How often do IIT students take exams

Examination matters

How do I register for the exam? Can I repeat exams or cancel them again? What is a free attempt? The most important examination matters at a glance.

Corona regulations: Declaration of independence, free attempts and more

In the bachelor's and master’s degree programs, special regulations apply to exams taken by March 31, 2021:

  • In order to participate in a digitally supported remote exam, it may be necessary to submit a declaration of independence. The examiners will provide further details.
  • Exams that are not passed are deemed not to have been taken.
  • Withdrawal from an examination is permitted until it begins; a certificate is not required in these cases.
  • Students on leave of absence are entitled, regardless of the reason for the leave of absence, to complete coursework and examinations or to take examinations.

Registration and admission to the exam

Registration for the exam in PSSO

Participation in the course-related subject and module examinations, and in some cases also in the performance assessment examinations, is only possible after prior, binding registration. These registrations must be made in specially set periods. This is done via the Examination and Student Service Online (PSSO), in exceptional cases in the respective study office by entering it in a registration list or by filling out and submitting a registration form.

The registration deadlines are set by the examination boards and posted on the notice boards of the degree program or can be viewed in PSSO. In order to participate in an exam, in addition to registration, you must meet the admission requirements.

In addition to enrollment in the relevant course of study or admission as a second student, the passing of certain so-called preliminary examinations or preliminary examinations or proof of certain internships is usually required. The details can be found in the respective examination regulations or the study regulations.

Admission to the exam
Whether you have finally been admitted to an examination for which you have registered will be announced on the notice board and you can find the relevant information in PSSO. If you are unclear about admission to the exam, you must contact the study office responsible for you in good time.

Registration for the thesis and the colloquium
Registration for the thesis and the colloquium must be made in writing. For this purpose, registration forms are available online or in the study offices, which you must also hand in there.

Deregistration from the exam

Withdrawal from the exam

After the one-week deadline for deregistering from an exam, you can only withdraw from the exam for valid reasons.

In principle, you can cancel a subject or module examination in writing up to one or sometimes two weeks before the set examination date without this affecting the number of examination attempts available to you. In these cases, a reason for deregistration is not required. You can cancel your registration via the Examination and Student Service Online (PSSO); In exceptional cases, you can cancel your registration at the relevant study office. This is done by entering it in a deregistration list or by filling out and submitting a deregistration form (if you send it by post, please note the delivery times in your own interest).

Repetition of examinations

Subject and module examinations can be repeated twice if the first attempt is not passed, and the thesis and the colloquium can each be repeated once. Examinations that have been passed cannot be repeated except to improve grades in the context of additional attempts at examinations in bachelor's degree programs or under the free trial regulations that exist in some master’s degree programs.

Additional attempts at examinations in bachelor's degree programs

In the Bachelor's degree programs at TH Köln, students can use up to four “additional test attempts” if they have failed an examination three times or are not satisfied with the grade of an initial attempt. They replace regulations on free attempts and supplementary oral exams. This applies to all exams from September 1st, 2018.

Taking exams early

In principle, it is permissible to take university examinations at earlier examination times than the relevant examination regulations provide (Section 94 (4) HG). However, the prerequisite is always that the respective admission requirements for the relevant examination are proven.