How do I identify monsoon rains

Author details:Nishant MalikURN:urn: nbn: de: kobv: 517-opus-58016translated title (German):Extreme events and dynamics: historical and current dynamics of the Indian summer monsoon from the perspective of non-linear data analysisSupervisor (s):J├╝rgen KurthsPublication type:Doctoral thesisLanguage:GermanCompletion year:2011Publishing institution:University of PotsdamGranting institution:University of PotsdamDate of final exam:2012/02/09Release date:2012/02/13Day:Extreme events; Indian summer monsoons; Paleoclimatology; complex networks; nonlinear data analysis
Indian summer monsoon; Paleoclimatology; complex networks; extreme events; nonlinear time series analysis
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