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Khider, Abbas: Palace of the Miserable
Hanser Verlag 2020, CHF 29.90
ISBN 978-3-446-26565-3
E-book 978-3-446-26665-0
Shams Hussein is a normal boy with normal dreams. In the hope of a more peaceful life, his parents move with him and his sister from southern Iraq to Baghdad. But the pursuit of a better future quickly turns into a life in dire straits in the country ruled by Saddam Hussein. The family lives next to a huge mountain of rubbish, Shams works as a plastic bag seller, as a bus driver assistant, as a porter. And he loves books. However, at a time when a wrong word can mean death, he enters a world whose dangers he does not see coming. A personal, very lively novel full of unforgettable characters.

Truong, Monique: Sweetest Fruits
C.H. Beck Verlag 2020, CHF 32.50
ISBN 978-3-406-75074-8
E-book 978-3-406-75075-5

A Greek woman tells how, in order to escape the secluded and cramped life on her island of Lefkas, she marries an Irish officer and goes to Ireland with him and her two-year-old son. But the marriage fails and she leaves the boy behind.
A former African-American slave from Kentucky tells how, while working as a cook in a boarding house in Cincinnati, she met and married a newspaper reporter who was once destitute sent to America. A Japanese woman, the daughter of a samurai, tells how she meets and marries the English teacher who has just arrived in Matsue, a divorced writer and journalist, who will henceforth bear a Japanese name. The three women have all tried to lead a life beyond the restrictions of gender, skin color, origin and norms. Monique Truong's sensual and precise language, her high narrative art and sensitivity pulls us under the spell of these courageous and still contemporary lifestyles in search of love and belonging.

Maarouf, Mazen: A joke for a lifetime
Unionsverlag 2020, CHF 27.00
ISBN 978-3-293-00558-7
E-book 978-3-293-31043-8
A child following a lonely cow through the rubble. To uncle who dies three times. A man who dreams others' dreams and one who keeps flattening out. A boy who wants to sell his little brother and one who decides never to smile again. Stories of fantastic matadors, of repentant voyeurs, of lost lives, of almighty militias on every corner - and of the need to laugh in spite of everything.

How do you survive in a world that is being destroyed every day? How do you find words for a horror that is so very different from what we imagine it to be? In his sensational texts, Mazen Maarouf tells surprisingly and boldly, full of humor and fantasy.

Farah, Nuruddin: In the north of the twilight
Kunstmann Verlag 2020, CHF 34.90
ISBN 978-3-95614-352-6
E-book 978-3-95614-372-4

The quiet life of a Somali couple in Oslo is irrevocably changed by the arrival of their son's widow and their children. An important novel about family, politics and violence by one of Africa's most important contemporary writers.
Gacalo and Mugdi have lived in Oslo for decades, where they led a quiet and largely assimilated life and raised their two children. But after her beloved son Dhaqaneh joined the jihadists in Somalia and was killed in a suicide bombing, her world turns upside down. With a heavy heart they offer his Somali family to come to Oslo.
But when her daughter-in-law becomes more and more immersed in religion, while her children yearn for the freedoms of their new home, there is a break in the family that will irrevocably change the lives of all of them.
Against the backdrop of real events, Nuruddin Farah tells a provocative and mind-boggling story of love, loyalty and national identity that asks us whether it is ever possible to escape a legacy of violence - and if so, at what price.

Coetzee, J.M .: The death of Jesus
S. Fischer Verlag 2020, CHF 31.90
ISBN 978-3-10-397026-5
EBook 978-3-10-491236-3

In his "Jesus Trilogy," J. M. Coetzee undertakes a journey to the end of narrative certainties. His figures are people washed ashore. They are all looking for a meaning that goes beyond them, connects it with something that gives their life "meaning", however fragile it may be. "The death of Jesus" has an incomparable pull: David, the child, turns away from the improvised family that Simon created for him. He wants to go to the orphanage, above all he wants to join the soccer team there. But things don't go well for long and David is in the hospital where children and adults make pilgrimages to hear his stories. With every story he tells, he slowly withdraws from life. With a style so "keen-sighted, unsentimental and mercilessly precise" (Deutschlandfunk), the Nobel Prize winner examines the reflection of hope, the soft glow of a lost illusion. The first two volumes of the trilogy "Die Kindheit Jesu" (2013) and "Die Schulzeit Jesu" (2018) have also been published by S. FISCHER.

Jian, Ma: Dream of China
Rowohlt Verlag 2020, Fr. 28.90
ISBN 978-3-498-00107-0
E-book 978-3-644-00286-9

Increasingly, senior Chinese provincial officials have nightmares about their violent past during the Cultural Revolution. In the sense of Xi Jinping's ideas of a “rejuvenated society”, he actually has the task of putting the past to rest and creating a new China. But he cannot forget that he turned his own parents to the knife ... In a cutting, Orwellian satire on President Xi Jinping's “Dream of China” propaganda, Ma Jian shows what powers are at work: China is today a totalitarian surveillance state of the most modern form with a mixture of nationalist ideology, limitless materialism and a rule through violence and lies. In this novel, which is both art and a call to struggle, the tragic and absurd reality is combined with the forces of myth and fantasy to create an unadorned portrait of the country on the threshold of world domination.

Arriaga, Guillermo: The Wild One
Klett-Cotta 2020, CHF 19.90
ISBN 978-3-608-98321-0
E-book 978-3-608-11091-3

Juan Guillermo's exciting and rough life takes place over the rooftops of Mexico City. When his brother dies, Juan also falls into a deep abyss. Guillermo Arriaga rewrites the epic story of guilt and vengeance in a world where death is no stranger. Juan Guillermo knows Mexico City better than anyone. With his friends, he roams his neighborhood, wins tests of courage above the roofs of the city and keeps the headmistress of the school busy. His big idol of these carefree days is his big brother Carlos. A well-read and enterprising young man who seems to be inviolable to Juan. Then Carlos is murdered and Juan has to face the cruel question of whether he could have prevented his death. He seeks revenge, but only the common fate with the beautiful Chelo and a dangerous wolf shows him a way out of the vortex of despair and violence. Guillermo Arriaga creates an epic of the human abyss from which humanity erupts in the darkest night.

Mandanipur Shahriar: Eye Star
Unionsverlag 2020, CHF 32.00
ISBN 978-3-293-00557-0
E-book 978-3-293-31042-1

Amir tries to reconstruct his life. In the garden of his father's villa still stands the rusty convertible with which he impressed women during the time of the Shah. The grenade came on the Iran-Iraqi front and tore off his arm. His memories are erased. What do mother and sister know who found him in an institution for traumatized soldiers?

Every few hours he reflexively tries to grab the gold ring that was on his lost hand. Who was the mysterious woman he bought it with in the sparkling gold bazaar? Memories flash before him. He wanders through Tehran in search of the love of his life. He finds a country shattered by violence, was and lies and finally in his own garden a harrowing trail that points to the future.

Uncompromising, multi-layered and polyphonic, Shahriar Mandanipur tells a breathtaking love story and at the same time the epoch novel of the upheavals in Iran.

Jun, Cai: Spirit of revenge
Piper Verlag 2020, CHF 21.50
ISBN 978-3-492-05903-9
E-book 978-3-492-99663-1

June 19, 1995 in eastern China: Shen Ming, a young and brilliant high school teacher, is suspected of killing one of his students. A few days later, however, he too was stabbed to death in an old factory building not far from his school. The deeds go unpunished - until nine years later Shen Ming's murderers are sent to the realm of the dead. Only: by whom? Immediately, the egregious rumor spreads that Shen Ming was involved in these murders, that he crossed the river of death to avenge himself. "Spirit of revenge", breathtaking and incredibly original, is the story of the perfect murder. And against the backdrop of modern China, it effortlessly transcends the boundaries of reality.

Adeyemi, Tomi: Children of Blood and Bone - Goldener Zorn
FJB 2020, Fri. 24.90
ISBN 978-3-8414-4029-7
EBook 978-3-10-490872-4

They killed my mother. They robbed us of the magic. They forced us into the dust. Now we rise. Zélie's world was once full of magic. Flame dancers played with fire, spirit walkers created dazzling dreams, and soul catchers like Zélie's mother watched over life and death. Until the night when their strength dried up and the power-hungry King of Orisha had killed every single magician. The Bloody Night robbed Zélie of her mother and stole hope from an entire people. Now Zélie has one single chance to bring the magic back to Orïsha. Her mission takes her over dark paths where vengeful spirits lurk, and through glowing deserts that demand everything from her. She must always be one step ahead of her enemies. Especially the Crown Prince, who wants to prevent the magic from ever returning ... The international bestseller!

Goenawan, Clarissa: The Perfect World of Miwako Sumida
Soho Press 2020, Fri 11.90
ISBN 978-1-64129-202-3
EBook 978-1-64129-120-0

University sophomore Miwako Sumida has hanged herself, leaving those closest to her reeling. In the months before her suicide, she was hiding away in a remote mountainside village, but what, or whom, was she running from?

To Ryusei, a fellow student at Waseda; Chie, Miwako's best friend; and Fumi, Ryusei’s older sister, Miwako was more than the blunt, no-nonsense person she projected to the world. Heartbroken, Ryusei begs Chie to take him to the village where Miwako spent her final days. While he is away, Fumi receives an unexpected guest at their shared apartment in Tokyo, increasingly fearful that Miwako’s death may ruin what is left of her brother’s life. Expanding on the beautifully crafted world of Rainbirds, Clarissa Goenawan gradually pierces through a young woman’s careful façade, unmasking her most painful secrets.

Braithwaite, Oyinkan: My sister, the murderer
Blumenbar Verlag 2020, CHF 27.90
ISBN 978-3-351-05074-0
E-book 978-3-8412-1898-8

Two sisters who couldn't be more different: Ayoola is the favorite child, incredibly beautiful - and she has a habit of killing her husbands.
Korede is more practical and responsible for cleaning up after her sister: the nurse knows the best tricks for removing blood, and her trunk is big enough for a corpse. Then of course Tade, the pretty doctor from the hospital, also falls in love with Ayoola, who is actually intended for Korede. Now she has to ask herself how dangerous her sister really is - and who she is protecting from whom. This euphorically acclaimed novel is as casually feminist as it is abysmal, it is "feverishly hot" (Paula Hawkins) and damn cool at the same time.

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Jacobson, Roy: The Invisible. An island legend
C.H. Beck 2019, CHF 36.90
ISBN 978-3-406-73183-9
E-book 978-3-406-73184-6

Barrøy - that's the name of the small island in the middle of Norway's breathtaking coast, where Ingrid grew up, far from the rest of the world. Until one day, with the prisoner of war Alexander, the great story, the Second World War, washes up on their beach. A speechless love develops between the two that can only last for a short time. Nine months later Ingrid has a daughter and follows Alexander's footsteps through post-war Norway, which after the German occupation just wants to forget ...

One day the sea washes the young Russian prisoner of war Alexander on Barrøy's beaches and with him the great story of the Second World War. A brief, speechless love relaxes between the two before the German occupation of Norway drives them apart. Nine months later, Ingrid has a daughter. With Kaja tied in front of her stomach, Ingrid follows Alexander's footsteps through a fresh peace in a post-war Norway that wants nothing more than to forget ...

Roy Jacobsen's island saga tells, also against the background of German history, with an extraordinary pull of the life of a family in an overwhelming nature, of strong, idiosyncratic women, of guilt and collaboration.

Obioma, Khigoziw: The weeping of the birds
Piper Verlag 2019, CHF 31.90
ISBN 978-3-492-05938-1
E-book 978-3-492-99510-8

On the shortlist for the Booker Prize 2019!

The guardian spirit of the young Chinonso invokes the gods. Hasn't his protégé done everything for his great love Ndali? Didn't he save her life on the bridge? Wasn't it her family who disdained Chinonso, the illiterate farmer? It was this contempt that drove him to Cyprus, away from home, in the hope of education, advancement and a future with Ndali. And wasn't it only during this journey that hope turned into anger and love into guilt?

Firmly rooted in Nigerian tradition, Chigozie Obioma tells a universal story of someone who struggles against his fate - and against the social barriers that stand in the way of his love.

Teo, Sharlene: Ponti
Picador 2019, Fr.24.90
ISBN 978-1-5098-5532-2
E-book 978-1-5098-5534-6

Singapore. Friendless and fatherless, sixteen-year-old Szu lives in the shadow of her mother Amisa, once a beautiful actress and now a hack medium performing seances with her sister in a rusty house. When Szu meets the privileged, acid-tongued Circe, they develop an intense friendship which offers Szu an escape from her mother's alarming solitariness, and Circe a step closer to the fascinating, unknowable Amisa. Seventeen years later, Circe is struggling through a divorce in fraught and ever-changing Singapore when a project comes up at work: a remake of the cult seventies horror film series 'Ponti', the very project that defined Amisa's short-lived film career. Suddenly Circe is knocked off balance: by memories of the two women she once knew, by guilt, and by a past that threatens her conscience. . .Told from the perspectives of all three women, Ponti by Sharlene Teo is an exquisite story of friendship and memory spanning decades. Infused with mythology and modernity, with the rich sticky heat of Singapore, it is at once an astounding portrayal of the gaping loneliness of teenage hood, and a vivid exploration of how tragedy can make monsters of us.

Blumenberg, Tobias: The reading companion. A journey of discovery through the world of books.
KiWi Verlag 2019, CHF 36.90
ISBN 978-3-462-05216-9
E-book 978-3-462-32011-4

As a child, Tobias Blumenberg went on night walks with his father (which began precisely at one o'clock), during which the philosopher counted the stars and gave keywords for conversations about literature. All the literature. In “Der Lesebegleiter” he tells of the beginnings of reading beyond Karl May and Pippi Longstocking to climbing the peaks: Proust, Mann and Joyce.

The big reading tour begins with “Don Quixote”, “Moby Dick” and Dostoyevsky's “Idiot” - and then it's off on a long journey. The reading companion is an adventurer: He travels with us through time, to the Gilgamesh epic or medieval heroic sagas, and once around the world. He is a seducer who recommends his favorite books to us - not just classics, but also detective stories or books for young people. And he's a friend who warns us against reading that will waste our time. He never forgets poetry! But above all he is a brilliant storyteller. He knows wonderful anecdotes; he praises, rebukes, jokes; and he explains what parallels there are in music and the visual arts.

At the end of the trip you are not only richer in experiences and stories; one also has a well-founded list of recommendations of about fifteen hundred works and a universal history of literature at hand. And would like to leave immediately - but never without the reading companion ...

The best Marvel stories of all time. Marvel Treasury Edition
Panini-Verlag 2019, CHF 183.00
ISBN 978-3-7416-1376-0

Buckle up, friends!

The great stories in this colossal volume, which cover all eras of Marvel's superhero universe, are full of particularly memorable, groundbreaking and unforgettable moments - for the Avengers, Black Panther, the X-Men, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Daredevil , Thor and many other heroes.

A monumental collection of grandiose Marvel milestones from then and now that have massively influenced fans, makers, the comic medium, the entire pop culture and the successful multimedia adaptations of the heroes from the House of Ideas and will inspire them forever.

With outstanding stories from: Stan Lee - Steve Ditko - Jack Kirby - John Romita Sr. - John Buscema - Roy Thomas - Gerry Conway - Gil Kane - Len Wein - Herb Trimpe - Dave Cockrum - Chris Claremont - John Byrne - Frank Miller - Jim Starlin - Brent Anderson - Walter Simonson - Roger Stern - Ron Frenz - Peter David - Joe Quesada - Brian Michael Bendis - Mark Bagley - J. Michael Straczynski - John Romita Jr.- Mark Millar v Bryan Hitch - Warren Ellis - Adi Granov - Ed Brubaker - Steve Epting - Jonathan Hickman - Mark Waid - Paolo Rivera - Dan Slott - Humberto Ramos - Matt Fraction - David Aja - G. Willow Wilson - Adrian Alphona - Jason Aaron - Russell Dauterman - Al Ewing - Joe Bennett

Contains: Strange Tales (1951) 138, Fantastic Four (1961) 52, 285 & 583, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 50, 121-122, 248 & 700, Silver Surfer (1968) 1, Avengers (1963) 57, Incredible Hulk (1968) 181, Giant-Size X-Men (1975) 1; Uncanny X-Men (1963) 141-142, Daredevil (1964) 191, Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) 1 & 5, Thor (1966) 337, X-Factor (1986) 87, Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) 13, Amazing Spider-Man (1999) 36, Ultimates (2002) 1, Iron Man (2005) 1, Captain America (2005) 25, Daredevil (2011) 7, Hawkeye (2012) 11, Ms. Marvel (2014) 1, Thor (2014) 1, Immortal Hulk (2018) 1.

Lepage, Emmanuel; Michel, Sophie; Follet, René: The journeys of Odysseus
Splitter Verlag 2019, CHF 52.50
ISBN 978-3-96219-299-0

At the end of the 19th century, Jules, an unknown and bitterly poor painter, set out on an aimless hike across the Mediterranean. He is looking for his muse, his lost love Anna. His wandering drives him from port to port until he meets Salomé in Istanbul, the captain of the "Odysseus". She too has lost someone: She is looking for the painter Ammon, whose specialty was ancient Greece. From then on, Jules and Salomé contest their odyssey together. Emmanuel Lepage has found his subject: the sea, shipping and mythology. “The Journeys of Odysseus” is a reinterpretation of Homer's work, a relationship drama with multi-layered characters, a meditation on the past and memories and, last but not least, a declaration of love for the ninth art.

Muñoz & Sampayo: Alack Sinner
Avant-Verlag 2019, CHF 68.00
ISBN 978-3-96445-019-7

For the first time in German, the entire work “Alack Sinner” is published in one volume. The collection includes all the adventures of the ex-police officer and private detective, which are celebrated by comic lovers around the world and are among the modern classics of the genre. Between 1975 and 2006 they were created by the Argentines Jose Munoz and Carlos Sampayo.

Alack Sinner is a detective from the canon of the American black series: honest but disillusioned and cynical, misanthropic and lonely, but defender of those whom no one helps. An antihero who traps while reflecting on himself and society.

Simonetti, Riccardo: Raffi and his pink tutu
Community Editions 2019, Fr.17.90
ISBN 978-3-96096-109-3
from 4 years

Raffi is a young boy who loves to play soccer and who wears sports jerseys. He not only loves sports, but also his favorite doll and his pink tutu. But he only wears the tutu at home for fear of the reaction of his classmates. One day, however, he decides to wear it to school. But it won't be a nice day for him and he is quickly marginalized. But with the support of his parents, he takes courage and the other children realize that "being different" doesn't mean anything bad. On the contrary: it makes you something special!

Douglas, Jozua + Mühle, Jörg: The common ravioli plot or how we let the tomato burst.
Fischer Verlag 2019, CHF 20.50
ISBN 978-3-7373-5620-6
E-book 978-3-7336-5133-6
from 9 years

A President with a very poor mind: President Pablo Fernando is blown away when he sees the spectacular Ravi Ravioli show on television. He is so enthusiastic about the hypnotist and magician that he immediately invites him to the presidential palace as a guest. Soon he only lists to the artist and does everything he says. His clever children Rosa and Fico quickly find out that Ravi Ravioli is an internationally wanted fraud! But the president doesn't want to know anything about it. That's why Rosa and Fico have no choice but to lure Ravi Ravioli into a trap themselves ...
Funny, weird and full of situational comedy and suspense - Rosa and Fico prove once again that they are smarter than all adults and that they don't let themselves be tied up.

Melchior, Stéphane and Oubrerie, Clément: The Golden Compass. Based on a novel by Philip Pullman
Carlsen Verlag 2019, CHF 33.90
ISBN 978-3-551-76406-5
from 10 years on

The young French comic artist Clément Oubrerie has translated a Philipp Pullman bestseller into a wonderful, fantastic world of images, which brings the children's emotional world to life in soft colors and their struggle against evil in hard lines.

Lyra lives in a college in Oxford and one day receives a visit from her uncle Asriel, who wants to advertise an expedition to the far north there. He shows the scientists incredible pictures of what he thinks he can find there: a completely different, fantastic world! Shortly after his departure, strange things happen: one child after another disappears. Does that have anything to do with the expedition? When Lyra's best friend was also affected, she headed north on her own and actually found the bridge between the worlds. She courageously dares to take the first step ...

This is the first volume in the incomparable fantasy series "His Dark Materials".

Loth-Ignaciuk, Agata and Ignaciuk, Bartlomiej: 14,000 miles across the sea. With the kayak across the Atlantic
Gerstenberg Verlag 2019, CHF 21.50
ISBN 978-3-8369-6014-4
from 10 years on

Imagine you're in the middle of the ocean. Alone. In a kayak. What amounts to a nightmare for many people is pure adrenaline rush and adventure for Aleksander Doba. In 2010, the then 65-year-old Pole set out on a journey across the Atlantic in his ocean kayak Olo. Neither hunger, insomnia, blisters on his hands nor encounters with pirates and sharks can stop him. He is the first person who managed to cross the Atlantic in a kayak from one continent to another three times with only muscle power - more than 14,000 miles across the sea! An impressive travel report with expressive ocean-blue illustrations about an extraordinary person and his extraordinary journeys.

Konstantinov, Vitali: It is written. From cuneiform to emoji
Gerstenberg Verlag 2019, CHF 32.90
ISBN 978-3-8369-5943-8
from 10 years on

Incised patterns on stones, shells and bones, sand drawings or messages on birch bark: Even our ancestors felt the need to communicate with simple or more complex symbols. And we are still following them today! Whether with a pen, fountain pen or smartphone - all over the world we send thousands of messages every day and record our thoughts in writing. But how did this abundance of characters come about? It is written follows the creation of well over 100 fonts around the world from the beginnings to our computer age in the tongue-in-cheek GraphicNovel style: from cuneiform to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to emojis and art fonts such as Klingon.

Arendt, Hannah: I don't like to imagine how I should live without you one day. Correspondence with friends Charlotte Beradt, Rose Feitlson, Hilde Fränkel, Anne Weil and Helen Wolff.
Piper Verlag 2019, CHF 23.90
ISBN 978-3-492-24266-0
E-book 978-3-492-97837-8

Friendship, according to Arendt in her thinking diary, is one of the "active modes of being alive," and letters are their outstanding testimony. This volume brings together largely unpublished correspondence between the political philosopher and her long-time friends Charlotte Beradt, Rose Feitelson, Hilde Fränkel, Anne Weil-Mendelsohn and Helen Wolff. In addition to the joint projects, the friendships were also shaped by the fact that all women knew the realities of emigration and immigration. The correspondence leads right into Arendt's world of thought and work, they tell private and everyday things from five very different, intensely lived friendships.

Exploring nature with sketchbook and easel. 23 explorers from four centuries.
Haupt Verlag 2019, CHF 37.00
ISBN 978-3-258-08119-9

23 exciting portraits of famous explorers and artists to be discovered.
Sketches, drawings and paintings spanning four centuries from the archives of the Natural History Museum, London.

This book follows 23 people who have sailed around the world and explored the essence of nature with great passion - with a notebook, sketchbook and easel. From researchers like Charles Darwin, Johann Forster and Alexander von Humboldt to collectors like Nikolaus Joseph Jacquin to artists like Maria Sibylla Merian, Ferdinand Bauer, John James Audubon and Conrad Martens - they were all united by the desire not only to see new worlds, but Also to understand and to hold onto for others. The essays are richly illustrated from the fund of her works: with excerpts from sketchbooks, great illustrations of plants and animals, depictions of landscapes and photos of collectibles and herbarium specimens.

A book for those interested in history and natural history who enjoy browsing.

Theweleit, Klaus: Male fantasies
Matthes and Seitz 2019, CHF 52.00
ISBN 978-3-95757-759-7
E-book 978-3-95757-746-7

Forty years ago, Klaus Theweleit published a major investigation into the sexual, psychological and socio-political prehistory of National Socialism in the Weimar Republic. The work, which is considered by many to be the prelude to men's research in Germany, has long since become a classic in research on violence. In view of the return of right-wing street terror and fascist positions, which already make many think of Weimar conditions, as well as propaganda campaigns against freer sexualities - keyword: “gender madness” - the analyzes of the book are far too burning to put it on the shelf of the great works in the archive put. In this new edition, supplemented by a long afterword by the author, Theweleit's epoch-making work is now finally available again, open to discussion, and politically usable again.

Klein, Naomi: Why Only a Green New Deal Can Save Our Planet.
Hoffmann & Campe 2019, CHF 33.90
ISBN 978-3-455-00693-3
E-book 978-3-455-00694-0

Deepwater Horizon, the melting of the polar ice or fracking - just a few examples from the recent past that demonstrate the overexploitation of the earth's livelihood. In addition, more devastating forest fires, longer periods of drought and heavier rainfall occur every year, destroying houses, crops and the habitat of animals. The well-known environmental activist Naomi Klein has written her most important book to date with Green New Deal: In view of the undiminished destruction of our environment and lax laws, she shows why the vision of a green future is not only necessary, but absolutely inevitable. The collapse of our climate is no longer a threat on the horizon to avoid - we already live in the middle of it. Individual purchasing decisions will no longer change anything; only a broad political and social alliance can avert the threat. Naomi Klein shows how this can work and what far-reaching measures will be necessary.

Bonnett, Alastair: Atlas of Our Time. 50 maps of a rapidly changing planet
DuMont Verlag 2018, CHF 37.90
ISBN 978-3-8321-9930-2

Can one show the global biodiversity, asteroid impacts or the pollution of the oceans on a single map? How do you make invisible phenomena such as sugar consumption, air traffic or Twitter contacts visible? Modern satellites and the latest geographic technologies make it possible to explore the world in a new and incredibly detailed way and to present the results clearly. In this homage to the explorers of earlier times, both serious problems and entertaining topics are presented: It becomes clear where deserts are spreading and oceans are drying up due to climate changes, but also in which countries tea or coffee is preferred and where our earth is at night shines brightest. Each map reveals an important part of our history, sociology and of course geography.

Fifty double-sided cards show the whole world in a beautiful way that has never been seen before. Alastair Bonnett accompanies each map with exciting essays that also convey how our planet has changed over time and what it could look like in the future.

Arruzza, Cinzia; Bhattacharya, Tihthi; Fraser, Nancy: Feminism for the 99%. A manifesto
Matthes & Seitz Verlag 2019, CHF 19.90
ISBN 978-3-95757-786-3

Fair living and working conditions for all women - not just for a few well-trained career women. This is the fight that the authors of this passionate manifesto call for, in concise theses and in clear language that does not allow any misunderstandings. The structural disadvantage of women is directly related to all forms of inequality. Feminism for the 99% is the timely call for the abolition of capitalism. The worker produces goods. But who produces the worker? The answer is obvious: the worker. Because capitalism is not just an economic form, but intervenes directly in all of our private lives, defines how we organize relationships, and leads to exploitation in all areas. Sexism and racism are not side effects, but part of these structures of power and dominance that make capitalism possible and produce. In eleven clear and sharp theses that stimulate reflection and further thought, that invite discussion and contradiction, the authors call for a new form of solidarity: Their vision is a feminist, eco-socialist and anti-imperialist internationalism, the goal of which is not the advancement of individuals, but the well-being of all.

Strausfeld, Michi: Yellow butterflies and the dictators. Latin America tells its story
Fischer Verlag 2019, CHF 36.50
ISBN 978-3-10-397474-4
E-book 978-3-10-491148-9

A new, illuminating look at the history of Latin America - explained and told by the authors of the continent. Written by Michi Strausfeld, who has been largely responsible for the boom in Latin American literature in Germany since the 1970s. And complemented with personal portraits of the leading authors she all knew. A unique and colorful representation of 500 years of cultural history, as it describes the great literature in all its breadth by one of the most profound connoisseurs worldwide.

Heim, Gabriel: This side of the border. Life stories from the files of the Aliens Police
Christoph Merian Verlag 2019, CHF 29.00
ISBN 978-3-85616-884-1

Harry jumps off the deportation train to Riga in 1942 and arrives in Basel on foot two months later. Jacky crosses the border as a penniless artist, soon afterwards the audience celebrates him with an ovation. And who was Rikichi, the Japanese “flower man”, whom many in Basel remember but who nobody knew?

Gabriel Heim has researched the archives of the Aliens Police, where the "Administration of the Stranger" keeps the hidden sides of the city. The author traces ten fateful paths that led to Basel between 1925 and 1955. The fates are often gripping and poignant, at times colorful. Every dossier looks like a novel.

The author reconstructs the biographies in a literary way, the independent speech melody is created by the living conditions of the protagonists. She intones their everyday life and the continuation of her life story beyond the folder: This creates a reading book that touches.

Shockey, Kirsten K. & Shockey, Christopher: Fermentation. Making vegetables easy and natural to keep.
Löwenzahn Verlag 2015, CHF 39.90
ISBN 978-3-7066-2575-3
E-Book 978-3-7066-2799-3


Fermenting is one of the oldest and easiest ways to preserve fresh vegetables in a completely natural way. Valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes are retained and the taste is incomparably full and aromatic! You only need preserving jars, fresh vegetables or herbs, salt and a little time to create tasty and healthy supplies from broccoli, pumpkin, rocket and co., From which you can benefit all year round. The Shockeys explain the basic fermentation techniques step by step in their book and not only provide the reader with 140 varied recipes - sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, spice pastes, relishes, chutneys, salsas - but also with many ideas on how to make the treasures the glass can be used from breakfast to dessert! Basic knowledge and lots of tips and tricks for sure success, traditional and unusual recipes for 64 types of vegetables, herbs and fruit - from basil to zucchini in alphabetical order, step-by-step instructions with photos and detailed descriptions, including fermentation roadside assistance and tips on the right one storage. An impressive addition to the growing literature on fermentation with an in-depth overview of all the basics and a great recipe section.

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