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One and one, that makes two
So kiss and don't think about it
Because thinking harms the illusion.
Everything turns, turns in circles
And do you come off the track
Was it experience instead of revelation
What does it matter.

Man in himself is lonely
And remains abandoned.
You don't look for each other together
A little piece of happiness.
The happiness you have with your feet
Tried for a lifetime.
The one with a few kisses
Suddenly at home.

One and one, that makes two
A heart is always there
And if you're lucky
Then there are two.
Nobody will invent the recipe
Nobody wants fathom that.
Sometimes it stays for life
And sometimes it's just love affair.

Man in himself is cowardly
And is ashamed of his feelings.
That nobody shows
Because morality wants it that way.
But if in the worst case
He is hiding in the dark.
God sees everything
And discovered you a long time ago.

One and one, that makes two
So kiss and smile
Even if you cry sometimes.
Happy who enjoys today
And forget what is over
It comes, as it must,
First comes the first kiss
Then comes the last kiss, then the end.
Writer (s): Charly Niessen, Gerhardt Ahl
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