Can you make me question my existence

What is the purpose of your life

Why are you here?

No, I don't mean HERE in the sense of "on the blog". Of course we hope that you are here to find out interesting things about our theme worlds! By “here” I mean why you think you are HERE in this life! What's the point Difficult question, right?

But why is this question so difficult? We subconsciously constantly face them when choosing our next steps, be it private or professional. All of these decisions are about the fact that we want to give our life a certain direction. The choice of study is just one example of how we can give our life a potentially radical impulse with a decision.

Let's take a closer look at that!

Study success, compatibility, financing, individuality. These are the topics on which we share our opinions, ideas and thoughts here on But what is actually the basis of all these topics? The question of how we want to shape our life. At the beginning of the course, there are many different factors that ultimately determine the subject. One of them is of course your later professional career - there are also financial reasons for this. But should that be the only reason we're doing what we're doing right now? Is it really enough motivation to earn a lot of money later to study a subject that we don't really like?

So why are you here? Why are you doing what you are currently doing? Why are you studying business administration, German or IT? Can you answer this question satisfactorily for yourself?

The purpose of existence

The answer to the question "Why are you here?" Goes much deeper, of course! I didn't come up with this question myself. Rather, I remember a book that I picked up a few weeks ago and have read three times since then: "The Café on the Edge of the World" by John Strelecky.

It would be pointless if I just recite the book here now. I just strongly encourage you to take a look there - my thinking has changed it!

But now we have already begun to deal with the question "Why are you here?" Or, more abstractly, with the question of the “Purpose of our existence (ZDE)”. You start to brood, don't you? It might be easier not to ask the question ... ..too late!

The answer….

... I can't give you. Nor does John Strelecky either. Nevertheless, with an incredibly pleasant story about a stressed manager who ends up in a very special café, he provides instructions for individual answers.

"If you are not focused on what you want to do, you can waste your energy on a lot of other things."
John Strelecky

What would you like to do Get rid of this socially established separation of leisure and work - it's about your life! Do you live a full life?

What is a full life?

We spend a large part of our lives doing some kind of job - rent and housekeeping need to be paid after all. Our studies are the attempt to give this mammoth part of our life a meaningful form for us. So it's up to us -

"We all control every moment of our life."

John Strelecky

We only have this chance once, so there is no room for compromise here. Fulfillment is something deeply individual - find your passion!

"Our task is to recognize that something fulfills us because we feel it ourselves ...
John Strelecky

... and not because others tell us.

Everything at the beginning?

You may now ask yourself: That is of course very desirable, but the world is not a pony farm and with Wünsch-dir-what we are not at all!

That's right, there is no shortage of hurdles and barriers. But you have two options:

  • Adjust yourself to the paths that the barriers and roads give you in life
  • or jump over it and walk the paths that seem right to YOU!

Because what is our greatest fear? That death overtakes us before we can do anything we have imagined for our lives. And that is only possible on the paths that we create for ourselves.

Does that still sound too dangerous and risky to you? Then I'll put you in the position in which the stressed manager in the “Café on the Edge of the World” found himself at some point.

Fun - Success - Fulfillment

What do we work for To earn our daily bread and to retire at some point. For many, the latter is also the reason why they consciously choose a professional path that may generate a lot of money, but actually does not correspond to their own purpose in life. The goal is then a time X in the future, in which this profession no longer has to be pursued, so the constraint is released.

But why do something so that you don't have to do it later?

Why not do something that fulfills us and doesn't make us think that at some point we won't have to do it anymore?

Easier said than done.

"The only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did."

Steve Jobs (R.I.P) said to Stanford University graduates in 2005. He was referring to his dismissal from Apple and the subsequent return to work. He loved what he was doing.

And what are we best at in life? In the things that we do with passion and enthusiasm. In these special things, the question of stressful work or relaxed leisure time no longer arises - the difference disappears.

And isn't that exactly what one can understand by fulfillment? To fill life with things that inspire us?

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. "

Now you might be thinking, “Yeah, well, but I'm not Steve Jobs. The guy was pretty special. "

Yes, that's right. That was him. But he's not the only one. Not everyone who goes his own way becomes famous with it. But that doesn't necessarily make you less successful or happy. There are many examples ...

Once upon a time there was a business student ...

Sometimes everything seems clear in life. Some people do a good Abitur, go to university, receive a scholarship, do great internships and a career as a management consultant is within their grasp. Everything runs like clockwork. Just do a semester abroad and write your thesis, and then you finally belong to the working people. And then comes the moment that changes your whole life. And not always for the bad.

Tobias was just such a student. The resume perfect. Everything was fine. Just the semester abroad, he didn't do that for his résumé, he did it for himself and it changed everything for him.

Contrary to the advice of many outsiders, he decided to spend a semester abroad in Bali. Sure, it doesn't look as chic as the USA or Western Europe. There is nothing elitist about Universitas Udayana in Bali. Who takes such a semester abroad seriously on their résumé? But Tobi didn't care. So far, he has done everything for the perfect résumé. This one semester won't hurt him, he thinks.

But when he comes back to Germany six months later, he is no longer the same - he suddenly no longer wants this life. House, car, expensive vacation are suddenly worthless. He no longer wants to become a management consultant. He wants to go back to Bali and lead a life that will make him happy. Back in Germany he is still writing his diploma thesis and preparing for his future in Indonesia. A few months later he leaves Germany (forever). Three years have passed since then. Together with a friend, he has successfully built a hostel on Lombok, a neighboring island of Bali, and in a few weeks his hotel will also open in Lombok.

He dared to take this step when he was in his mid-twenties, without much professional experience and limited capital. It wasn't always easy, but he hasn't regretted it for a day. Tobi is a student like you and me. If he's found his ZDE, why shouldn't we make it too?

Even more people who have found their ZDE

There are many people like Steve or Tobi. And it is incredibly inspiring to exchange ideas with them. Sometimes it is a completely normal conversation with a new acquaintance who gives you new ideas and solutions to a problem.

Every now and then you should question your own life. Many people have done it and have found ways that have brought them closer to their ZDE.

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