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Who will take care of the wedding decorations? Every future bridal couple asks themselves this question, often there are already precise ideas of how their own wedding should be designed. Many bridal couples want to make their wedding decorations themselves so that every detail really corresponds to their own ideas. More and more often, however, couples rely entirely on professional wedding experts to organize their event.

As a long-standing service provider for unique decorations, we would like to implement your ideas professionally and as stress-free as possible for you, but entirely according to your wishes and ideas. Of course, when decorating, you should always make sure that not too many different ideas flow into the design. Especially the common preferences of the bride and groom should be in the foreground when putting them together and guide the way to motto, color or style. It is always an advantage to agree on a "central theme" and to apply it consistently in all decorative areas as a guideline. This makes it possible to create a personal and uniform atmosphere for the entire wedding event and thus enable the bride and groom, the family and the guests to have a wonderful, unforgettable event. A well thought-out wedding decoration can of course also be used before the actual wedding celebration. Regardless of whether it is a bachelorette party, an engagement party or a traditional bachelorette party, with a good and well thought-out decoration you always create a positive framework for every event. You can only benefit from our experience in the field of event design: It is of course up to you whether you accept our suggestions. Until the specific planning of your wedding decoration, our work and your visit to our showroom are of course non-binding.

"A successful wedding decoration is not difficult and does not have to be expensive."

What do I need a wedding decoration for?

A unique decoration for a wedding ceremony or wedding is not just beautiful to look at, it also contributes significantly to the perfect course of a celebration. A beautiful wedding decoration is also mood-enhancing and quickly turns an event into an unforgettable event for the wedding guests. Well thought-out decorative elements can contribute significantly to the organization of the wedding celebration and are also a nice eye-catcher, such as small snack bars, table signs or place cards. As a professional event designer, we accompany you and turn a coffee machine into a “barista bar”, a bag of gummy bears into a “candy bar” or create a stylish “barbeque lounge” for your event from several pallets.

"A well thought-out decoration sets very special accents on your wedding."

We create tangible concepts that make a significant contribution to the perception of your event. The basis for our conception are logical circumstances, such as the given schedule and of course the budget you have determined. Even if our customers do not come to us with concrete ideas, it is always a special pleasure for us to combine the existing ideas into a coherent concept and finally to implement them in a feasible design. In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we have a huge pool of props, design and decorative elements with which we turn a simple barbecue hut, as well as a ballroom, into an inviting and unforgettable wedding location.

"For the guests, the wedding begins with the invitation."

Even the first impression when reading your invitation card should be taken like a promise for a thoroughly unforgettable wedding celebration. Wedding papers with strong cardboard paper, printed with strong and impressive colors, often with special embossing, small glued-on or integrated accessories, have been the trend for some time. Ornate lettering and ornaments in the design are particularly popular. It is of course advisable to present the motto of the wedding in the invitation cards, for example to provide information about a dress code or simply to apply the uniform “look and feel” in all decoration areas; This is definitely beneficial for the positive feeling of a successful event. At the latest with the menu cards, in the same style, they show their guests a true sense of aesthetics.

"We take care of your wedding decorations."

The right wedding motto:

Certain decorative items give a very personal touch if they are reminiscent of the bride and groom or their story. Common hobbies or getting to know each other in a certain place, in a certain environment, can be included in the wedding decoration as a theme and individually remind of the story of the bride and groom. When it comes to wedding decorations, there are endless design options, regardless of whether it is stylish, dreamy, personal, classic, noble, floral, original, romantic, natural, elegant, enchanting or maritime. In any case, the professional wedding decoration from the decorator is always personal, creative, loving to detail and makes the wedding an unforgettable event for the bride, groom, family, friends and guests. Especially at a wedding, it is important to effectively implement concepts that can be experienced in order to convey emotion with the ambience.

"Our experts from the field of event decoration advise you on the design for your perfect wedding decoration."

We also realize a ...

... stylish, dreamlike, puristic, personal, unique, classic, noble, floral, original, unforgettable, creative, detailed, loving, romantic, natural, elegant, individual, enchanting, maritime, oriental, traditional, festive, special, colorful , southern, occidental, indian, autumn, freshness, warm, thematic, rustic, animal, symbolic, open air, modern, cheeky, humorous, funny, royal, seasonal, symbolic, wintry, summery, autumnal, happy, fairytale, wild, lively, youthful, glamorous, trendy, sociable, beautiful, nature-loving, lush, cultural, flawless, familiar, princely, majestic, fashionable, minimalist ...

... wedding decoration.

The right room decoration:

A good room decoration creates a special flair for the event and with our know-how we turn every room into an individual ballroom. Even small elements of wedding decoration can make a big impact. A hall with chair covers and chair loops looks particularly elegant. With covers, simple chairs get an elegant look and unique color accents can be set with beautiful bows on the backrest. For a festive atmosphere, whether inside or outside, lanterns, pompoms and garlands are ideal. The decorative garland often fits wonderfully directly over the entrance door of the venue. Especially in summer for outdoor weddings, lanterns are perfect as a light source and immediately create a small, festive ambience. With different color accents at certain points, the location of the decoration is integrated into a suitable overall picture in the color theme or motto of the wedding. Your guests will be delighted and impressed from the very first glance. Decorative banners or strips of fabric can be used to beautify ceilings and walls. Airy and loosely attached to the ceiling, these give a dreary room a fairytale charm. Whether straight or across, with suspensions on the ceiling you can also create a dynamic decoration that distracts, conceals, or directs the guests' gaze to a specific point in the room. In any case, a very modern eye-catcher for the wedding decoration. PomPoms can be used as a small highlight in the room decoration. In a subtle number and color, pom poms are suitable for almost every wedding style and can not only be used as a wedding location, but also serve as accessories for vases, chairs or even the candy bar. PomPoms even add a playful accent for car decoration. Colored paper fans, for example on the table or on the wall, help to bring a festive atmosphere to the event. A very inexpensive element for the wedding decoration are balloons. These can be attached almost anywhere in a wide variety of shapes and colors, labeled with slogans or motifs. The balloons can also be attached to the chairs with the guests' name cards or tied in an arch over the entrance. This creates a lively, airy decoration that not only the children present at the wedding will be happy about.

"We decorate your location with great wedding decoration accessories."

The table decoration:

When it comes to wedding decorations, table decorations are one of the most important design elements. There is a huge selection and numerous possibilities: starting with table decorations, placemats, scattered decorations, menu cards, name tags, table numbers, up to candles and flowers, the variations to design tables at the wedding are almost limitless. The nicest thing is to orientate yourself on the motto or color theme of the wedding and to pick it up in the table decoration. Small imaginative ideas and accessories then round off the design and ensure a suitable, stylish and individual charm on the wedding tables of the event. You don't have to buy table decorations for the wedding from us, you can also borrow the wedding decorations from us. In our range we are sure to find the right decoration highlight for a harmonious table decoration. So that the table decoration for your wedding fits in well with the overall picture, we help you to plan it correctly, but of course we also decorate you with a perfectly coordinated table decoration on your wedding table. In our showroom you will find an extensive range, as well as numerous ideas and trends for designing wonderful table decorations.

"Small accessories that thematically take up the motto ensure a dreamy wedding ceremony."

Decorate the wedding car:

A particularly unique part of the wedding is of course the decoration for the car. With the decoration for the wedding car, the bride and groom have the opportunity to show the whole world that they are celebrating their wedding today and that they now belong together completely. Of course, the guests' vehicles should not be missing and even small accessories create a collective feeling during a (often traditionally honking) ride with the entire wedding party. There are balloons, ribbons, flags, garlands, cans and much more for decorating wedding cars. But we also offer very individual lettering, stickers and signs, matching the motto and theme of the wedding.

Menu cards:

First of all, menu cards in the style of wedding decoration should be decorative and informative. But here, too, there is space for the bridal couple's very personal design wishes. Especially when several courses are to be served with the right drinks, menu or drink cards are extremely appropriate. As an alternative to cards, a cardboard envelope with the menu on a simple sheet of paper is also suitable as an insert. Traditionally, the menu is written down in chronological order, starting with an appetizer or the first starter and ending with the dessert or espresso, which is also counted among the dishes here. Of course, the guest should also find out what to drink with the individual courses, possibly beer or wine, but also non-alcoholic beverages and a high percentage drop at the end are traditionally not missing here. Of course there are also many ready-made cards or samples for designing on the PC, but you can achieve the very special charm with handwritten menu cards. Please note, however, that the handwritten design not only requires imagination and sufficient skill, but above all also takes an enormous amount of time. So don't just throw away your ideas at the sight of the workload, but rely on us. We realize your wishes and ideas in the design of the wedding menu cards professionally and taking into account all other decorative components for an all-round stylish dream wedding.

"The surrounding event design is the perfect companion for a dream wedding."

Decoration for the wedding:

A wedding decoration of course not only consists of the areas of room, table and car decoration, but also requires a few other decoration decisions. If there is a church or free wedding, different accents can be set with additional decorative elements, such as flowers or candles. Blossoms look particularly beautiful on the paths of the bride and groom and even church pews can be decorated a little more festively with bows and ribbons. Also very popular for church weddings are handkerchiefs for tears of joy and church notebooks in the style of the wedding motto for the guests.

"We offer you themes, motifs and trends for your wedding decoration"

Our wedding decoration services at a glance:

We are happy to offer you a variety of wedding decoration services for the perfect dream wedding:

  • Conception
  • Rental
  • Wedding stationery
  • Decoration service
  • new hits
  • Personal advice
  • Showroom
  • decoration
  • Gigantic selection
  • Mediation
  • layout
  • planning
  • construction
  • Dismantling
  • rental
  • Trends

More suggestions for wedding decorations:


Weddings are a firework of feelings and emotions. But real fireworks are also an impressive eye-catcher. In the area of ​​sparklers and table fireworks, there are a multitude of possibilities not to do without fireworks in the open air, even in summer. Sparklers in particular are a great eye-catcher in the party decoration and are always a very special highlight, especially for the little guests. If fireworks are not allowed at the event location, candles and lanterns on the wedding table are also a good alternative and create a romantic atmosphere. Of course, we also have fire lamps and flame bowls that can electrically simulate a real fire, as well as many other solutions, such as musical fireworks or a light show, to realize all the wishes of the bride and groom at almost every venue.

Letter boxes and gift tables

Mailboxes or gift tables have become an indispensable part of most weddings. Here the guests deposit their gifts and congratulations for the bride and groom. So that nothing is lost, a special area is recommended and at the same time the wedding theme can also be thematically addressed. For example, through a gift jar or a gift tower, matching the look of the event, the decoration theme is also transported here and is seamlessly integrated into the design of the wedding decoration.

Signs and writings

With signs, signposts and information boards, they help the wedding guests to find their way around the wedding location. Signs and boards are also a good way for the bride and groom to express their joy, happiness or thanks for the guests coming. We manufacture signs and writings, whether as signposts, decorative elements or to express joy with the words "Just Married" for the wedding itself. We have no specifications for the shape, color and size of the signs, but manufacture everything according to needs or individual specifications, or according to the wishes of the bride and groom. Information, route guidance, the course of the event or just the basic topic of the wedding event should be captured by the guests quickly and with pleasure.

Here you will find some more suggestions, compositions and designs from the field of wedding decoration and theme decoration:

How about a wedding design in:

  • "Vintage"
  • "Vintage turquoise"
  • "Vintage Elegant"
  • "Vintage White"
  • "Vintage Vineyard"
  • "Bohemian Outdoor"
  • "Castle wedding"
  • "Purple / lilac"
  • "Blue" "Cream"
  • "Blue / turquoise"
  • "Black and white"
  • "White"
  • "Brown / taupe"

"You can be inspired in our showroom with further design ideas, samples from the wedding stationery sector, as well as with numerous products from our stock."
We offer ready-made concepts from the following topics:

  • "Barn wedding"
  • "Butterflies"
  • "Boho"
  • "Biker Bar"
  • "Salty Snack Bar"
  • "Cigar Lounge"
  • "Drinks Bar"
  • "Candy Bar"
  • "Whiskey Bar"
  • "Donut Wall"
  • "Barista Lounge"
  • "Water bar"

"View a variety of wedding decorations in our showroom"

Our showroom:

Here we show trends and innovations from the wedding decoration sector all year round and are constantly developing new concepts. In addition to vintage table decorations, the cigar lounge or the candy bar, interested parties have the opportunity to get an impression of the possibilities of individual design based on concrete decoration structures. Of course, we also show matching stationery in the showroom, such as signs, menu cards, invitation cards or guest favors, all of which are made by ourselves. The surrounding event design offers bridal couples an extensive and trendy range. Our clients benefit from our competence, experience and passion for event design and decoration. The showroom is a real world of experience for the most beautiful day in life. A visit to our studio is a visual journey of discovery for those interested in wedding decorations and also surprises with some extraordinary design ideas. We show a large variety of trendy decorative elements, modern accessories and stylish accessories from our extensive range. With the greatest care and inventiveness, we are constantly expanding the selection and also show suggestions for choosing colors in our showroom, as well as traditional to unusual mottos for themed weddings. The visitors can expect an original selection of wedding accessories and furnishing elements, as well as a lot of information on the topic of event design.

"Discover numerous possibilities and trends in the field of wedding decoration in our showroom in Römerberg."

Products for the wedding decoration:

Our product repertoire in the field of wedding decoration includes:

... and much more.

"With us you will find everything for events, weddings and events."

Event design full-service network:

As a networker, we not only work in the field of wedding decoration, but also cover the entire range of services related to weddings with our partners. On request, we are happy to arrange professional wedding photographers and videographers, musicians and entertainers, video and light show technicians, party services and catering companies, and much, much more.

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Region and catchment area:

We work in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region, in the Rhein Pfalz district, in the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Saarland and Hesse. Of course, we can also organize your desired decoration throughout Germany, as well as in Switzerland and Austria. We are there for you and no more than a phone call or email away from you.

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