Stephen King is difficult to read

Stephen King, from when to read?

Of course, we would have been more comfortable if our son had been more interested in Harry Potter than in scary / horror stories. I'm also sure that I'm not entirely innocent of his fascination for it . Although my upbringing is mainly about ensuring that my son grows up completely unscathed and can develop normally. So I wouldn’t forbid him to do anything if I didn’t see any danger or have any concerns ... nor would I allow him to do anything where I see a danger or have greater concerns.

And with books ... Well, in my childhood my parents always offered me an environment in which I felt completely safe and secure and where my greatest concern was that my brother might find out that I was secretly approaching his things. Lying in bed in the evening reading scary stories, then pulling the covers over your head and experiencing a little fear and playing with your imagination ... holding your bladder for a long time and only running to the toilet at the last second ... armed with a flashlight, To sneak through the cold house in the dead of winter and in pajamas to see if everything is really okay, etc. ... in my childhood it was a very important element as a counterpoint and also in many ways ( positively) formative. My son doesn't seem to be doing any differently, only that he doesn't have a big brother to be afraid of I find that books are difficult to compare to films (or video games).

I completely forgot my dear Charlie ... thanks for the tip!