What is Selenium RC for placement

Remote WebDriver Server

The server is always executed on the machine that has installed the desired browser that is to be used for the test. The server can be started either by means of a command prompt or by means of program code.

Start the server from the command prompt

After downloading, place the file on the computer with the appropriate browser. Execute the following command in the folder containing the jar file:

Server Operation Considerations

The calling program is expected to end each session properly, either with or.

The Selenium server saves the logs for each current session in the main memory, these are deleted as soon as or is called. Forgetting to close the sessions can cause a memory leak. If extremely long test runs are planned, it may be necessary to stop and restart the server from time to time (or to increase the allocated memory with the jvm option -Xmx).

Timeouts (from version 2.21)

The server has two different timeouts that can be set as follows:

  • browserTimeout
    • Defines how long the browser is allowed to react (in seconds)
  • time-out
    • Indicates how long the client is allowed to be inactive before the session is released again. (in seconds).

The system property is no longer supported as of version 2.21.

It should be noted that this is intended as a backup timeout mechanism that should mainly be used in grid / server environments if conventional timeout mechanisms fail. This is to ensure that processes that have crashed or are “forgotten” do not remain active forever and that processes are closed.

Configuration of the server with program code

Theoretically, only this has to be linked to a URL, but it is also possible to use this in a lean container (e.g. Jetty) that is completely configured in the code.

  • Download and extract the file.
  • Add the JARs to the CLASSPATH.
  • Create a class named.

In the following example Jetty is used, which can be downloaded here.

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