What do you think of SpaceX's BFR

This Russian nuclear spaceship is said to make SpaceX's BFR look “out of date”

At the state research institute Keldysh Center near Moscow, research was carried out on jet engines and the Katyusha rocket launcher. From there, the institute's scientists claim in a video on Instagram, the next revolutionary step in solar space travel will come. Because for almost a decade a team worked there on a spaceship that can reach Mars within seven months and take off again after just 48 hours of maintenance work.

The basis of the space system should be a nuclear missile platform. Such rocket engines were researched in the 1950s and 1960s by NASA, the US Atomic Energy Commission and since then numerous other government and private institutions - albeit with limited success. When driving the Keldysh Center, a nuclear reactor is supposed to generate the energy necessary to fire a generator, which in turn provokes a magnetoplasmic dynamic reaction that pushes the spaceship forward. That makes the drive theoretically efficient, easy to calibrate and control - but in the event of an accident it also turns into a dirty bomb.

Looks like Avatar, doesn't it?

Above all, however, the scientists' priority is the reusability of the rocket platform. “We have to develop drives that don't have to be fine-tuned or repaired every ten flights,” says Vladimir Koshlakov, who heads the institute. After a maximum of two days after a mission, the drive must be ready for the next mission. That is difficult with the previous rocket technology. The technology of the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and the upcoming BFR by Elon Musk, Koshlakov pokes, was developed "a long time ago" and is out of date in comparison with Russian technology.

The scientists will not reveal whether the thermonuclear rocket platform actually works and when it will be suitable for practical use. So how much to think about the announcement is not entirely clear. However, the Russian researchers promise, a flight to Mars is almost within reach. The possible spaceship for the red plate is drawn in a concept clip as a futuristic spacecraft with a solar mirror on the front, small living modules on a long carrier and a huge engine system at the rear, which is pretty much like the spaceship Venture Star from the film Avatar remind.