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Gender: times
Date of death: 2018 and 2023

The main goal of Thanos was to rebalance the universe, believing that its massive population would inevitably consume the universe's resources and plunge it into extinction. However, his method of accomplishing this goal was very twisted; by using the ancient infinity stones he wanted to use their power to destroy half of all life in the universe with just one movement of the hand.

He spent many years hunting the stones, and his desire to achieve his goal led him to forge alliances with Loki and Ronan the Prosecutor in their respective attacks on Earth and Xandar. In exchange for an Infinity Stone, he wanted to help you. These two new alliances cost Thanos much of his resources, including one of the stones and the loyalty of his two daughters, Gamora and Nebula, and also resulted in the formation of two superhero groups: The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the end, Thanos no longer wanted to let others do the work and set about looking for the six Infinity Stones himself.

After an intense search for the Infinity Stones, the murder of his daughter Gamora and the conflict with the Avengers, the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Kingdom of Wakanda, Thanos finally triumphed over his enemies when he finally found the Infinity Glove completed in order to finally achieve his goal and destroy half of life in the universe. He succeeded in doing this, although he had recently suffered a serious injury and was almost killed by Thor.

Three weeks after the decimation, Thanos was ambushed by the Avengers in his garden on Titan II, where he revealed that he had destroyed the Infinity Stones to ensure the success of the decimation. At this revelation he was immediately beheaded by Thor. In an alternate year 2014, Thanos was made aware of the events of the future and his coming victory by a time-traveling nebula from 2023, which resulted in him swapping the nebula of his time for her future self, so that he himself with his ship and his army could travel to 2023, where he attacked the Avengers to ensure the success of the decimation. When Thanos confronted the Avengers, he was grateful to them for making it clear to him that he must use the powers of the Infinity Stones to destroy the universe and rebuild it in his own image. His last fight was ultimately a failure, as Iron Man had secretly snatched the Infinity Stones shortly before Thanos' triumph and had created his own Infinity glove on his arm, with which he let Thanos and his army crumble to ashes and the murderous one Would- be God could put an end to it.

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Table of Contents

The fall of Titan

The ruins of Titan.

Thanos belonged to the people of the Titans, a race of powerful, god-like beings who evolved on a planet with which they shared their name. Thanos was born misshapen, with a physical mutation that marked him as an anomaly among his people, making him an outcast. Despite his status, Thanos tried to save Titan when the planet was threatened by an impending disaster. However, his idea was considered too drastic and was rejected by his people, resulting in Titan later becoming devastated and almost uninhabitable. Another result of this devastation was that the Titan species was on the verge of extinction. [Interview]

Sometime after the fall of Titan, Thanos became a world conqueror who traveled the universe and destroyed half of the planets that he conquered by destroying half of all life due to his ideology of the balance of the universe. [Interview] He became one of the most powerful and feared warlords who even ruled a certain region of space [Guardians of the Galaxy] and took control of the deadly Chitauri army. [The Avengers]

Teaching his children

The Black Order with Loki.

Thanos gathered orphans of every race he conquered, such as when he massacred the Zehoberi race and a Luphomoid family, to be faithful to two young women of both races, Gamora and Nebula to educate deadly assassins. [Graphic Novel: Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude] Usually when Nebula lost in a duel to Gamora, Thanos removed a part of her body that he believed should make her stronger than Gamora. [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2] Besides Gamora and Nebula, Thanos has also taken in and trained other children, namely Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian and Proxima Midnight. The last four warriors, loyal to Thanos and more devoted than Gamora and Nebula, formed the Black Order. [Avengers - Infinity War] Thanos also acquired the services of "The Other", who acted as his servant. [The Avengers]

Some time ago Thanos had commissioned his foster daughter Gamora to find the soul stone - one of the infinity stones - or to find out where to find it. Gamora then returned and told her father that she couldn't find the stone. But in reality Gamora had found out the location, but did not want to tell Thanos and instead destroyed all information about it. She lied to her father. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Find the Infinity Stones

The Praxius Cloud Crypt.

With the destruction of Titan weighing heavily on his conscience, Thanos concluded that the great upsurge of the universe depleted its finite resources and would eventually cause the destruction of the universe itself. Assuming that the Infinity Stones, objects of immense power that held considerable dominance over the various forces of the universe, could solve this problem, Thanos made it his goal in life to collect them and forged several alliances to help them locate. [The Avengers] [Guardians of the Galaxy] He successfully found at least one of the stones, the thought stone, which he then hid in a scepter capable of manipulating the mind. [The Avengers] [Avengers - Age of Ultron]

Through years of searching, Thanos discovered a trail to the location of the orb and sent Nebula and Gamora under Korath's command to the cloud tombs of Praxius. Nebula fell victim to a trap during the mission, and Thanos, tolerating no failure, forbade Gamora from rescuing her. Nebula was forced to amputate her own arm in order to escape. The orb was never recovered, but Thanos left the failure behind and resumed his search. [Comic: Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude]

Invasion of the Chitauri on Earth

Thanos after Loki's defeat.

Thanos discovered that the Tesseract was on Earth and allied with Loki to bring it back by providing him with the Scepter and his Chitauri army that would help him conquer the entire planet and in return Thanos the Tesseract to hand over. Through his intermediary "The Other", Thanos threatened the Asgardian god of practical jokes and said that if he did not deliver the tesseract, Thanos would force him to endure a new kind of terrible suffering.

Despite his vast army of Chitauri and powerful weapons, Loki was defeated during the Battle of New York [The Avengers] and the Infinity Stone in the scepter fell into the hands of Hydra, [The Return of the First Avenger] during the Tesseract of Thor after Asgard was transported along with the now captured Loki. "The Other" reported to its master that the inhabitants of the earth were not as weak as one thought. He also stated that the challenge for the heroes of the earth would be to court death. Thanos got up and smiled at the prospect of what was to come. [The Avengers]

Find the orb

Thanos and Ronan come up with a plan.

Some time later, Thanos forged a pact with his old ally, Ronan the Prosecutor of the Kree Empire, and promised to lend some of his powers in a genocide of the Xandarians in exchange for finding the orb for him. Ronan and Korath the pursuer quickly found the orb on Morag and attempted to deliver it to Thanos, but the stone fell into the possession of a ravager named Star-Lord who attempted to sell it to the broker on Xandar before Ronan claim it could.

Not willing to give up the stone, Thanos ordered Ronan to pursue Quill and retrieve the stone, and sent Gamora to help the Kree in his pursuit. Gamora first found Quill on Xandar, where he was trying to sell the Orb. She found him again, but what Thanos had not noticed was that Gamora had decided to sever all ties with him as she and her many siblings had suffered from the torture of the Titan and planned to give the orb to the collector Taneleer Tivan sell who was also looking for the Infinity Stones for his own purposes.

When Ronan passed on the news of Gamora's betrayal to Thanos, which she had been planning for some time, the Kree berated the Titan for not taking the situation seriously and even murdered "The Other" when he taught Ronan not to respect Thanos to show. Unimpressed by the death of his servant and Ronan's complaints, Thanos turned away from Ronan and instructed him to return to his task and correct Gamora's betrayal, of which he was only slightly irritated. Thanos then directed Nebula to take Gamora's place as Ronan's helper. [Guardians of the Galaxy]

Ronan is betraying Thanos

Thanos is betrayed by Ronan.

Ronan the Prosecutor and Nebula together eventually stole the Orb from the Guardians of the Galaxy, but when Thanos was contacted by Ronan to be briefed on their progress, he was furious to discover that the Kree, after seeing the true power of the Orbs intended to keep the Infinity Stone to himself, although Korath noted that Thanos was the most powerful being in the universe. Nebula joined Ronan, disdainful of Thanos after the horror she endured in her youth. Ronan now believed he was superior to Thanos and promised to hunt for the Dark Lord as soon as Xandar was destroyed. Furious, Thanos cut off contact with them without saying a word. Ronan eventually lost his life to the Guardians of the Galaxy, who gave the orb to the Nova Corps, causing Thanos to lose another Infinity Stone. [Guardians of the Galaxy]

Attack on Nidavellir and the Infinity Glove

Thanos with the empty Infinity glove.

After both Loki and Ronan had failed in conquering worlds and could not bring him the Infinity Stones, and his two daughters broke away from him, Thanos had grown tired of the lack of progress in his crusade and decided to bring the matter into the himself hand to take. He attacked Nidavellir, the realm of the dwarves, and forced the dwarves there under King Eitri to forge the infinity glove so that he could better use the power of the infinity stones. When they had done that, Thanos wiped out the dwarfs and only Eitri remained alive, but Thanos cut off both hands so that no dwarf could forge anything in Nidavellir. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Battle of Xandar for the power stone

Some time later - in the earthly year 2018 - Thanos came to Xandar to receive the power stone and to put the first stone in his infinity glove. What exactly happened is unclear, which sacrifice Xandar had to make and in the end still lost the Infinity Stone. It is entirely possible that Thanos devastated the entire planet or large parts of it. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Interception of the sir refugees

Thanos crushes the tesseract.

After the survivors of Asgard fled towards Earth in a spaceship owned by the grandmaster, the ship was intercepted by the Sanctuary II, the flagship of Thanos. [Thor - Day of Decision] After a heavy bombardment of the ship, the Black Order and Thanos went on board. Most of the sir were already dead or were now being executed. A fist fight broke out between the Hulk and Thanos. Even if it looked like the Hulk would simply win and the Black Order was about to intervene, the tide quickly turned and Thanos scored many heavy blows. As a result, the Hulk passed out, but could still be transported from Heimdall to Earth to warn the people there about Thanos.

When Thanos first killed Heimdall and then threatened to kill Thor as well, Loki gave the tesseract to Thanos to save his brother's life. Thanos broke open the tesseract with his bare hands and put it in his Infinity glove and had won the second of the six stones. Loki was strangled by Thanos and the Aesir ship was destroyed with the power of the power stone. For further action, Thanos sent the Black Order to Earth to get the two Infinity Stones for him to Titan. Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian were sent to New York to collect the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive went to Scotland to get the thought stone out of Vision's head. Thanos himself set out to follow a different plan. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Attack on Knowhere

Thanos on Knowhere.

Thanos had learned that the third stone, the reality stone, can be found in the care of the collector Taneleer Tivan on Knowhere. When a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, more precisely Star-Lord, Gamora, Mantis and Drax, arrive at Knowhere, the whole station is deserted and shrouded in darkness. They land near the collector's museum, which they know, and sneak inside. They discover Thanos who is busy torturing Taneleer Tivan and asking about the stone. When Drax is out for revenge, he runs towards Thanos without a plan, and Mantis manages to keep him from falling asleep. But the unconscious Drax slams so loudly on the floor that Thanos notices the arrival of the Guardians. Instead, Gamora now storms towards her foster father and stabs him with two weapons, making him appear fatally wounded.

But everything is very different from what it appears. Thanos had already put the reality stone in his glove and thus concealed the massive destruction of Knowhere. The fatal attack wasn't real either. With the power of the two stones already preserved, it must have been easy for him to teleport there first and then to lay the whole mine complex in ruins. How exactly Thanos obtained the reality stone is not known, nor is the whereabouts of the collector unknown, although his death is very likely.

He dissolved the illusion and showed how much Knowhere was really destroyed, because everything was on fire. Everything was planned by Thanos, he wanted to meet Gamora because he knew that she had information about the whereabouts of the soul stone. Thanos grabbed her and Gamora begged Star-Lord to shoot her, just as he had promised her before. He hesitated for a while, threatened Thanos and then managed to fire on his great love Gamora. But only soap bubbles came out of the mouth. Thanos had used the Reality Stone again. Then he teleported with Gamora on board the Sanctuary II. [Avengers - Infinity War]

A painful victim

Thanos with Gamora on his ship.

On board the Sanctuary II, Thanos first tried to regain the trust of his daughter Gamora. When this was unsuccessful, however, he confronted her again with the search for the soul stone and tortured her sister Nebula in front of her eyes, who had come to the ship some time before to kill Thanos, but failed and was arrested. Thanos knew, thanks to memories stored in Nebula, that Gamora had lied to him then about the search for the stone. Gamora initially stuck to her story, but could no longer endure her sister's torture. So she submitted to her father and told him that the stone could be found on the planet Vormir.

Thanos with Red Skull on Vormir.

A figure in a black robe awaited them on Vormir, who had already been waiting for them. It turned out that this was the Red Skull, who was teleported through the Tesseract to Vormir many decades ago and has since served there as the guardian of the stone. Together, the three continued up to a cliff that leads hundreds of meters down. Red Skull told Thanos that you can't just take the stone. Instead, the stone needs a sacrifice. You have to sacrifice a soul. But not just any soul, but the person you love most. In the case of Thanos, this is Gamora, which Gamora did not even recognize. She only saw that Thanos has tears in his eyes and laughed at them. But Red Skull explained to her that it wasn't because of that he had tears in his eyes. As soon as Gamora understood that Thanos wanted to sacrifice her, she tried to kill herself. But with the power of the Reality Stone, Thanos prevents suicide. He apologized to Gamora and with tears in his eyes dragged her to the abyss and threw her down. Gamora died. Thanos woke up lying in the water at the foot of the mountain. The soul stone was in his right hand, which he immediately inserted into the Infinity glove and thus already had four of the six stones. Then he left the planet Vormir again. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Battle on Titan

Thanos on Titan.

To get the time stone, Thanos had sent part of the Black Order, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, to New York to get the stone from Doctor Strange. But this failed because the amulet around Strange's neck was magically protected. In order to get the stone anyway, Ebony Maw had taken the magician on his ship and wanted to torture him on the journey to Titan to get the stone. But by Iron Man and Spider-Man Ebony Maw was thrown into the cold of space and the ship with the three Earthlings crashed on Titan. Thanos did not know anything about this, however, until he also arrived on Titan.

It came to a surprising battle for Thanos against Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis. They all use their powers and abilities in combination to hold Thanos tight and prevent him from closing his fist, as this was the only way he could have used the power of the four Infinity Stones. Mantis managed to land on the titan's shoulders thanks to Doctor Strange, rendering him practically immobile by her powers. While Iron Man and Spider-Man tried to get the glove from his hand, Star-Lord confronted the "father" of his girlfriend and asked about Gamora's whereabouts. Mantis mentioned that she can sense that Thanos is remorseful and it wasn't long before he understood that Gamora is dead. Star-Lord became so angry that he started beating Thanos, catching Mantis as well. And it happened just as Spider-Man almost managed to pull off the glove. But Thanos escaped Mantis, pulled back the glove and became even angrier.

Thanos seriously injures Iron Man.

An even bigger battle ensued, in which Thanos also goal pieces from a moon in orbit and caused them to rain on Titan. A fight with Doctor Strange ensued, in which the mage used many of his most powerful spells. But none of that was enough. There was a direct fight with Iron Man, at the end of which Thanos pierced Tony Stark with his own stabbing weapon made of nanites. When Thanos was about to strike the last stroke, Strange interrupted this and offered the time stone in return for Stark's life. Thanos hesitated at first, but then agreed and took the time marker. He left the Avengers and Guardians on Titan and teleported directly to Wakanda on Earth to get the last of the Infinity Stones. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Battle in Wakanda

Thanos fighting in Wakanda.

When Thanos arrives in Wakanda, the great battle is already in full swing. The thought stone in the head of vision was the last stone that he still needed to finally reach his goal.After all the other stones had already gone to Thanos, an attempt was made in Wakanda to separate the stone from Vision and then to destroy it. But the very talented Shuri had not had enough time for that. So it came about that Scarlet Witch should destroy the stone with her power, even if Vision should come to an end.

This was exactly the moment when Thanos reached Wakanda and immediately confronted Scarlet Witch, who took some time to destroy the stone. With one hand she worked on the stone and with the other hand she tried to stop Thanos. In the end she succeeded in destroying the stone and Vision was killed. But what looked like a victory wasn't one. Thanos harnessed the power of the Time Stone and reversed the stone's destruction. He tore the stone from Vision's forehead and set the stone as the sixth and final stone in his Infinity Glove. [Avengers - Infinity War]

Genocide across the universe

Thanos shortly after the decimation.

Now Thanos had perfect power over the whole universe. Although Thor still tried to kill Thanos with a severe wound in the chest with his new weapon, Stormbreaker, this was not enough. In a spiteful tone, Thanos said to Thor that he should have aimed better at the head. Then he looked at his left hand with the fully loaded Infinity glove, he snapped his fingers and disappeared. He had achieved his goal. Half of all living things in the universe, including many Avengers, turned to dust. A bright light shone where Thanos was just now.

As the light fades, Thanos is mysteriously healed and in a strange place where he meets a young Gamora and when she asked him about the cost of his victory he solemnly said it cost him everything. Thanos then teleported to another planet. After finally reaching his destination, Thanos sat down to enjoy a sunset [Avengers - Infinity War]

Death by the Avengers

Thanos ‘armor on Titan II.

Three weeks after the decimation, to avoid the temptation of a lust for power and knowing that the Avengers would target him, Thanos uses the Infinity Stones one last time to destroy them with their own energies, at the cost of further deteriorating his physical condition. Seriously wounded, Thanos continues to look after his hut on Titan II, not knowing what fate is in store for him. Two days after Thanos destroyed the stones, the surviving Avengers, apart from Tony Stark, were able to locate his coordinates. The newly recruited Captain Marvel first infiltrated the planet, then slashed through the roof of the hut and put it in a headlock, while Bruce Banner - in Hulkbuster armor - and War Machine held both arms of the titan. Thor then came over to sever his left hand with the storm breaker and thereby loosen the glove at the same time. Eventually, Captain America and Black Widow joined in, only to learn that Thanos had destroyed the Infinity Stones to make sure the decimation was irreversible.

An incredulous Rhodes asked the Avengers to demolish the hut in order to find the stones, although Nebula confirmed that while her "father" has many bad qualities, he is not a liar. Surprised by this, Thanos thanks his "daughter" and finally admits that "he may have treated her too harshly". However, these were to be the titan's last words when Thor suddenly beheaded him with Stormbreaker. Thanos was history, even though the damage he had caused was apparently irreversible. [Avengers - Endgame]

Time travel of the Avengers

Nebula with War Machine.

Five years later - in the year 2023 - the Avengers drew new hope: When Ant-Man returned to the normal world after he had been lost in the quantum realm for five hours. After discovering there that time travel through the quantum realm was possible, Ant-Man came to the facility and told the Avengers about it. An extensive plan was devised to save the Infinity Stones from a time before Thanos got hold of them. They split up into groups and set out to retrieve every stone from the past. To do this, some of them had to do what Thanos did in the original timeline, including making a sacrifice for the Soul Stone: Black Widow committed suicide so that Hawkeye could retrieve it from Vormir.

However, when War Machine and Nebula traveled into 2014 and managed to reach the orb on Morag before Star-Lord, Nebula overloaded as it shared its cybernetics with the 2014 Nebula. At the same time, however, the 2014 Nebula overloaded in the middle of a mission, which prompted Thanos to ask Ebony Maw to analyze Nebula for possible errors. He discovered that there were two Nebulas: the Nebula, known from their point of view, and a version from the future. In the meantime, War Machine traveled back to the present on Morag with the power stone, but Nebula stayed behind as she was still overloaded, which War Machine did not notice.

Thanos suspected something and had the nebula from the future captured and brought to him. Gaining access to her memories, he learned of his original fate in 2018 after the end of his war and the Avengers' plans to undo the decimation. Thanos decided to reach his goal sooner and kept the future Nebula as his prisoner while sending the Nebula from his time to embody their future selves and find the Infinity Glove for him again. As such, the bygone Nebula traveled into the future of 2023 while Thanos hired the Gamora of his time to watch over the future self of her adoptive sister. [Avengers - Endgame]

Arrival on Earth by 2023

Thanos wants to reach Earth by 2023.

When the nebula from the past came to Earth in 2023, it was Hulk