Can a girl lift and carry someone

Guys why do you guys like to lift us up?

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! I'm going to throw "bloody little feet" into the room right away. Battered by very cute but too tight high-heeled shoes. And then say: Pah! As if you've never asked us to carry you. No way! Entire streets - up and down again. And always the justification in the ear: "But they are so beautiful ..." (the shoes, not the streets).

That's not exactly the topic right now, I know. But that's not how it works. As for the actual topic: it is divided into a fairly pragmatic and a more hidden component. The pragmatic one coincides very seamlessly with your observation:

For example at the train station. We probably didn't see you in a while. So we're looking forward to it - quite a lot. And that is what we want, no we have to show it. It has to go. We have already kissed you. So hugs. Very firmly, as you observed. But there is joy and exuberance left. And if we squeezed even harder - which we could, we're pretty strong - it would hurt you. At this point, lifting is a kind of pressure relief valve: the excess energy just breaks upwards. Which also explains why we don't necessarily have to have it the other way round: It seems to me - after all, you're not that strong - it will be a rather shaky affair with the potential for injury. If you really want to train for it now, that's fine with me. Then maybe you can also carry two special boxes. But you can probably do something nicer over time.

But I think there is something else going on in the background when we pick you up. That's why I googled "lift up, Sigmund Freud" earlier. But nothing came of it. Don't be afraid of the Übermother or something. So I have to speculate a bit. I actually believe the lift figure is about trust. However, a little different than what you described. Those who are lifted up, of course, literally lose the ground under their feet. But also in a figurative sense. It's a minimal loss of control. A tiny feeling of being at the mercy, or - to put it more actively - of devotion. And I think we'd like to see you're letting that happen. For a few seconds only.

I don't know whether these are honorable motives. But think about how it would be if that didn't work. So the train station again, the hugs, the kisses, the lifting, all the love that breaks through - and bang: Panic attack, kicking, squirming and "I want to get down immediately!" You don't have to think about a dog together anymore.

Incidentally, I want to completely exclude all attempts at interpretation that have to do with "dirty dancing". And, with all due respect, but sometimes I also have the feeling that you are very, very furtively poking at us at the train station. But I can be wrong about that. I didn't find anything under “jump on, Sigmund Freud”.