Why do you regret your MBA

An MBA or Master’s degree is also attractive in parallel to your job

In the course of their working lives, many workers regret not having studied at a young age. Catching up on this and acquiring academic qualifications alongside your job creates new perspectives in the workplace. Courses such as the MBA or Master’s degree are explicitly tailored to the needs of working people and make it effortless to combine studies and working life with a little discipline.

Why do an MBA or master’s degree alongside your job?

The topic of continuing education is interesting in every professional environment. For better career prospects and higher salaries, the Master of Business Administration is one of the most attractive ways to gain additional qualifications for working life. The MBA distinguishes itself from other master’s programs through its high practical component and thus conveys comprehensive business skills that are interesting for every branch of industry.

One of the most frequently asked questions about the MBA or Master’s degree is whether it is possible to complete the Master’s degree in parallel to your current position. With this course in particular, completing it alongside work is required and can be carried out in different ways. The knowledge and practical skills acquired during the course can thus be incorporated directly into everyday work.

Which variants of the degree are established?

Those interested in a part-time master’s degree have a wealth of options. Hundreds of educational institutions from traditional universities to specialized business schools hold the course ready for those interested. Depending on the provider, the focus is on full or part-time studies, the latter taking into account the professional obligations of the individual student.

If you have decided on an MBA or Master's degree as a part-time job, distance learning with its variation is an online study. In both cases, you work on the course content independently, which enables it to be adapted to your obligations in professional life. The course includes rare attendance phases, with many business schools and universities maintaining a large network in Germany. Exams must also be taken on site.

With an online course, the student has access to an individual learning area at the university. The teaching content is conveyed via the Internet, for example also through streamed lectures or seminars. With the Internet, distance learning has become much more interactive, which shows great advantages, especially for imparting knowledge in the business area.

Without a doubt, studying takes a lot of time alongside work. The teaching units are designed to be demanding and the collection of credit points is provided as in the classic full-time course. If you are interested in an MBA course alongside your job, you should therefore have a clear motivation and vision as to why you should complete the part-time course.

For most students, the prospect of a better salary and attractive prospects on the job market are crucial. Although these are not guaranteed, with the MBA Master's as an additional qualification you increase your chances considerably. In addition, future bosses recognize that you have mastered a degree alongside your job and thus show perseverance and self-motivation.

Continuing education is essential in professional life

Even if an MBA or Master’s degree is currently not a one hundred percent secure perspective for professional advancement, the constant examination of further training opportunities is crucial. This should take place as further training alongside your job in order to maintain and increase your own market value. The other prospect is further education and training in the phase of unemployment, which every employed person would like to prevent regardless of his qualifications.

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