There are things that you never wear

31 things you will know if you are a woman who loves a well-groomed baggy look

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Too shabby to be ~ fancy ~, but also too fancy to be really shabby. © Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

1. You have a strict hair washing routine that you adhere to, but like to use as much dry shampoo as your scalp can handle on the days in between.

2. You like clothes, but even though you have quite a few of them, you always wear the same four or five pieces of clothing until they fall apart.

3. And the only heels you wear are a pair of chunky ankle boots.

4. Even if you wear makeup most days, you don't clean your makeup brushes half as often as you should.

5. And your makeup bag has never been cleaned from the inside.

6. You love to paint your nails, but then like to grate the paint down for days until it comes off instead of using nail polish remover.

7. You wear the same bra forever without washing it, but you would never do that with tights.

8. If you wear an outfit that shows a bit of the ankle, you shave to mid-calf and no further.

9. You wear foundation and concealer most days, but you draw the line when it comes to contouring.

10. And even though you know how to blend eyeshadow, you can't imagine going through the trouble of wearing false eyelashes. © Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

11. You prefer to wear eyeliner than lipstick because it doesn't need to be freshened up as often during the day.

12. And whenever you wear lipstick, you wipe it off after two hours because it needs too much maintenance.

13. You follow your skin care routine very dutifully and strictly, but it includes a maximum of three to four products.

14. You buy a lot of beautiful face masks, but often forget to use them too.

15. You have a good hair and makeup look for the work week. And although it takes a while, you have it under control and you won't stray from it.

16. You don't mind wearing your hair in a bun for a whole weekend.

17. And your wardrobe consists only of ~ fancy ~ clothes and t-shirts with leggings - there is little in between.

18. You're not generally averse to the idea of ​​wearing accessories, but limit it to one or two because more of them would feel like too much.

19. You make sure to use a tone of hair conditioner - mainly because you don't get your tips cut as often as you should - and hope the conditioner will hide split ends.

20. You know how to style your hair with a curler or straightener, but you also know that you will never be able to blow dry it with a round brush.

21. You share cute pictures of your room on Instagram, but always have to cut out the clothes on the floor or the collection of mugs on your desk. © Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

22. You like to wear dresses and skirts, but always with black tights so that you don't feel compelled to shave your legs.

23. Your morning routine is incredibly well planned, but you know which parts to skip if you want to stay in bed longer.

24. You wouldn't dream of going away for a weekend without taking all your hair, skin and make-up things with you, but you have mastered the art of putting it all in one small bag.

25. Although you might be into a few specific brands, you don't mind if you often put up with a cheap copy too.

26. You order a fancy coffee in the café, but you can easily drink the cold broth that you made in the office kitchen all day long at work.

27. Shaving, exfoliating, washing your hair and applying a hair treatment all in one go when you shower.

28. You would never go to bed with makeup on, but you are rarely thorough enough to avoid streaking mascara on your pillowcase.

29. You feel like a new person after you have your eyebrows or hair dyed. But you always delay it forever.

30. If someone wants to date you, they can bet they do a little lasts.

31. But you have no qualms about going to the supermarket with greasy hair and pajamas.

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