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Kikuchi Kan Prize

  • Kikuchi Kan - (Japanese 菊池 寛, bourgeois with the same spelling: Kikuchi Hiroshi; * December 26, 1888 in Takamatsu; † March 6, 1948 in Tokyo) was a Japanese storyteller and playwright; in 1935 he founded the… German Wikipedia

  • Kan Kikuchi - Kikuchi Kan (first from left), 1919 Kikuchi Kan (Japanese 菊池 寛; born December 26, 1888 in Takamatsu; † March 6, 1948 in Tokyo; actually: Kikuchi Hiroshi) was a Japanese storyteller and playwright; he donated the Akutagawa Prize in 1935… German Wikipedia

  • Akutagawa Prize - The Akutagawa Prize (Japanese 芥川龍之介 賞 Akutagawa Ryūnosuke shō) is the most important award for Japanese-speaking authors. The prize, donated by Kikuchi Kan, has been awarded every six months since 1935 in January and July and is worth 1 million yen …… German Wikipedia

  • Naoki price - The Naoki Prize (Japanese 直 木 三 十五 賞 Naoki Sanjūgo shō, 直 木 賞 Naoki shō for short), named after Naoki Sanjūgo, is the counterpart to the Akutagawa Prize in the field of popular entertaining literature (Taishō Bungaku). The one by Kan Kikuchi …… German Wikipedia

  • Iketani Shinzaburō Prize - The Iketani Shinzaburō Prize (Japanese 池 谷 信 三郎 賞, Iketani Shinzaburō shō) was awarded by the publishing house Bungei Shunjūsha in memory of the Japanese writer and playwright Iketani Shinzaburō, who died at the age of 33. The publisher became …… German Wikipedia

  • List of literary prices - Table of contents 1 EU price 2 International prices 3 Children's and young people's literature prices 4 Translator prices… German Wikipedia

  • Akira Yoshimura - (Japanese 吉 村 昭, Yoshimura Akira; born May 1, 1927 in Nippori, Kitatoshima gun (today: Higashi Nippori, Arakawa), Tokyo Prefecture; † July 31, 2006) was a Japanese writer. He was chairman of the Japanese Writers' Union and P.E.N. …… German Wikipedia

  • Mizukami Tsutomu - (Japanese 水上 勉, as a pseudonym the reading Minakami Tsutomu; * March 8, 1919 in Fukui Prefecture; † September 8, 2004 in Wakasa, Fukui Prefecture) was a Japanese writer. He wrote short stories, crime stories, biographies and …… German Wikipedia

  • Yasushi Inoue - (Japanese 井上 靖 Inoue Yasushi; born May 6, 1907 in Asahikawa, Hokkaidō; † January 29, 1991 in Tōkyō) was a Japanese writer. Contents… German Wikipedia

  • Takeshi Kaikō - (Japanese 開 高 健, civil Ken Kaikō (same spelling); * December 30, 1930 in Tennōji ku, Ōsaka; † December 9, 1989 in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture) was a Japanese writer. He wrote stories, short stories, essays and …… German Wikipedia