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Where can you get to know Thai girls best? The German holiday paradise Thailand can be a dream destination to get to know Thai girls. We'll show you best 4 dating sites in Thailand other important tipsto be as simple and as possible to contact the Thai girls free of charge. Regardless of whether through different dating sites or in one of the many bars or discos and also in everyday situations. In this post you will learn how you can best get to know Thai girls.

Get to know Thai girls - important tips

There are some important tips to get to know Thai girls that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you have to understand what makes Thais tick and how open they are when dealing with other men. In the following you will find out our tips that will give you the understanding you need to get to know Thai girls.

Get to know Thai girls in bars or discos

Young Thailand tourists in particular have the best chance of meeting a Thai girl in one bar or in one of the Clubs or. Discosto get to know. Unfortunately, many of the Thai girls in the clubs are freelancers who, if possible, only accompany you on payment of a "tip". Of course, there are also many Thai girls out and about who go to the discos with their friends to celebrate. Nevertheless, they also sometimes ask for a little pocket money, for example to be able to pay for their trip home by taxi. If you go further and ask one of the Thai girls to accompany you after the party, you should definitely pay for the return trip. Often this is also required of the women, depending on how far the evening went.

Address Thai girls in everyday situations

Certainly the most courageous method is to address the Thai girls in everyday situations such as on the walking street in Pattaya or in one Restaurant andSupermarket. However, this often fails due to the ability to overcome or to the knowledge of English. Nevertheless, as a European tourist you have a very good chance of getting your cell phone number or of not being turned away in general, because the Thai girls are very fund of tourists (and not just because of their money, but because they are simply into our fair skin!). The Thai mentality is very open and cannot be compared to that in the western world, where a lot of people act rather cautiously. The Thais are also very communicative and love to talk to other people. They are very curious and yet in no way intrusive. All of this makes the Thai people a very pleasant people and is fundamental to the fact that Thailand is so popular among tourists. Nevertheless, in Thailand you usually have to take the first step and address women first. However, the chance of not being turned away is very high, so you don't have to be afraid of it!

Stay in touch with the Thai girls

If you are looking for a longer relationship with a Thai girl, you should definitely keep in touch with her. Regardless of whether you got to know her in one of the night clubs in Phuket or bought her free from a bar using a bar fine, it is worth taking the cell phone number. Even if you've already paid for a service (e.g. short time or long time), the chances are high that she'll give you her number. However, picking up the mobile phone number in one of the go-go bars or beer bars to save the bar fine only works in the rarest of cases, as the bars forbid this.

With a little luck and if the woman likes you very much, she will accompany you to some routes and sights or spend the day with you on the beach (be aware that some Thais cannot swim!), Provided you cover all the costs involved. If you take them to their accommodation afterwards, that will bring you a lot of plus points.

Many Thai girls from the go-go bars in Phuket or the freelancers from the night clubs in Bangkok have no work during the day and just wait to meet a tourist again in the evening to earn money. Before going to the disco, some girls even have their make-up done professionally so that they are more successful in the evening. Applying make-up already costs the girls 200 baht.

The general rule: Most women will definitely not be averse to joining you again the next evening or spending time with you, provided you treat them well. If you are lucky, the next evening will be free or at least significantly cheaper than the first time.

Make sure the Thai girls get home safely

When the day / evening is over, it is up to you how you behave. As already mentioned, you definitely collect plus points if you drive the woman home with the rented scooter (tips: rent a scooter in Thailand) or at least pay her the taxi ride. Especially if the company was free of charge, you should make sure you get home safely. In the best case, you even benefit from it yourself, as they may contact you again and suggest a new meeting. With a little luck you will even get an insight into the way of life. The freelancers usually live in pairs in a cheap room that they have rented to work for a certain period of time. With the money they earn, they support their families back home.

Get to know Thai girls through dating sites from Thailand

The best and easiest way to get to know Thai girls is through dating sites from Thailand. This has the benefit that you already have before your Thailand vacationcommunicate with women. If you get along well, they can even pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel, so you can make the first contact. Or help you in other ways.

There are some dating sites or Apps, with whom you can get to know Thai girls wonderfully. The most are usable free of charge and offer many advantages. You can find out below which dating sites are available and what benefits they offer. We have also summarized a few tips for the dating sites from Thailand and how to use them.

Use the app line

The absolute basic is the App Line. It's not a dating site in the classic sense, but Line is, so to speak, that asian whatsapp and is used by most Thais as well as Facebook. Many of the Thai girls and freelancers in the discos or bars do not use Whatsapp. Before your Thailand vacation begins, be sure to download the App Line to be well prepared.

Get a Thai sim card

In order to stay in contact with the Thai girls at all times, you absolutely need one thai sim card. Often you meet the women on the promenade or party mail and without WLAN or a SIM card with internet reception you are in a fix. The Thai girls aren't the most punctual either and you might think the date was a failure. With Internet reception, you can stay in touch at all times and you are flexible at all times.

A Thai SIM card is available e.g. in the 7-Eleven Shops. You need your passport to register. The sellers are also happy to help with the registration. Alternatively, you can order an international Sim card * in Germany.

Difference between dating sites from Thailand and German flirt portals

They are a huge plus cheaper prices of the dating sites from Thailand compared to the German flirt portals. The chances of success that a meeting will take place are quite high. It is the same with the contact, because you will very often receive contact requests from the Thai girls. Your mailbox will hardly remain empty before chat requests and you will sometimes even receive photos of the women.

Tips for using the dating sites in Thailand for free

The number of chat messages is limited to the dating sites in Thailand without a paid subscription. In order to get around this and to be able to continue to write with the Thai girls, you should get yours in the first message Line ID or yours Name on facebook notify. If the girl only uses the free version, she can only read and answer a limited number of messages. So your chances of being contacted are significantly higher.

Tip: Give the on Instagram or Facebook Account name of the Thai girls from the dating sites in Thailand. So you can get in touch free of charge via the social networks to attempt. This method doesn't always work, but maybe every third attempt. Many of the women will be both delighted and amazed at how they were found.

The Best 4 Dating Sites in Thailand

There are a total of 4 important dating sites that are preferred in Thailand. There is an app for everyone, each of which includes free and paid subscriptions. If the free tips on the dating sites for Thailand are too complicated for you or not enough to get to know Thai girls, then you should consider one of the paid subscriptions. The top four 4 dating sites from Thailand are as follows:

Thai Friendly

Thai Friendly * ranks first among the dating sites from Thailand. The Registration is free and you can own Location individually in the app so that, for example, only the Thai girls in Pattaya are displayed. This means that the app can of course also be used from home before the trip to Thailand. You can take photos for your Facebook account, the rest of the profile can be set up quickly and easily. In addition, you can always see which people last accessed your own profile and many women have in theirs Profile description your Instagram name or Line ID is listed. Women can also write as many messages as they want with the free version. As a man, you can only send a message every ten minutes unless you have the paid subscription. There are also a few at Thai Friendly Freelancer girls or Bar girls active.

Thai Cupid

Thai Cupid * is the only one German speaking Dating site for Thailand. Registration is free and you can also link your profile to your Facebook profile in order to use the photos there. Your Facebook friends will of course not receive anything about your registration with Thai Cupid. At any time of the day you will find a number of Thai girls to chat and the user interface of the flirt portal is easy to use. One of the two people must always use the chargeable variant for communication. Unfortunately, if two people are using the free version, they cannot communicate. This dating app in Thailand is also more suitable if you are looking for a steady relationship.


Tinder is now known worldwide, but has the disadvantage that you only ever see people in your radius gets displayed. If you are in Germany it is so to speak impossible to come into contact with the Thai girls before the trip. On site, however, this app is a good and free alternative to the providers mentioned above and can also be helpful for getting to know Thai girls.


The worldwide dating site Badoo is also a good dating site for Thailand. Similar to Tinder, Badoo also has an app and uses the proximity search. You can get in touch by writing to others via your profile. Settings can be made in the profile as to who can contact whom. In the free version, the number of Contact per day limited and a paid subscription is available for the full functions.

Experiences with Thai Girls and the 4 Best Dating Sites in Thailand

How were your experience with the 4 best dating sites in Thailand? Were you able to meet a Thai girl through the portals or in the discos or bars? Do you have any other tips for getting to know Thai girls?

Write us your experiences or yours ask in the Comment field under the post. We look forward to your feedback on the topic Get to know Thai girls - Dating sites in Thailand.