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3D printer test - the future prints so amazingly - comparison of the best 3D printers in 2021

What is a 3D printer?

The principle one ordinary printer most people know today: with this will be Colors, shapes, images, fonts and more with the help of ink on paper brought. As is well known, this allows Documents, pictures, letters and much more. The 3D printer is another one hugestepfurther. Because here is Need With ink on paper, but with plastic on one Underground printed - what Objects arise. But what does that mean in detail?

That is, the 3D printing a three-dimensional structure out plastic or other materials is built. This happens in layers and depending on Printer model,size other complexity of the desired 3D printingmore or Less nearly. Are needed for one 3D printing a good 3D printer, suitable filamentand a suitablesoftware.

The Filament can at 3D printing by the way from different fabrics consist. Most of the time it exists Printing material however from thin Threadsthat from the Material ABS (a Plastic mixture) consist. To the different Material types, the in 3D printing Find use, we come to this 3D printer test Incidentally, a little more detailed later.

thesis Threads are usually on one Kitchen sink wound up and can like a Ink cartridge in an ordinary Printer, in a 3D printer can be used. This is why Filament, that for equipment the 3D printer heard, sometimes in the same range or in Specialized trade in the same departments as Ink cartridges or Toner cartridges to find.

At the 3D printing be yourself, however different layering techniques and thus also Printing techniques applied. Most current and commercially available today equipment rely on the so-called Fused Deposition Modeling (Called FDM) or on the Fused Filament Fabrication - no matter which one Procedure it is, it is today always Layer melting process, with whom the desired Print result is achieved.

In addition, the 3D printer but also the software an extremely important one role - different from other known ones Printer types. The Software, those for one print with a Inkjet or Laser printer used is not even close to the software comparable to that for one 3D printing is needed. These are mostly computationally expensive CAD programs needed that only for part of the Printer manufacturers are included.

CAD software but is quite extensive across the board and is represented by numerous providers. However, not every one is suitable software for each 3D printer or for each Printing project. It becomes fundamental desired model, that is to be printed, but beforehand using the CAD software created - some can be found today in the Internet, in Trade magazines and Co. but also Models, only with the software need to be opened.

The 3D printer finally awakens the im CAD programrepresented or created workpiece "to live"- by turning it into a gripping other usableshape brings.

How does a 3D printer work?

The 3D printing takes place after template of Model in used CAD program and arises through a jet and with warmed up Filament. in the detail described, this is Filament thread by thread from a small one engine in the Printhead pulled and melted down.

Then the melted material by a jet on a Plexiglass plate applied - layer For Layer, until the desired workpiece originated.

Still, it takes time today usually even at most modern 3D printer quiet severalHours, until a complexworkpiece is completed. In addition, the 3D printer, no matter Which model available today, as before print always on a color limited - even if it is that Filament meanwhile in severalColors gives. Still serve modern 3D printer now preferred for printing a wide variety of Objects out Plastic. Among other things, things like Tools, toys, decorative objects and even things like Cell phone cases or Dishes.

All that is needed for a print are next to that 3D printer and matching Filament a suitable one software and a suitable one Print model. This must either be done on Pc - with the help of CAD software - be created, or it has to be usable one model are present.

However, existing ones can also be used today Structure other Objects by means of 3D scan scanned and thus in any color and sometimes too size to be printed. In addition, the World wide web meanwhile many Communitieswho are the 3D printing have to prescribe and in addition to advice and help with use and the attitude of 3D printer also various templates to offer.

However, poses Need only the use of 3D printer for many New users first one smallhurdle there. Even buying one 3D printer becomes not today just like that and without numerousAsk, that arise, committed.

Not entirely without reason, because 3D printer are today not just from them various Manufacturers and in the differentScope of functions represented, but also in the differentPrice ranges.

Our 3D printer comparison 2021 should give you the search and also the purchase one suitableModel facilitate. We introduce you to ten reliable and good devices that are yours price are really worth - but also tell you what you are looking for in the purchase one 3D printerrespect, think highly of should.

Advantages & areas of application

Things self to print and not expensive to be commissioned or in pavershape It is well known that acquiring it has its own Advantages. Besides, it is with some Things cheaper other more effective, this too to press other Need in more time consuming Handwork to create.

Many also agree Companies aware of that today at leastParts of their products by means of modern 3D printing produce. And the number the Companies from the Industry, but also from the Craft and more that are in their Everyday work and in theirs production with a 3D printer today it is almost possible to do unmanageablelarge.

Screws, tools other Parts of Products are used again and again today 3D printing manufactured - and also in Craft and the individual art scene has the 3D printing today his traces leave.

Of course, you can also use the Private area and useful in everyday life Things how Screws, tools, dishes and Co. print - but also right idiosyncratic or artisticCreations, can be achieved using 3D printing today from that paper into a tangible shape bring. In addition, many users use the 3D printing today for it to be tailored and individual Cell phone cases, picture frames, sculptures and produce more. And also the possibility existingObjects by means of 3D scan scanning it in and printing it out as often as you like today has its advantages in front. Because: Basically everything can be done to scan and also to pressKeys, storage boxes and even Drink.

However, it is fundamentally up to each user how they want theirs 3D printer wants to use. And how diverse and varied that can be is usually shown by a quick look at popular ones 3D printing communities - all of them can be found here Instructions for little ones Plastic cities for the Model railway hobby, a printed Dollhouse included Furniture other Dolls for the Daughter, unique Play train cars for the Son individual Christmas decorations for your own four walls or complete Board games for the whole family. All of this may just be fewButton presses other Clicks away.

How diverse that 3D printing can come along, but also shows that modern medicine. True, they are 3D printer, most of the time it is still only about Prototypes, not really with that 3D printers comparable to the one from the Industry or that Private use knows - but they already give you an idea of ​​what we are doing with the help of the 3D printing possibly in the near or far future will be able to.

Because already today you will be with Fabric fibersOrgans, parts of organs, parts of tissue or Skin parts printed. These can be found in a wide variety of medical fields use - of the Organ transplant up to plasticsurgery.

Advantages of self-construction

Some people want to get started right away, others want to understand the subject matter: There are several arguments in favor of the kit, and there are also arguments in favor of the finished printer.

who like to understand exactly wants to know how the printer works, why the result is the way it is and how it should be modified if necessary definitely a kit or design the printer entirely yourself. Because in the construction process you understand some things that are difficult to acquire in any other way.

This ranges from unclean printing to the possibility of adapting the printer to the advantages of the various films Knowledgethat you can see as part of the construction process appropriated by the way. Upgrading the printer is always easier if you build it yourself (regardless of the size), and of course the costs are lower.

What types of 3D printers are there?

Of course, that's not true for everyone: even those who deal with Ikea- knows about shelves and some closets Danish bed camp has mastered, does not have to be able to simply build complex technical devices yourself. 3D printers are not magic, but they are a bit more complex than a Lego house. Therefore, before buying, you should think twice about whether the 3D printer really has to be assembled yourself.

There are several ways to build the printer yourself. The possibilities differ in the test in terms of feasibility, price, comprehensibility and availability of the materials.

So now it would be clear what a 3D printer can and how it basically works. Still is 3D printer not equal 3D printer. Modern 3D printer can not only be in stuff design, Functional abundance other price differ - meanwhile there are also different species of 3D printer represented.

Still we have each other in ours 3D printer comparison 2021 a very specific one Art the 3D printer assumed: so-called complete 3D printer, where only that for printing Filament must be inserted. However, there are in addition to comfortable and uncomplicated to use Models today also inexpensive kits, which are repeated over and over again professional other Hobbyist to attempt. Thesis too Art of 3D printer, and all other known ones Species, we want you the completeness and the overview for the sake of this job to introduce.

The 3D printer - the convenient complete model

3D printer or 3D printer today usually refer to complete Printer, which often comes from home scanner have. Mostly show 3D Printer one Printhead before that with a jet is equipped with the one Printing process With Filament is possible.

With the 3D scanner can, however smallModels scan it - and print it out later on request.

On the one hand, this allows the Copies in no time of Objects, but also templates in 3D create. Templates can be found today in Shell other Abundance in the Internet, where they can often be downloaded for little money or even for free.

Templates can also be created with a suitable CAD program create what was also shown in a test. These are now used by, for example Manufacturers how Makerbot, XYZprinting and Ultimaker offered.

The 3D printer to build yourself - 3D printer kits

3DprinterKits are especially at Hobbyists other Professionals extremely popular - because these are often cheaper or can be customized. Of course there are such and such sets here as well: some Kits let the Hobbyist more freedom than others. there are Instructions, where each part and each function can be determined by yourself.

There is also finishedKits, the the price by handwritten assembly lower something. Another attraction of the Do it yourself is for many Professionals other Hobbyist but also the possibility of the function and the functionality of 3D printer by the self-made assembly to be able to understand better.

Multiple 3D printers - the little all-rounders

As already indicated, however, is also 3Dprinter not equal 3Dprinter. A. Multiple 3D printer provides, for example, even in the area of 3DPressure currently the most functional All-rounder because a Multiple3D printer uses differently than conventional ones 3Dprinter not just one technology and on one material - he uses several at the same time techniques and also Materials.

This offers itself in terms of 3Dprint completely new possibilities in the future. Because: In the Cornell University in new York such a printer became a complete and functional one Zinc-air battery printed. For home use are those Processes of Multiple 3D printer but still too much at the moment complex. So far, multiple can be used Models but only to be found in research. In the near future however, should they also be in the Industry use Find.

Kit or ready-made printer?

A distinction is made between 3D printers, which are delivered more or less assembled, so a cable may have to be plugged in and a cover must be attached. Otherwise they are more or less operational. Then there is Prefabricated kits. There are the printers as a kit or set sold, the parts are more or less all available, a building instruction is also included.

Such a kit is suitable for all people who are a little technically versed and can handle instructions. Metal rods for stabilization, heat-resistant adhesive tape and similar parts often have to be added to these kits as required. The printer can within a certain framework individualized and be adapted to the needs, not everything is fixed.

The software must of course purchased separately and often enough an external display is also useful. The required parts are either included in the kit or are available from hardware stores or electronics retailers. So there shouldn't be any problems with the procurement of materials.

For individualists and nerds

The third option is to simply use the 3D printer completely by yourself to to build. Instructions are available on the net, everything is explained from the appropriate nozzle to the CD laser (for photosensitive synthetic resins) to the appropriate base plate. Anyone who cannot screw, solder or use finer tools could run into problems here.

But what exactly is a completely self-made one? Here in the Community Still disputed: Some refer to everything that works without a kit or kit as self-made. The others say that the complete device including the application has to be developed from an Arduino environment in order to pass as a self-made one. And of course there is every position between these two extremes. Most inexperienced users are of the opinion that everything that is not delivered fully plugged together is self-made. So too are 3D printer kits.

The kit - easily build your own 3D printer

Finished printer, kit or completely self-made? There are very different options for the 3D printer. Instructions One finds on the Internet For everything anyway, so the handicraft instructions for 3D printers made from an old CD laser are not surprising either ...

Who uses a 3D printer?

Human inventions have revolutionized the world many times. It all started with the invention of the wheel. The steam engine, the telephone, the microchip, the Internet and much more followed. Today, the new trend of 3D printing is causing a new technological revolution and bringing us the Internet of Things.

Served in their beginnings 3D printer for the production of prototypes and models in industry. Today, 3D printing technology is used to manufacture many products, such as jewelry, cakes, toys, cars, airplanes, household appliances and spaceships.

They have been long 3D printer has also arrived in private households. Many models are available for significantly less than 1,000.00 euros.In various Testing you can find the best currently on the net 3D printer.

The digital association Bitkom launched a Survey on the use of 3D printers in German households. It turned out that 18 percent of German citizens had already made a 3D print themselves or had one made.

The majority (9 percent) had the 3D printing done by a service provider and 5 percent already used their own 3D printer. 3 percent made their 3D prints in the workplace. 3D printer are on the rise in home use.

In private households are mainly 3D printer used with the RepRap technique. The 3D printerRepRap is used for rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping. He is capable of auto replication and can print all plastic parts of his components himself in the 3D process. RepRap stands for Replicating Rapid Prototype.

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) or polylactide (PLA) are mostly used as printing material. These materials are very inexpensive and easy to process. If you want to produce 3D models with a higher durability, strength and heat resistance than PLA, you should opt for an ABS printer. However, ABS is more difficult to process, requires a heatable pressure plate and has a melting point of more than 220 degrees Celsius.

The Use of 3D printers is already very diverse and covers a wide variety of areas. Basically, in 3D printing, a distinction must be made between the production of models and prototypes on the one hand and series production on the other.

3D printing is used in the following areas for the production of prototypes and models:

  • Architecture and construction processes (contour crafting)