Which parks start with the letter Y.

GermanEnglishy {n} [letter]y [letter]Y {n} [letter]Y [letter]Y is the spiritual father of X.X is the brainchild of Y.Derive y with respect to xto differentiate y with respect to xY of X, come! [Radio communication]Y, (this is) X, over. [X (e.g. coast guard) is calling Y]Y for Yankee [NATO spelling board]Y for Yankee [NATO phonetic alphabet]Y as in YpsilonY as in Yoke [Am.]Y as in YpsilonY for Yellow [Br.]Y2K bugY2K bugYabbi {m}(common) yabby [Cherax destructor]Yabbi {m}yabbie (crayfish) [Cherax destructor]Yabbie canceryabbie (crayfish) [Cherax destructor]Yabbie cancer(common) yabby [Cherax destructor]y-axisordinate [y-axis]y-axisaxis of ordinatesy-axisy-axisy-axis intercepty-interceptYacht {f} [Rsv.]yachtyacht-like [Rsv.]yachtyYacht owneryachtsman [owner]Yacht owneryachty [coll.] [yachtsman]Yacht owneryachtie [coll.] [yachtsman]Yacht owneryachtswoman [owner]Yacht owneryachty [coll.] [yachtswoman]Yacht owneryachtie [coll.] [yachtswoman]YachtsyachtsYacht driveryachtsmanYacht driveryachtswomanMarinamarinaMarinayacht harbor [Br.]Marinayacht harbor [Am.]Yacht brokeryacht brokerYacht brokeryacht broker [female]Yacht insuranceyacht insuranceYacón {f}Yacón [Smallanthus sonchifolius, Syn.: Polymnia edulis, P. sonchifolia]Yacon syrupYacon syrupYacon syrupYacon syrupYafsoanit {m}yafsoanite [(Ca, Pb) 3Te2Zn3O12]Yagiantenne {f}Yagi antennaYagiit {m}yagiite [(Na, K) 3Mg4 (Al, Mg) 6 (Si, Al) 24O60]Yahoo {m}yahoo [Gulliver's Travels]Yahtzee ® {n}Yahtzee ®Yak {m} {n} [domesticated]yak [Bos grunniens] [domestic]Yak {m} {n} [wild]yak [Bos mutus, syn.: Poephagus mutus] [wild]Yakan {pl} [ethnicity]Yakan [ethnicity]Yak butteryak butterYak meatyak meatYakhontovit {m}yakhontovite [(Ca, Na, K) 0.3 (CuFeMg) 2Si4O10 (OH) 2 · 3H2O]Yakitori {n}yakitoriYakkity YakYakkity YakYak milkyak's milkYakovenchukit- (Y) {m}yakovenchukite- (Y) [K3NaCaY2 (Si12O30) · 3H2O]Yakushima rhododendron {m}Yakushima / Yak rhododendron [Rhododendron Yakushimanum, syn.: R. degronianum subsp. yakushimanum]YakuzaThe Yakuza [Sydney Pollack]Yakuza {pl} [Japanese criminal organizations or their members]YakuzaYalden councilYalden's rat [Desmomys yaldeni]Yalden councilYalden's desmomys [Desmomys yaldeni]Yale keyYale keyYamatonuma shrimpYamato shrimp [Caridina multidentata, syn.: Caridina japonica]Yamatonuma shrimpJapanese shrimp [Caridina multidentata, syn.: Caridina japonica]Yamatonuma shrimpalgae shrimp [Caridina multidentata, syn.: Caridina japonica]Yamatonuma shrimpAmano shrimp [Caridina multidentata, syn.: Caridina japonica]Yamato freshwater shrimpYamato shrimp [Caridina multidentata, syn.: Caridina japonica]Yam beanjicama [Pachyrhizus erosus]Yam beanyam bean [Pachyrhizus erosus]Y'Ami {n}Y'Ami IslandYamoussoukro {n}YamoussoukroYamsgewächse {pl}(wild) yam family {sg} [family Dioscoreaceae]Yamsgewächse {pl}(wild) yams [family Dioscoreaceae] [(wild) yam family]Yamsgewächse {pl}elephant's foot family {sg} [family Dioscoreaceae]Yams-Schildlaus {f}ubi scale [Aspidiella hartii, syn.: Aspidiotus hartii]Yams-Schildlaus {f}yam (rhizome) scale [Aspidiella hartii, syn.: Aspidiotus hartii]Yam rootyam [genus Dioscorea]Yam plantselephant's foot family {sg} [family Dioscoreaceae]Yam plants(wild) yam family {sg} [family Dioscoreaceae]Yam plants(wild) yams [family Dioscoreaceae] [(wild) yam family]Yam plants(wild) yam family {sg} [family Dioscoreaceae]Yam plants(wild) yams [family Dioscoreaceae] [(wild) yam family]Yam plantselephant's foot family {sg} [family Dioscoreaceae]Yanac pantiestawny tit-spinetail [Leptasthenura yanacensis]Yanbaru whiskered batYanbaru whiskered bat [Myotis yanbarensis]Yanbaru whiskered batYanbaru myotis [Myotis yanbarensis]Yanbaru mouse-eared mouseYanbaru whiskered bat [Myotis yanbarensis]Yanbaru mouse-eared mouseYanbaru myotis [Myotis yanbarensis]Yancey Glacier {m}Yancey GlacierYang {n} [male / active element i. d. Chinese philosophy]YangYang-Mills equationsYang-Mills equationsYang Mills theoryYang-Mills theoryYangqin {f}yangqin [also: yang quin, yang ch'in]Yangu oilyangu oilYangzhumingit {m}yangzhumingite [KMg2.5Si4O10F2]Yankari National Park {m}Yankari National ParkYankari shrewYankari shrew [Crocidura yankariensis]Yankee {m} [Americans from the Northern States]Yankee [Am.]Yankee {m} [sports betting jargon] [system bet with multiple bet]yankee [sports betting jargon] [multiple bet]Yankee State [historical nickname for Ohio, USA] [obsolete]Yankee State [historic nickname] [State of Ohio] [archaic]Yankeetum {n}YankeedomYanomami {pl}YanomamiYanomamit {m}yanomamite [In [AsO4] · 2H2O]Yantra tattooYantra tattooing«Wych - X {n} - X-be - xeri - Xote - y {n} - Yaou - Yin {- Ypsi - Yuko - z {n} »