What are the benefits of not masturbating

The scientific and personal benefits of abstinence


We are now at the hideous, grotesque and embarrassing part of abstinence. And that is definitely not an advantage. Most men turn into stupid, suggestively grinning, and ape-like creatures when they are unable to engage in sexual activity for more than 48 hours. This is catastrophic, because there is practically nothing worse than behaving like a stupid, lewdly grinning and ape-like being.

The distraction that work and hobbies bring is very helpful, and if that distraction persists, you may be fine after all. However, it is also clear that if one does not satisfy oneself, one's sexual urges are increased. This is exactly why, in my experience, it is most beautiful when you (paradoxically) remain chaste together with your relationship partner. However, if you go through the whole thing on your own - either as a sadistic challenge or for the supposed benefit - and finally find yourself staring at other people, then stop your "experiment" immediately. After all, masturbation is not something to be ashamed of In fact, it's actually quite the opposite: masturbation is a natural part of our sexual expression.

"It doesn't kill us to stop masturbating," says Professor Pfaus in conclusion. "This, however, denies us important self-knowledge. And we also know that all sexual abstinence is often prescribed by people who are obsessed with 'purity' and 'morally correct behavior'. In short, these are people who do not indulge their fellow human beings. "