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Please note that some courses in the winter semester 2021/22 will be restricted in admission in higher semesters.
These are (for the time being) the following Bachelor courses: Business Studies | Vehicle and drive technology | Global Business and Economics | International Business Studies (IBS) | International Business Studies (IBS) (8 semesters) | Communication design | Aerospace engineering | Media and Communications for Digital Business | Product design | Business informatics | Industrial engineering | Commercial law.
Online application for a course in a higher semester (Application start at the beginning of June 2021)

The following master’s courses are subject to restricted admission in the higher semester: Biotechnology | Industrial Engineering | International Business Management (FACT and KuS) | Product development mechanical engineering | Industrial engineering.

When applying for a degree program with restricted admission, this means that not all applicants may be able to receive a study place offer.
After the re-registration phase, the number of free study places will be determined and these will be allocated to university students.

For the winter semester 2021/22, the application deadline for studying in a higher semester ends

  • on August 31, 2021(with domestic university entrance qualification).
  • on July 15th 2021 (with a foreign university entrance qualification at

Please only de-register from the other university if you have received confirmation from the FH Aachen (notification of admission).

If the answer is positive, you will receive a letter of admission from the student secretariat with the specified period for enrollment, which is only done on the basis of documents submitted by post; as a rule these are:

  1. the letter of admission
  2. Receipt of payment slip or bank statement for the social / student body contributions paid (possibly tuition fees)
  3. Current health insurance certificate for students
  4. De-registration certificate
  5. 'Clearance certificate' for people switching from universities of applied sciences in the same course of study
  6. Classification certificate from the departmental examination office
  7. for certain courses: aptitude tests or online self-assessment.

Leaflet on changing universities download: II2_002_info_hochschulwechsel_201807.pdf)

Placement in a higher semester - form download