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Vanellope from Schweetz

Vanellope from Schweetz



Known as

Glitch, Princess Vanellope



childish, curious, fun-loving, cheeky, friendly, spirited, determined, sweet, funny


Become a driver in Sugar Rush (successful), to be part of it



black, full of candy (clips)





Run, candy, fool around

Don't like

Bullying, King Candy, when called Glitch, when Ralph lies


Speaker EN

Vanellope from Schweetz is the protagonist from the film Ralph is enough. She is the princess of Sugar Rush but has been reprogrammed into a glitch.


Vanellope is a programming bug in Sugar Rush, a kart racing game set in a candy world. Vanellope's code has been tampered with by King Candy so that it has some bugs. Because of this, the other drivers don't want her in the game. Over the years Vanellope has developed an ambiguous sense of humor and a sharp tongue. However, she also has a soft heart.

As a result of her being a glitch, Vanellope was unable to leave the game and outrun her enemies. But she also had the unique ability to teleport from place to place, although she didn't have much control over it and it sometimes hampered her efforts to get into races.


Vanellope is a child full of humor. Having been excluded for several years, she doesn't particularly like life and people, which means she often makes cheeky remarks. Fortunately, thanks to Ralph, Vanellope was able to see the good in people. Although she has often been bullied in-game by the other racers, Vanellope is not very resentful because when she is the princess again, she doesn't punish or hate anyone.

Vanellope is sassy, ​​loving, and loyal to those who show kindness and sympathy for them. After becoming friends with Ralph, the tragedy of her situation is revealed and explains the reasons for her previously offensive actions. At her core, Vanellope is an avid dreamer who wants nothing more than to be accepted by the residents of her game, even though said residents continually abuse her physically and mentally. She is very forgiving in this regard and unwilling to show resentment as she prefers to continue her life with a positive attitude.

Despite her programmed age, Vanellope is also clever and intelligent. Vanellope has enough intellect and shrewdness to make elaborate plans on the spot, which made her a threat to King Candy's nefarious agenda. Strong-willed and independent, she takes difficult things into her own hands and shows efficiency in achieving her goals. It was her lack of physical strength that really prevented Vanellope from becoming a self-employed racing driver, as Candy and his henchmen could counter their intellect with their guns and brute force.

In contrast, Vanellope, although mature for her age, still has a tendency to act on her youthful programming; She is very energetic, talkative, and deliberately teases others with childlike acts (such as imitating) to amuse herself. When she is excited, she jumps in circles and screams with enthusiasm (“I will learn to drive, I will learn to drive!”), Which is reminiscent of a happy child.

She is also sensitive and vulnerable under her harsh exterior. Before Ralph arrived, Vanellope was a loner and the only programs she had contact with were her enemies. Because of this, she never knew what friendship was. That's why she was so horrified when it was discovered that Ralph had teamed up with King Candy to prevent her from participating in the race.

As mentioned above, Vanellope is sharp-tongued and enjoys insulting or berating others, either in a serious or teasing manner. This shows their friendship with Ralph, as the two playfully give each other nicknames and thus develop a relationship with two fun-loving "siblings". When she met Ralph, the two were at odds, and although Ralph was three times his size, Vanellope generally showed no real fear of the villain.

She also has a twisted sense of humor, as her first act after regaining her royal status was to sentence her enemies to execution, though she meant it as a joke as she wanted to see her cowardly reactions.

Interestingly, while Vanellope has been shunned for years, it doesn't spoil it- Vanellope is one of the few characters in the film who is free from prejudice. After learning that Ralph is being classified as a bad guy, Vanellope never berates him for his position and instead looks at him beyond his programmed profession and understands that his label is just a job title and doesn't define who he is as a person. Their friendliness influenced Ralph, who learned through his friendship with Vanellope what it means to be a hero.


Vanellope is a young 9-year-old girl whose overall appearance is often described as adorable even by Ralph himself. As a child, she is of short stature. She has long jet black hair with candy strewn across it in a high ponytail. She has fair skin and hazel eyes that have an anime influence and are correspondingly large. She has a slim body. She has a noticeable overbite, as well as large, round ears and a small pink nose. As mentioned earlier, their design was inspired by Japanese animation / anime, especially the Chibi art style. Much like how the others in the film got their faces from their speakers, Vanellope's face and hair are designed to resemble a younger version of Sarah Silverman.

Vanellope's glitch outfit is a green hoodie with a brown double-layered skirt that resembles the packaging of a peanut butter cup (a lot of the girls have skirts like this one), green, white and purple leggings, and tiny black boots. It is noteworthy that their leggings do not match because they are different colors. They are designed to resemble strips of sugar cane. Her hoodie laces and stitches are red and resemble licorice candy, like twizzlers. Under her hoodie is a purple shirt. It can only be seen in one scene in the video game's final cut scene. Her high ponytail is connected with a twizzler. The pink curlicues under her boots are reminiscent of icing. She owns red racing glasses that were seen during the coin deposit of the random roster race.

On the side of the gaming machine from Sugar Rush Vanellope can be seen in her regal racing attire, which is a teal, orange, and white jumpsuit with brown gloves. In concepts of the film, her racing attire comes with a white helmet and a gold crown design.

As a princess, Vanellope wore a glittering long sleeved dress with white lace gloves. Her pink petticoat is covered in pink, white, and red gummy bears scattered all over like pearls. However, chocolate sprinkles can be seen at the bottom of the petticoat. The skirt has many layers and opens in the front to reveal a deep pink petticoat.

Her dress also received a pink flowing cape and a large, tall, white lace heart collar that resembles royal clothing. The collar is edged in a pattern of candy canes and lollipops. She also wears another, slightly smaller, white ruffle collar. In this outfit she wears a red tiara. Her hair is tied in a bun instead of a high ponytail and is covered in sprinkles of various shades of pink. With the outfit Vanellope owns a pink lollipop scepter with a striking crown symbol above it. Though she doesn't like it, she wore it as a maid of honor at Calhoun and Felix's wedding.

Powers and abilities

King Candy's manipulation of Vanellope's code made it a glitch. As a result, there are times when their body peaks and degrades to the pixels and codes that make up the inner workings of video game characters, usually due to friction. These pixels may appear in a nearby location that is different from where Vanellope stood before the glitch; Hence, these disruptions allow Vanellope to teleport from one nearby location to another nearby in the blink of an eye.

Vanellope's “glitching” can also affect characters and objects with which she has physical contact during one of her teleportaions. When Vanellope drives into Taffytta during a bug, Taffyta's body also deteriorates in pixels, albeit briefly and less chaotically. When Vanellope comes into contact with King Candy, you glitch causing his disguise to fade and briefly reveal him as Turbo. Unlike Taffytta, however, Turbo's body continued to deteriorate, even after he and Vanellope no longer had physical contact. During the climax, Vanellope and her kart were able to slide from one place to another. This was later used as her character-specific power-up during in-game races.

In addition, Vanellope has been programmed with excellent racing skills that obviously outshines all competitors. Even after her code was corrupted and her memory was erased, Vanellope was able to regain her racing talent and beat her record time again.


Ralph is enough

On a perfectly normal day, Vanellope is lounging in the candy forest when suddenly a huge person named Randale-Ralph appears, who claims to be out of office and is investigating the tree. As she takes a closer look at the tree, she discovers a gold coin in the top of the tree and suddenly becomes very excited because she thinks the medal is a gold coin that she can use to enter a race. So she starts a race against Ralph and tries to be first to get the medal. She uses her "glitch" to move faster. Vanellope takes the medal for himself and runs to the start line of the circuit where the Sugar Rush racers are willing to pay their fees (a gold coin) to compete in the Random Roster Race: a daily race that determines which racers it will be will be in the schedule of the game the next day. Vanellope disguises herself and sneaks into the line-up to insert the medal as her coin. That is successful and she is officially entered into the race.

Unfortunately, Vanellope is considered a glitch and Glichte are not allowed to ride on the orders of the Sugar Rush ruler King Candy. The moment the king realizes the disturbance, he orders his security guards, Wynnchel and Duncan, to arrest them. Before they can grab it, Ralph suddenly arrives to reclaim his medal and pursues Vanellope. The following scene distracts the king and his guards and lets Vanellope escape. She goes to the junkyard with her homemade kart, and while she works on it, she stands in front of Taffyta Muttonfudge, Candlehead, Rancis Fluggerbutter and the other racing drivers. Claiming that they are mocking her for her own safety, the racers torture Vanellope by calling her "an accident waiting to happen" and destroy her kart to prevent her from racing. When Ralph witnessed the cruel bullying, he stormed out of hiding to scare away the children. However, Vanellope is far too upset and embarrassed to thank Ralph for stealing her medal. Vanellope explains that she planned to return the medal the moment she won the race, but without a kart, both she and he were unlucky.

Because Ralph is angry, he starts destroying things to give free rein to his frustration. This gives Vanellope the idea that Ralph could break into King Candy's kart factory where they could make a proper kart for her. They explain their plan to Ralph and promise to return his medal once it has won the race. Ralph reluctantly agrees. At the factory, they work together to build the kart. However, due to Ralph's destructive nature, it appears to be very different from its intended design. Disappointed, Ralph believes the kart is broken, but Vanellope is more than happy to have a real kart in her possession and proves to Ralph that destroying it can bring happiness to others. To complete their new “masterpiece”, Vanellope and Ralph sign on the kart. At that moment, King Candy, who has been informed of the break-in, arrives with his henchmen. Vanellope admits she doesn't know how to drive a real kart and forces Ralph to hand control it to escape the king and his thugs. Vanellope guides Ralph to her hiding place in the Diet Cola mountain.

Once they are safe, Ralph scolds Vanellope about their inability to drive and feels that his chance to get his medal back is being taken away. Vanellope sarcastically asks why the medal is so important and Ralph explains that it could give him a better life in his game. Vanellope understands that, but it doesn't ease Ralph's frustration. After he calmed down, Ralph looked back into the mountain and met Vanellope's house. She explains that she is bullied and tortured by everyone in the game because of her status. Not only that, she cannot leave the game because glitches do not have the ability to do so and they are forced to endure their misery. Vanellope says if she won the race, the others would stop treating her so harshly. Ralph sympathizes with Vanellope and challenges himself to teach her to drive. After extensive practice, the two make their way to the racetrack. Before they do, Vanellope runs back into the mountain to get something.

During her absence, King Candy shows up to return his medal to Ralph if he in return prevents her from taking part in the race. According to the king, Vanellope's glitch would make players think the game was broken. If Sugar Rush is not plugged in, Vanellope cannot escape and would die in the game should it be unplugged. King Candy asks for Ralph's help in protecting Vanellope from such a fate, which the villain solemnly accepts. When Vanellope returns, she surprises Ralph with a homemade medal that reads "You are my hero" in case they lose the race. Despite being touched by Vanellope's gesture, Ralph tries to stop her from taking part in the race. Vanellope is initially confused, but quickly notices the hero's medal around Ralph's neck and becomes suspicious. Ralph tries to explain that he and King Candy spoke to each other, but Vanellope believes the two are working together. Vanellope feels betrayed and tries to go to the race alone. With no other choice, Ralph destroys Vanellope's kart against their protests. With the hope of a better life, Vanellope runs away in tears. Meanwhile, a rejected Ralph returns to his game. Sometime after Ralph said goodbye, King Candy captures and locks Vanellope.

Back in Fix-It-Felix Jr., Ralph notices a picture of Vanellope that is featured prominently on the Sugar RushGame console even though she was a character supposedly never supposed to exist. Confused, Ralph returns to Sugar Rush and asks Sauer Drops about it. Sauer Drops admits Vanellope was a real racing driver until King Candy tried to erase her code and turned her into a glitch. However, Vanellope should cross the finish line in an official race, the game would be reset and the code restored. After Vanellope's kart is repaired by Fix-It Felix Jr., Ralph breaks into Vanellope's cell, where the two reconcile. On the way to the racetrack, Ralph briefs Vanellope on the situation and explains that all she has to do is cross the finish line to be a real racing driver. Vanellope, upset by King Candy's actions, declares that she is already a true racing driver and will win.

Vanellope uses her glitch skills to bypass the competition at an alarming rate. Soon she will only be in second place behind King Candy. As the two near the finish line, Vanellope passed the King, who rammed into Vanellope's kart because of a fit of anger. King Candy has lost all patience and physically attacks Vanellope with the antenna of his kart. Fragments of your card are destroyed in the process. These results in a head-to-head race between Vanellope and Candy, with their staggered movements triggering Vanellope's glitch abilities and making King Candy's disguise vanish. Vanellope withdraws out of fear just as Turbo ruthlessly admits his crime of reprogramming the world. He claims Sugar Rush is his property and vows that Vanellope or Ralph will not thwart his plans. Turbo then tries to kill Vanellope by ramming her on a growing stalactite, but Vanellope saves herself by gaining complete control of her glitch abilities and teleporting out of Turbo's range.

Vanellope races to the finish line first, but before she can get to Ralph and the finish line, Cy-Bugs swarm the finish line - creatures out of the game Hero's Dutywho were bred in the catacombs under Sugar Rush - explode and throw their kart off the track. Ralph and Felix scurry by their side, but before Vanellope can continue the race, they are surrounded by a swarm of Cy-Bugs. With no hope of crossing the finish line, Ralph packs Vanellope to evacuate her to Game Central Station. Unfortunately, Vanellope cannot escape as she is still a glitch. She accepts her impending death with a heavy heart and tells Ralph to leave her. Fortunately, at this moment, Ralph has a new plan. He wants to erupt the Diet Cola mountain in the hopes that the hot Cola will act as a beacon to attract and destroy the Cy-Bugs.

With Vanellope, protected by Felix and Sergeant Calhoun, Ralph rushes to the top of the Diet Cola mountain and begins to smash the crater of Mentos. Unfortunately, he is attacked by Turbo (who turned into a Cy-Bug after consuming a Cy-Bug). During the fight, a swarm of Cy-Bugs surrounds Vanellope, Felix and Calhoun, and they prepare to kill them. Fortunately, Ralph is able to free himself from Turbo's grip and fall down to the mountain. When Vanellope sees Ralph falling, she comes across the Diet Cola mountain, where she can catch Ralph before he falls into the Coke. Together they escape the volcano when the huge amount of Mentos falls into the hot cola and causes the mountain to erupt. The outbreak creates a beacon that attracts all cy-bugs, including turbo, and vaporizes them for good.

After Felix fixes the finish line, Ralph pushes Vanellope over and resets the game. After restoring her code, Vanellope magically transforms into a princess and reveals herself to be the rightful ruler of the kingdom. The racing drivers beg for Vanellope's forgiveness, which she accepts (but not before she playfully humiliates them). Despite this revelation, Vanellope has no desire to be a princess, but proclaims herself as a racing driver with "the greatest superpower of all time". As president, she still chooses to lead the kingdom. At this point the arcade is about to open. As Ralph prepares Sugar Rush Vanellope offers a private wing in her castle. Ralph declines the offer because he is happy with his friendship and has a job: playing the bad guy in his own game. Ralph and Vanellope say goodbye.

During the finale of the film, Vanellope in her princess attire serves as maid of honor at Felix and Calhoun's wedding. It also turns out that Vanellope has become a fan favorite in the Sugar Rush has become and has conquered the hearts of the players and lives their lifelong dream. Vanellope can often see Ralph from her cabinet in Niceland and vice versa, which leads to the two of them often waving happily to each other.It is said that this part of the gameplay is Ralph's favorite part as he enjoys watching Vanellope gain the love and admiration she has always deserved. Ralph also notes that he has found new acceptance for his job. Vanellope's friendship is the reassurance he needs to remind him that he is anything but a bad person.

During the end credits of the film, Vanellope and Ralph are shown together with Felix and Calhoun after the play hours, during which they experience numerous adventures together.

Chaos on the net

Vanellope will also appear in the sequel, which takes place six years after the original film. As Sugar Rush breaks and there is a risk of the power plug being unplugged, Vanellope and Ralph use the Arcade's newly installed WiFi router to get on the internet, where they hope to find a device that can save their game. During her trip, Vanellope will meet the Disney Princesses she bonds with (in fact, she's also a princess).[1] She also meets Shank, a character from the online racing game Slaughter RaceVanellope developed a sisterly relationship with.