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Women are facing the crisis - they just don't turn it into money. Kristina Alff issues company numbers to companies from all over Germany. Mobbing and bossing are part of everyday life in many companies. “Employability management” is therefore the order of the day. In an interview, Wolfgang Witte explains the influence of the change in value and where small companies can find help. Well-known faux pas and misunderstandings, Five facts about intercultural communication, Even in online meetings, those involved can attack one another or keep silent. Apprentices were also on site and eliminated many prejudices. Delia and Karina are always competing. At Bike Citizens, employees earn full-time, but only work four days a week. Meryem Demirtas advises employers on employment models in order to be able to fill vacancies with mothers and fathers. Why employers should target this group of applicants specifically. How do you motivate employees who do not have lunch together for reasons of age? The example of an EDEKA store in Bremerhaven shows how well part-time training can succeed. Because his original business stagnated, Holger Bartels looked for alternatives and discovered the energy transition. You learn from mistakes. Modern rooms have a performance-enhancing effect. For them, looking into other people's living rooms are the best character studies. From home office to motivational tips from Gerald Hüther. A plumber chooses an apprentice with a migration background. Hans Martin Stier Head of Commissariat Ben Schneider 130 episodes. ... and I'll tell you who you are. Tim Wetjen had no plans to join his family's driving school business. Factor A wins industry award - twice. Because we love each other. Renate and Klaus Kobjoll handed over their hotel “Schindlerhof” to their daughter Nicole without much friction. Answers to the most important questions at a glance. Then came David Uhlenbrock, the son of an entrepreneur looking for self-realization. Successful Entrepreneurship? Martin Bruchhausen from the integration team at the Duisburg Employment Agency prepares people for the job market. Does not count! Like Lars Lehmann. Even a crisis brings opportunities. But with the right idea and a lot of creativity it doesn't have to get that far - two entrepreneurs tell how they are facing the crisis. The first episode was broadcast on November 29, 1970. But where do these steps lead? Now he's hired him permanently. The successful online retailer talks about employees and their home. Organizers and participants report on the course and purpose of such a course. A towing kite should revolutionize merchant shipping and protect the environment at the same time. The corona pandemic is forcing companies to think about their business models. That also happens. Petra Krink helps the young Syrian Nancy Abo with the job search and in everyday German life. The business psychologist Heinrich Wottawa thinks this attitude of managers is a mistake and knows how to do better. Expert Julia Schröder reveals whether multitasking is possible, what dangers lurk and what solutions there are. Gernot Pflüger pays all employees the same salary, Norma Bopp does not believe in uniform pay. The small businesses Schär and Quick-Line successfully employ people with disabilities. A panel of experts from Marburg will discuss these and other questions in the Business Talk. Just as classic medium-sized companies benefit from working with social media personalities. Giving up a secure job to start your own company, even in times of Corona. But someone who has to write lyrics at home or has a band rehearsal that he cannot postpone is welcome to work from home. Why is it so difficult for executives? Are robots the solution to the shortage of skilled workers? What does digitization mean for my company? Deaf people work with data glasses in order picking, hearing and deaf employees practice communicating in seminars, young people with disabilities do their training here: How Schmaus GmbH successfully implements inclusion in the company. A guideline on how to challenge and motivate employees with simple means. The employment agency has the largest database of artists in Germany. Creativity is hard work - and sometimes tedious. It all started at Fiagon AG with a navigation system for surgeons in the operating room. Here a mustard-colored Moroccan leather pouffe embellishes the ambience, there mirrors in the form of suns hang over sofas. The average age of the employees is 30 years. Any intern can knock on their door. Finding and supervising apprentices has become difficult even without lockdown and contact restrictions. Duzen and Siezen Until he got another chance on the Franconian Brombachsee. “That bonded us even more as a family,” says Fischer. The film "The Silent Revolution" shows why the Upstalsboom managing director Bodo Janssen is considered a pioneer of a new world of work - and what entrepreneurs and managers can learn from him. And those who feel good will stay with the company for a long time, the entrepreneur counts on. The opening sequence for the series has remained the same throughout the decades, which remains highly… Delia Fischer just can't stop making the world a little more beautiful. More than 20 retail companies presented themselves at the “Sell yourself well” in Hamburg at the beginning of March. Futurologist Harry Gatterer explains which trends and changes companies have to expect in the coming years. Do you already have a back? Company founder Hermann Arnold gave up his management position to work as a normal team member again. What happens to the data when the boss dies? But not everything went smoothly at her online shop Westwing at first. Regina Ziegler has shaped the German film and television landscape for over 40 years. And we were interested in this beginning. Collect, curate and comment on your files. What are you already doing well as a manager and what could be even better? You can easily start your targeted search for employees there. There are many positive examples. Thanks to smartphones and laptops, employees and colleagues are always within reach today. We clarify the most important questions from employers and introduce companies that short-time work has helped in weak phases. Challenge and opened a restaurant. Without his experience as a manager in a large company, Stefan Stretz would never have dared to make his dream come true: to found his own brewery. Petra Jenner is one of the most influential female executives in German-speaking countries. One writes fully paid time off after five years in every employment contract, the other is disturbed by the supposed trend towards time off. A direct hit. The software company Auticon is the first German company to exclusively employ autistic people. Dirk Oßwald, CEO of Lebenshilfe Gießen e.V., did that. Psychologist Franziska Stiegler explains how to lead remotely, give support to your employees and manage not to overwhelm them and yourself. Then things turned out differently, and he continued to develop the company concept with his father. Further training is a topic for every employee. It achieves the trust of employees through flat hierarchies. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Nobody can afford it. The investors first have to understand why their money is well invested when Delia Fischer uses it to buy bed linen, candlesticks and scented candles. She actually means well, but the chain reaction is not long in coming. Using examples from the Mainz region, exciting guests discussed digitization and the world of work of the future at the Business Talk. Qualified specialists are nowadays a success criterion - and very often female. Employees from the employment agency met HR managers from the IT industry and job seekers at the Digital Career Day. For the rest, he has developed a successful strategy. And for the apprentices who open up unexpected perspectives - for example at Frisch & Faust Tiefbau in Berlin. Because she trusts them - and lists. Flexible working hours It hits them hard when valuable ideas are stolen from them. Who suits her, who identifies with the company? Her CV reads like a prime example from the handbook for business start-ups: After studying fashion journalism, she becomes an editor at ELLE. At that time, she was doing many tasks that employees could actually do. Anyone who has been so concerned with style for generations certainly has high demands on the taste of others. What entrepreneurs and HR managers need to know about today's apprentices from the experience of a career counselor. 1802. And psychological stress. The controversy between young and old will soon seem nonsensical to us - we need qualified people of all ages. Is that why the desire has no chance at all? Because of the shortage of skilled workers, many employers hire prisoners and have had positive experiences with it. Employees draw sustainable motivation primarily from meaningful tasks and regular experiences of success. Ralf Tiedtke, managing director of the office fitter design function, shows the special kind of workplace design at the business law firm CMS Hasche Sigle in Berlin. Erich Bernhardt from the Employer Service advises entrepreneurs on personnel issues with unconventional measures. But be careful: if companies listen to their employees, they have to be prepared to face the consequences. Every tenth employee quits within the first 100 days. Their tour ended a month ago. The restless is part of their success. Good time management helps you to be in control of your own time. In our series "Does everything stay different?" We show how companies now remain successful. The problem of demographic change will sooner or later affect every company - good if you can then count on its long-standing workforce. How the online shops of small companies can become competitive with the help of intelligent shipping service providers. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. What to do during the pandemic to avoid falling into a hole and strengthen your resilience. There are candidates who quarrel too much with the question, ”says Fischer. She'll do whatever it takes. How should smaller companies deal with digitization? The Cologne labor lawyer Nathalie Oberthür summarizes the changes that companies have to reckon with as a result of the new designation "diverse". Innovation management as an ongoing process - these are the five phases. Last year we presented companies that had broken new ground in the corona pandemic. Author Nicole Pathé on change management. How do job seekers get their wages and bread again? "The brain gets better through intensive use". The sisters Friederike and Simone Strate run the Strate brewery in Detmold. At Factor A we introduce entrepreneurs whose work the editors consider to be newsworthy - because they do something differently than others or because they have a pointed opinion on topics that are of interest to Factor A. Detlef Köhler supports large companies in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg in their search for personnel, especially financial service providers and mechanical engineers. In the Factor A podcast, he explains why this also makes sense for a Swabian medium-sized company. This was also made possible by managing director Stefan Truthän with a visionary organizational approach. Mentoring for women in management positions, multispace: the office trend of the next decade, making mistakes for good employer branding, employers can benefit from reviews, when employers hire people with disabilities, when the employee looks too deeply into the glass, factor A podcast : Rheingan's digital enabler, megatrends for companies in the 2020s, “Classic job advertisements in social media don't work”, entrepreneur Sebastian Zang on mindful work. Why he nevertheless took over his father's farm and became a dairy farmer. The IN CHARGE project brought them together. Five tips from business coach Martina Schuster, the five most important facts about self-marketing. Simone Dorenburg trains Tagesschau spokespersons and executives. This is how your presentation succeeds even with limited preparation time. You should keep this in mind when it comes to presentations. Who is right? The managing director is enthusiastic about the model and speaks in the podcast about stress, satisfaction in the team and his employer brand. Corona is driving us into a burn-out wave, says physician Joachim Galuska. The quiz! Why? Three family businesses, three industries, three successful models: Herrenknecht, Frosta, Klais-Orgeln. Project management tools like Trello, Asana or Slack want to make collaboration easier, especially for small companies. Live on factor A: How do I find the apprentices who fit my company in Corona times? How entrepreneurs and people with disabilities come together. Four simple tips for good corporate health management. Change management is seen as a panacea for changes in companies, from downsizing to going public. 7 tips on how to protect yourself and your employees from this. Apprenticeships in the catering and hotel industries remain vacant. Anyone who recruits foreign workers today counteracts the threat of staff shortages. The most important ingredients: appreciation and trust. You too can determine your favorites for the Krimi Audience Award of the German Book Trade, Mimi 2021! Birgit Aurelia Janetzky is a specialist in digital inheritance and explains how companies can protect themselves. Anyone who takes off professionally in old age is considered a silverpreneur. Long-term unemployed people have a particularly difficult time looking for a job. And how can I prevent it? "Employees must be able to rave about" ... Ms. Fischer is indeed an enthusiast; a creative mind with a sense of design. Job search happens on the internet. Part of the problem lies in the logistics. Dear editors, The Employment Agency in Gotha offers its employees a burn-out prevention seminar. The former chief secretary and today's bestselling author and coach Katharina Münk on the difficulties of executives in dealing with conflicts. Looking for skilled workers in structurally weak Brandenburg, Reuther STC GmbH gave young asylum seekers a chance. And how do you give a good lecture? Employees do not always act loyally to their employer. But what is different about them? A team from Munich helps severely disabled people on the job market. In an interview, Jutta Rump explains what this means for employers. Corporate compliance - how, what and for what purpose? When Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG had to lay off 900 skilled workers, the company founded a transfer company and helped them find a job. Managing director Markus Stelzmann draws an interim balance. This year, they both want Vincent - the hottest guy at Shadyside High. How they successfully assert themselves against the competition of the beer companies with a regional network and unusual mixtures. Portrait of businesswoman holding word. In ten compact video interviews, Jutta Rump answers reader questions about digitization, working life and personnel management. Every German knows them, McDonald’s and Deutsche Bahn are the leaders in their industry. Use the folder “My Factor A” to add articles to your own selection and to send or download this collection as a PDF. No problem. Managing director Jana Maiwirth is not too good for any work step in her hotel. Then Kati Wilhelm was looking for a new Apr 16, 2020 - Explore Julia O'Neill's board "Darlings" on Pinterest. The computer-based test MYSKILLS enables entrepreneurs to find workers who do not have a formal qualification, but who have professional experience and potential. There are digital communication aids that we have tested for this purpose. When looking for new trainees, the Bad Ems municipality relies on DIN-certified selection procedures from the Federal Employment Agency's industrial psychological service. Delia biblioteca privata di Domenico délia Rovere (1442-1501) è tracciata la composizione dal punto di vista contenutistico e sono prese in considerazione le vicende storiche di ogni manoscritto, in molti casi partendo dal possessore précédente l'epocimarne di'epocimarne l'epocimarne), fino aile vicende dopo la morte di Domenico, l'ingloba-… This was achieved through innovative products - and mediation with your team. Part 2. In 2012, Emanuel Schmock began selling his Mowgli organic snacks. The mother quit her job as a lecturer a few years ago and also joined the company. Former violist Olga Pröbstl mediates and looks after musicians and entire ensembles on the part of the employment agency. Johannes Prüller from the Kununu portal knows how harsh judgments can be - and what opportunities they hold for companies. Bringing people over 50 back to work can be successful - with creativity, openness and downsizing. Companies that employ refugees or asylum seekers can receive financial support. Making better decisions, achieving more sustainable results and gaining more satisfaction - these are the results of practiced mindfulness. Storytelling is on everyone's lips as part of marketing. The Aachen software developer QuinLogic recently hired six new employees from Mexico via a recruiting event organized by the Federal Employment Agency. A young Berliner tells what he made of it. Give up? Motifs to download and send. How the entrepreneur saved his company. How a medium-sized company from Brandenburg works successfully with refugees. Some accidental inventions are decades old. Further education professional Klaus Herrmann explains in the podcast how digital learning formats can better combine theory and practice. The job exchange of the employment agency is the largest online job portal in Germany. Entrepreneur Franz-Josef Fischer is much more interested in his involvement. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not as bad as expected, but is still causing uncertainty for medium-sized companies one year after it came into force. Home office and attendance The Initiative New Quality of Work (INQA) is aimed at companies that have to face demographic change and want to pursue sustainable personnel policy. A conversation about the burden and dignity of his name and the reputation of building lions. Those who have prepared themselves and their company in good time are well advised. How do I recognize these and address them? A market overview. Regina Gebhardt-Hille works as a EURES advisor at the employment agency in Frankfurt (Oder) - she also likes her partner country Poland privately. Sociology professor Klaus Schömann on the underestimated value of knowledge transfer among colleagues. A group of experts speaks about alternative application formats and presents measures that appeal to the younger generation. No matter where she is, design doesn't stop in the head of Delia Fischer, 31 years old, Germany's most successful young entrepreneur. MAINE DE BIRAN (François-Pierre) 1766, BEEGERAC (Dordogne) - 1824, PARIS.When he later hired an autistic person, he had to address the concerns of his employees. One of the toughest lessons for a young entrepreneur. An example that gives us courage. Florian Koenen is an expert on corporate succession. Companies that get to know potential trainees and young professionals in this way benefit from this. An apprenticeship at 35? In the prime of life - also for an application? Dealing with change processes in the company without spreading fear and uncertainty among employees. Coffered ceilings from Bohemian Forest, wine glasses from La Rochère, refrigerators from Smeg, sofas, filigree vases, pillows, chandeliers - your online shop already has over 26 million members and is active in 14 countries on three continents. In April 2011, she quit her secure job and founds Westwing: Only those who become members free of charge are allowed to shop - and accept to exchange their personal data for daily promotional emails. Marco Schröder came to online shipping as a long-term unemployed, where he now works in a managerial position. An application with 50 plus is like playing the lottery: Sometimes you're lucky - but mostly not. (Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch, 9, 1969, p. 5-19). If things get stuck, these creativity techniques that we introduce in the video can help. Bernd Ackermann made it. Because the typical department structure made communication difficult, Dominik Jauch, managing director at the machine manufacturer Spinner automation, introduced small agile teams. A good idea is often not enough. What about him a year later? Employees should relax on vacation. Has Corona changed anything? Go ahead and see what happens, advises MyVale founder Markus Schott. At the do-it-yourself evenings, for example, where people casually paint Easter eggs or make Christmas wreaths. She feels the same way in the subway or in the hospital. That demotivates colleagues - and costs millions. He explains why the personnel policy has to change drastically. Delia Fischer got her love for home accessories and decoration from her mother, who, like her sister, also works in the company. Is that exemplary entrepreneurship? But Fischer also relies on meetings that promote a sense of togetherness. Rudolf Kast, chairman of the demography network, on ways to use the potential of older people. How he mastered his challenge as a young boss. One of those who took advantage of this second chance is Christian Roth. Patrick Best from Edenred Germany takes a special approach to conflicts in the company: He standardizes how they are dealt with. It is more motivating than any bonus. Serafin Bodelôn (Université d'Oviedo) analyze the Carmen Campidoctors d'un ms. de la Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, en provenance de Ripoll. The right DJ could also be there for your company party. It was more this inner attitude that I had to abandon than that there actually were authority problems between me and an employee. "Plus: what new features will be available from June. Then apply for the 2019 Business Inclusion Prize! How flashes of inspiration come all by themselves. An innovation on four wheels. Company handovers often fail due to insufficient preparation. Leadership expert Joachim Simon on." the misunderstandings. Her credo: A good working environment does not need new rooms. Nothing in the economy is as constant as change. And? Martin Scheib advises companies on setting up workplaces for disabled people. Christoph Krause advises small and medium-sized companies on developing and implementing digital business models. A year ago Sven Sterz landed a viral hit on the Internet: With his Facebook videos he was looking for two apprentices for his glazier. Employees often produce the best ideas - if only you let them. For Delia Fischer, family members are a support in the demanding everyday life of a young entrepreneur. They can do something: Regine Ram helps people with disabilities to get ap permanent job - and dispels many a prejudice among employers. Separation of job and private life With satisfied employees and sustainable products, the natural cosmetics manufacturer ensures its steady growth. Ronald Steyer led a change process at DEG Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft and involved the employees in it. Factor A is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Managers have to motivate their employees. Why flexibility helps in the search for skilled workers. He has formulated his New Work experience in seven theses. What do they have in common? However, they too can protect their data by taking a few precautions. Many women feel powerless when negotiating for salaries - including female executives. If you need skilled workers, you have to present yourself and explain your company. Only little things, but chosen with love. mas », VIIIe s.). Brain researcher Gerald Hüther answers your questions about leadership. If companies want to successfully implement corporate health management, they have to pay attention to the individual needs of their workforce. Steve Windolf Detective Inspector Daniel… Inspector Jonas Fischer, Jonas Fischer 135 episodes. When she speaks with her slightly Bavarian touch, the setting even gets something homely. Accessibility makes the everyday life of the hearing impaired and visually impaired as well as people with limited mobility easier. Each employee chooses their own salary. What this is good for is shown by entrepreneur Sebastian Zang, who achieves more sustainable results through practiced mindfulness on the job. From planning outages to ensuring liquidity: We explain what you can pay particular attention to in the coming weeks in order to get through the Corona crisis as well as possible. Mentoring programs for women in management positions help employers develop female employees into managers. Every room looks different: one appears in a cool white-blue, in the next the wallpaper with rose blossoms catches the eye, silver-gray armchairs frame a conference table. Two employees from Gundlach Bau und Immobilien tell how sustainability and profitability can be combined. Trouvez les Natalia Fischer images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Then comes the persuasion. This is important, but of course not quite like the style consultants in the IT area. Then partial qualifications can be an opportunity. You should keep these points in mind when promoting and implementing ideas. This is what you should take with you when it comes to innovation management. Questions and answers about burnout syndrome. At the Hotel Schindlerhof in Nuremberg many things are different: Manager Nicole Kobjoll celebrates mistakes with her employees and has hired a cordiality officer. On rating portals for employers it is clear what employees think of their job. But she, too, has often reached her limits professionally. These are the most important figures for the 2016 financial year from a SME perspective. How medium-sized companies take on social responsibility, “A piece of paper doesn't say much about a person”, companies and their social media strategies, “Just do it”: MINT jobs you can touch, time recording: What employers have to consider, "Have mindfulness exercises a quick effect", Social Media: do, measure, do better, GDPR: the bugbear in European companies, How Glaser Sterz finds trainees on Facebook, Train committed specialists part-time, People with disabilities in small businesses, Successfully find your new employees, This is how it works Germany's largest job exchange. Small businesses in particular need creativity in order to survive the competition. 5. And then - downhill. Jörg Morsbach explains why a barrier-free web design is also worthwhile for the company homepage of small companies, and answers the most important questions. The employees talk to each other, no one is running hectically through the light-flooded corridors. A dental practice where hearing and deaf peo ple work. "Bonuses tend to slow you down," says the other. Short-time work allowance: the 10 most common mistakes, gender pay gap: how we are paid more fairly, "We have managed to avoid short-time work", home office: this is how you stay healthy and productive, the 10- point checklist for medium-sized businesses. With these tips you can also promote innovation among the employees of your medium-sized company. I enjoy setting up and decorating from her. ”. Dennis Buchmann turned an animal idea into an innovation with a webshop. With her shop, Fischer wants to provide suggestions, not to put her taste on top of that of the others like a template. Nicole Kobjoll was responsible for building the ryokan herself. Often psychological terror is even a matter for the boss. Delia Fischer just can't stop making the world a little more beautiful. Good employer branding always includes the brand me. A young Syrian with e-business knowledge and his mother, who is gifted in cooking, set up Jasmin Catering as refugees in Berlin, which not only brings delicious food, but also brings cultures closer together.

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