What are wind fairies

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Hello dear local kiter community,

after I clicked my way through your interesting forum for an hour and seriously had ALL posts on the topic "Rhino II or Rhino IV" (I'm not smarter than before !!!), "Comparison of mat and tube kites" (in physics ALWAYS a 5, so I don't understand the various aerodynamic differences described !!!!) etc. etc. I am now slightly shocked and immensely intimidated!

The windsurfers are already true masters at picking materials apart, but you top them by far !!!! Chapeau !!!! )

However, I dare to hope that my "don't get it" stems from the fact that I have only had a four-day kite course in Egypt so far and that I am theoretically monster-fit, but practically just halfway controlled straight ahead and again can go back (plus of course height "walk"): - /

So a blatant newbie !!!! But highly addictive and extremely ambitious, which was immediately expressed in the fact that yesterday I walked straight to the trade fair in Munich and came up with the very finest slingshot material (I prefer not to say which one, otherwise the discussions will start again here and then I don't get anything again !!!!) have set up.
If I had already had access to this forum yesterday, I would of course first have asked you a hole in the various bellies what I should take - it was really difficult!

But I had the same problems when I got back into windsurfing four years ago ..... and only now do I have the really perfect material!

But - what I actually wanted to say is that I am looking for a few people for the coming summer who are kite-like in the Munich area and who can give me a few tips on where to venture on the water without worrying about any Winding Electricity pylons or taking ten strollers with you when you start.

Somehow there are a lot of northern lights around here, right ??? No ???? But ????

I actually plan to learn how to climb properly again in Egypt before Pentecost and then to explore Lake Garda - which means to finally venture into the loop in the morning while windsurfing in Malcesine and to practice kiting in Navene in the afternoon.

Doesn't Munich have more relaxed spots? Achensee ??? Walchensee ???

So, before you throw me out again because of too much writing, I would rather put an end to it and would be soooooo happy about a lot of feedback !!!

Bye, the *** WINDFEE ***

PS: I think it's great that there are some girls here too ..... )