Are Zoho reports integrated into Zoho projects?

Charts and reports

Make every project a success. Use multiple chart types to easily plan your projects and manage your team, closely track your project progress with detailed reports, and get deep insights into the further development of work.

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Gantt charts

Carefully plan your work with the help of Gantt charts, create dependencies between related tasks, easily move tasks and carefully track progress. In the critical path of your project, important tasks are highlighted, delaying them can mean a setback in project delivery. Use Gantt charts to create starting points to make sure you stay on track and don't stray too far from your original plan.

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Resource utilization diagram

This diagram will help you manage your team's workload by dividing the work evenly among your team members. Know who on your team is overloaded with work or free so you can reassign tasks accordingly. Add new tasks here, know your team's availability and assign work to the right people.

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Analyze your data with the help of simple and advanced reports and get deep insights into your project, your work tasks and time sheets. See who has completed most of the problems, get user-based reports on completion of tasks, and see how time has been distributed among your team members.

Zoho Analytics integration

In addition to the reports available in Zoho Projects, you can integrate Zoho Analytics to get more than 50 additional charts and reports. You can also create and view custom reports yourself. Embed and share, export, or print these reports across multiple websites and blogs.

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Zoho has enabled us to automate reports and analyze situations more effectively. We can plan our growth and deliver projects more efficiently.

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