What does Windex do with ants

Ant invasion

Back at school my apartment was occupied by ants - lines of them like little soldiers dragging along the wall along the ceiling.

My roommate and I freaked out, grabbed the next can of bug repellant and sprayed the life out of the unsuspecting little boys.

On the way of the carnage to its place of origin, we discovered that the ants had found a humble home in our new houseplant, Ophelia (yes, we named our plant after a tragic 'Hamlet' sign).

Assuming the bug spray did the job of mass ant destruction (and postponing the ant killer's entire cleanup), we decided to give Ophelia some TLC by submerging her in water. As soon as the water hit Ophelia, a fountain of live ants (including the queen) at the Bellagio in Las Vegas gushed out with the force of the mammoth fountains.

Usually the mother of all the other ants in a colony, the queen ant, is larger than the other ants and (in my opinion) quite a terrifying sight. So when it emerged from Ophelia in all its reproductive glory, I screamed at the top of my throat, grabbed the bug spray, and sprayed the plant and its ant flood insanely until there was no more spray to spray.

Oddly enough, Ophelia actually bloomed after her pesticide bath.

The ant colony was officially destroyed (and I still feel terribly guilty to this day).

Next time take the Windex

Later I got a little tip from my friendly, longtime exterminator. He said when getting rid of ants it is better to spray the intruders with Windex than with bug spray. The Windex gives the same results and is less toxic to humans.

This is of particular concern if ants invade your kitchen (like these forage hunters do). I mean think about it. Do you really want toxic pesticides to cover the surfaces where you cook and eat?

Windex is also handy, especially in sudden emergencies. Most people already have a bottle of the blue stuff lying around the house. Why go on a trip to the store to buy a bottle of bug spray when a solution is already available?

Additional bonus: too if it can't alleviate your murderous guilt, spraying Windex will help get rid of ants, ensuring your surfaces stay shiny and clean. It's a win-win situation.

If you want to rid your house of ants, spray the invaders with Windex instead of bug spray. Not only does it keep them dead in their tracks, but it also leaves your windows squeaky clean. Result!

Bite from ant bites

When I was a kid, I was playing around in the dirt before dinner (as is the case with children) and my finger was bitten by a huge red ant. Boy has that sting ... and throbbing ... and burning! I still remember the pain to this day. I also remember the handsome waiter who brought me a cup of ice cream to ease the pain of the ant bite. It worked almost immediately!

Here are some other natural solutions to relieve the pain of an ant bite:

  • Pour lemon juice on the bite

  • Rub it with aloe vera

  • Soak it in Worcester sauce

  • and of course, ice cream

Personally, I say go with the ice cream. Not only is it natural, but it's free. If it doesn't work, you can always add some vodka to your sundae and drink away your pain the old-fashioned way.