PETA members do not eat vegetarian food


Our goal is to show all young people that animals have rights and that a vegan lifestyle is the only logical consequence. We fight for this with sensational campaigns, extensive information and passion.

We brought PETA ZWEI to Germany in 2003 to draw attention to animal rights like our colleagues in the USA. We are guided by the PETA principles:

- Animals are not there for us to experiment with.

- Animals are not there for us to eat.

- Animals are not there to be attracted to us.

- Animals are not there to entertain us.

- Animals are not there for us to exploit or abuse them.

So we are committed to a purely plant-based diet and vegan clothing and fight against animal experiments, circuses, zoos and other forms of the entertainment industry with animals. We are also committed to ensuring that pets are not bought from breeders, but are adopted from the animal shelter.

For research and campaign work as well as current scientific input, PETA experts from a wide variety of specialist areas are at our side. In cooperation with lawyers, we also ensure that animal abusers are held accountable. We finance our animal rights and public relations work entirely from donations and are therefore independent of the industry and everyone who wants to talk us into it.