How can I make art prints

Creative design and decorating with art prints and posters

Art prints and posters are both large-format printed matter. The term art print focuses on the artistic value of the presentation, while the decorative character is more in the foreground with posters. In the narrower sense, the word art print refers exclusively to the print-technical reproduction of an already existing work of art. However, this demarcation has lost its importance since photography found its own place in the art scene. In any case, posters and art prints give bare, white walls an attractive new look.

Art as a poster in gallery and museum quality

Digital photography and printing techniques make it easy to design posters and art prints with motifs you have created yourself or with other people's motifs. With the size of the format, the requirements for the processed material and the execution of the photo work also grow. That's one reason why too professional artist other Gallery owners Rely on the services of WhiteWall to produce your art prints and posters. Here you will find:

  • High quality photo material, such as twelve different branded papers
  • Various finishing options
  • Support for professional color management with ICC profiles
  • A powerful, modern machine park
  • Custom made security packaging for shipping art

Quality has its price, but it doesn't have to be higher than necessary. WhiteWall also shows how inexpensive high-quality photo products can be with art prints or posters. Still, it's not worth saving at the wrong end. What use is the best material and excellent workmanship if an art print or poster cannot survive shipping unscathed due to packaging that is too light? For this reason, only custom-made solutions for art transport are used here as shipping packaging. Having art produced as a poster is an all-round perfect service package. It begins with the soft proof on the photographer's PC, who can reliably assess the effect of his art as a poster thanks to professional color management before a sheet is even printed or exposed.

So dreary white walls find their deserved end

If your own photo or art created by recognized artists as a poster on a white wall should take the cold away, the specialist WhiteWall offers a wide range of options for realizing such design ideas. But not only that. Here you can find photo work at the highest level, but also at reasonable prices. The art print poster from the Lambda imagesetter from Durst or the Oce LighJet lives up to its name and the demands placed on such artistic print products. Both systems expose on real photo paper without a grid. For some experts, this property is a prerequisite for even speaking of an art print. The older generation of amateurs and photographers still know the name Durst from the enlargers and other accessories from the darkroom - the classic, chemical photo laboratory from the time before digital photography. Exposure to real photo paper still delivers unsurpassed color-fast and durable images today. So Museum other Galleries prefer this type of photographic reproduction. For the private sector, art prints and posters made in this way offer an advantageous option for the tasteful design of the home landscape. In the World of images For example, there are numerous artistically sophisticated pictures by well-known photographers, digitized works from well-known archives as well as motifs with collector's value, such as classic film posters or advertising signs. This extensive collection is available for the individual production of high-quality art prints and posters and offers the opportunity to upgrade the living area with style and aesthetics comparatively inexpensively. The professional artistic design However, these posters and art prints also represent a solid basis for a possible increase in value, especially in connection with the excellent material and processing quality that distinguishes WhiteWall photo products.

Posters and art prints from the experts

Large-format exposures and digital prints not only impressively accentuate the perfectly successful, self-made photo. These photo products also offer an opportunity to enjoy both classic and contemporary art as posters in your own four walls. WhiteWall is the right partner for both applications. The multiple from the trade press excellent photo service of the service provider guarantees excellent material and laboratory quality in all areas. This applies to the printing and exposure of your own photos. It also applies to the reproduction of works by old masters as art prints. It also honors the originals of young photographers who offer their work here. Finally, it is also the case with the reproductions of movie posters and advertising motifs with collector's value, which are available here.