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The administration software Immoware24 is suitable for the professional administration and management of real estate. This property management software works regardless of your operating system on all browser-enabled devices - no matter whether PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Another benefit is that you are permanent with one central maintenance and updates get supported. You can also transfer your data from the legacy system.

The software is characterized by extensive functions, for example for process optimization (cross-object order and process management, dunning and dunning letters). Immoware24 can modular according to your individual requirements be expandedFor example, a cross-property address management with contact management, quick search and note function, property-related management, a function for accounting with double bookkeeping, customizable accounts, booking wizards and installment payment function.

For further important information about the functions of Immoware24, click on the button for the software. Craftsman software and broker software are also part of our broad range of industry solutions, for which we would be happy to offer you non-binding advice.