What is Krishna Yajur Veda


वाग्वै वराच्यव्याकृतावदत्। ते देवा इन्द्रमब्रुवन् इमां नो वाचं व्याकुर्विति। …… तामिन्द्रो मध्यतोऽवक्रम्य व्याकरोत् ।६-४-७ | taittirIya-brAhmaNam

The Yajurveda (yajus: offering) or the Yajus-Samhita (Taittiriya Sanhita) is one of the four Indian Vedas.

It is a ritual Veda and contains the sacrificial formulas or mantras that the Adhvaryu priest quotes in the Vedic sacrificial ritual.


There are two regional versions or Samhitas of Yajurveda handed down, the white (shukla) and the black (krishna) Yajurveda.

  • The white (shukla) Yajurveda is determined by the Vajasaneyi - Samhita as well as the Madhyamdina and Kanva - Samhita. It includes the Brahmana prose discussions (Shatapatha Brahmana).
  • The black (krishna) Yajurveda is determined by the regionally shaped Samhitas Taittriya-Samhita, Caraka-Kaṭha-Saṃhitā, Kapiṣṭhala-Kaṭha-Saṃhitā and the Maitrayani-Saṃhitā.

The Baudhayana Sūtras, which are part of the Taittiriya School, deal with topics such as Dharma, daily rituals and mathematics. They consist of the 6 texts: Śrautasûtra (19 Praśnas or questions), Karmāntasûtra in 20 Adhyāyas (chapters), Dvaidhasûtra in 4 Praśnas, Grihyasutra in 4 Praśnas, Dharmasûtra in 4 Praśnas and Śulbasûtra in 3 Adhyāyas.


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