Which USB stick should I buy?

Which 32 GB USB stick do DJs buy most often?

Should I now order the USB stick as an extreme version or buy the ultra version?

It's bad what I forget. Because the difference between the 32 GB Sandisk USB stick variants was no longer clear to me after a year.

I change my USB stick every year. I do this for security reasons, because I don't want to rely on whether the memory cells of my USB stick might suddenly give up their ghost.

I'd rather invest 20 euros too much. I'm technically on the safe side for that.

This year, for the first time, I noticed that USB sticks did not experience any particular innovations.

It is true that the capacities of USB storage devices are getting bigger and bigger. So you already get USB sticks with 128 GB storage capacity at a reasonable price. The majority of DJ colleagues still opt for 32 GB.

To do this, I evaluated the sales figures for USB sticks on Amazon.

Most popular USB sticks among DJ colleagues

1st place: SanDisk Extreme 32 GB USB 3.0
2nd place: Kingston DataTraveler DTSE9H 16 GB USB 2.0
3rd place: SanDisk Extreme 64 GB USB 3.0
4th place: SanDisk Ultra 32 GB USB 3.0
5th place: Kingston DataTraveler DTSE9G2 16 GB USB 3.0

Click on the links to view the respective stick in the Amazon shop.

Amazon provides me with an evaluation of the USB sticks sold via these partner links. In this data, I looked at which USB stick is the most popular because it is the most popular.

When we buy something, we vote with our wallet on the best product.

Amazon provides me with the sales figures completely anonymously. I only see the products and no personal data.

From the numbers I evaluated how the storage sizes are distributed across all purchases.

Almost half (48.7%) of the USB sticks are 32 GB, while a third of the DJs have opted for 16 GB of storage space. 15.4% of all DJs need 64 GB more space.

USB sticks with 128 GB currently do not play an essential role, as do very small USB storage devices with 8 GB.

My storage requirements keep growing and growing

A few years ago, 8 GB of memory was enough for me to play the music at every party. I suspect that the ratio will shift towards 64 GB in the future as soon as 64 GB and 128 GB USB sticks become cheaper.

Last year my space requirements increased because I no longer use vinyl records to hang up. And I'm gradually converting Maxi CDs to WAV format.

If I export all the songs to the stick that I played in 2016, I get a space requirement of 20 GB.

For the next twelve months, a size of 32 GB will still be enough for me. For this I bought a Sandisk Extreme with 32 GB, like the majority of my DJ colleagues.

After the first gig, I measured the actual transfer speed. The results disprove my assumption that full USB sticks slow down with age.

The measured values ​​of my one year old 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Stick (first and second column) are roughly comparable to the measured values ​​of the newest stick in the third column. For comparison you can find the measured values ​​of the SSD hard drive of my MacBook in the fourth column.

I use the new stick at the same time to clear out. Because I only want to take music with me to put on that I actually play. I describe this minimalist approach in more detail in the 31-day DJ challenge.

However, I am sure that this space requirement will increase sharply at the next party with 80s / 90s music, because I have to export my entire collection of older music to the new USB stick.

Sandisk Ultra or Extreme?

To answer my initial question. The difference between the Sandisk sticks Extreme and Ultra is in the speed.

In particular, the theoretical read rate of 245 MB / second is much higher for the Extreme version. Ultra sticks are specified at 100 MB / second.

The slower sticks should be sufficient for use as a DJ stick. Nevertheless, I always go for the better storage media, even if the price is more than double. Better safe than sorry.

You can find more information on how I measure speed in the previous blog posts on DJ USB sticks:

Can you recommend another USB stick? Please write your favorite stick as a short comment.

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