How cold is Bhutan in mid-November

The Bhutan climate all year round

Summer brings the rainy season to Bhutan. This starts in June and extends into September. During this mild time, the clouds hang low in the mountains. The climate is hot and humid and it is very humid. It rains frequently and the snow line rises to over 5000 m because of these temperatures.

The Himalaya in the north of the country functions as a climate barrier and accumulates clouds and thus also precipitation on its main ridge. That is why there is sometimes heavy rainfall south of the high mountain range.

Small, mild oases in Bhutan's rainy season

The isolated high valleys that lead to Tibet and lie behind the high mountains are a little gem. These have the best climate for Bhutan even in summer. Because in the middle of the rainy season a moderately dry weather develops here. Nomads and yak herders appreciate the green oases favored by this climate. The summer months are also suitable for round trips and special trekking tours through the lush green vegetation. Nature blossoms in radiant colors and can be enjoyed in all its glory. You see, even in the middle of the rainy season, a trip to the different regions of Bhutan is a good idea. We would be happy to take you to the Masagang - the high valley that leads to Tibet, or we can organize an attractive tour in Bhutan through the various districts and the capital Thimphu.

Ideal weather for traveling in Bhutan's climate

With the autumn the dry season also begins in Bhutan. The climate for the best excursions has thus begun in Bhutan. From October at the latest, trekking trips can be undertaken in all areas of Bhutan without major climatic impairments. Already at heights of 2000 m to 3500 m it is now cooler and dry and the sun shines pleasantly warm in the middle areas. This weather situation is also ideal for visiting the various festivals. Experience the cultural diversity in the best climatic conditions.

An insider tip for a suitable travel time in Bhutan is the winter. From the end of December it can snow at 2500 m in Bhutan. But overall, very little rainfall is expected to be. The valleys in the interior of the country even offer a moderate Bhutan climate and less severe winter months.

This results in the best travel time in Bhutan for smaller treks at low altitudes and wonderful round trips through the country. On these you can enjoy the perfect mountain view, because the air is clear and the mountain ridges stand out in the often blue sky. In addition, there are hardly any tourists in the country at this time - an authentic experience of people and nature is even better possible. Trekking tours at altitudes above 4500 m are not recommended, as this region is too cold at this time. Attractive winter treks are more suitable in southern Bhutan at this time. At heights between 1000 m and 3500 m, these have a special charm.

With the spring in April comes the blooming life. The climate in Bhutan favors greenery and blooming everywhere. Rhododendrons in all colors adorn the valleys and stretches of land, trekking in the mountains and valleys becomes an excursion into a sea of ​​colors. In winter and spring, Bhutan is definitely worth a visit.

Bhutan is a year-round travel destination and each season has its own charm. From mid-June to mid-September, however, increased rainfall is to be expected.

We will be happy to give you the best travel tips and recommendations and advise you on the subject of the climate in Bhutan.