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Take them then, these songs (1816) Op. 98 no.6

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To the Distant Beloved (Op. 98)

Take them then, these songs

Alois Jeitteles

Take them then, these songs,
I sang to you, beloved
Then sing them again in the evening
To the lute, sweet sound!
When the twilight then pulls
After the calm blue lake
And its last ray burns up
And you sing what I sang
What from my full chest
Sounded out without artifacts,
Only conscious of longing:
Then give way to these songs
What separated us so far
And reached a loving heart
What a loving heart consecrated!

Accept, then, these songs

English Translation © Richard Stokes

Accept, then, these songs
Sing them again at evening
To the lute’s sweet sound!
As the red light of evening draws
Towards the calm blue lake,
Behind those mountain heights;
The distance that parted us shall recede,
And a loving heart be reached
By what a loving heart has hallowed!
Translations by Richard Stokes, author of The Book of Lieder (Faber, 2005)

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