. This is more than understandable when you consider that the temperature here never exceeds 20 degrees. We were happy to be able to unpack our sweaters at this place and to take nice, long walks without losing our body weight in sweat every day. During the night it even got so cold that Lea unpacked her thick sleeping bag and Mathias caught a slight cold. However, it was worth it. Nowadays Kodai is a small town with a lake in the center and a few viewpoints from which you can see down into the valleys on a clear day. And what a view you can enjoy there! It was also funny to consider that the places we were looking at were just 20 degrees hotter. On Sunday we discovered the wonderful weekly vegetable market where Lea treated herself to a couple of kohlrabis to satisfy her cravings for fresh vegetables, most of which were then eaten by Mathias. Since we arrived at the weekend the city was full of Indian tourists, but from Sunday evening the otherwise full restaurants seemed almost extinct. The price of our room also dropped by 200 rupees. This year you can also see a flower that doesn't seem very speculative and only blooms every 12 (!) Years. So how lucky we are :) So we enjoyed a few cool days before we should take the next night bus to Pondicherry.