How can I of course increase my brain power

A powerful brain requires a healthy gut

The health of the gut and that of the brain are directly related. It is indicative of the fact that at least 40 neurotransmitters, including the happiness hormone serotonin, are produced in the intestine and their emission is controlled from there.

Both areas continuously communicate with each other via these messenger substances, so that the intestine always knows what is happening in the brain and vice versa. It is not for nothing that this area is also called the intestinal brain.

Everyone knows the effects of feelings like fear or excitement that originate in the brain but make the digestive system respond. In the same way, in reverse order, an inflammatory bowel disease can also trigger inflammation in the brain and impair neurological processes there. For this reason, intestinal health should always be taken into account in order to improve the performance of the brain.

Bowel diseases affect brain function

Nowadays only a few people have a healthy intestinal flora. Symptoms such as flatulence, constipation and diarrhea are almost "normal" and more and more people are also affected by fungal infections such as Candida albicans.

The triggers for these symptoms are many, but the effects are relatively similar. Ultimately, all symptoms put a strain on the whole body. However, the liver, the immune system and ultimately the brain are particularly affected.

A colon cleanse "cleanses" your brain

For this reason it is advisable to also take a look at the health of the intestine in the course of the "repair of the mind". Without a healthy intestine, the brain cannot function optimally either. We therefore recommend performing colon cleansing regularly (once or twice a year).

Regardless of this, however, you can already start supplying your intestines with the urgently needed good bacteria, which inevitably cannot be present in sufficient quantities for all of the above-mentioned symptoms.

You will of course also perceive the positive effects of colon cleansing or the intake of probiotics in the improved performance of your brain. And one more positive news: the stronger your intestinal flora, the faster and more completely your intestines can absorb the wonderful tools listed above for increasing the performance of your brain and transport them to their destination.


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