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Telephoning with WhatsApp: this is how voice calls work

Sometimes the exchange of short messages on WhatsApp is much longer than planned. Then it can be worthwhile to pick up the phone and simply call the chat partner. This saves time, tedious typing and is always more personal than mere text. UPDATED explains everything you need to know about calling via WhatsApp.

Requirements for the phone call via WhatsApp

In order for the call via WhatsApp to work properly, a few requirements are necessary. As long as you and your potential interlocutor fulfill these, nothing stands in the way of your conversation. And the best thing about the phone call via messenger service: It works (practically) around the globewithout incurring costly fees. Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • For a call with WhatsApp it is imperative that you and the person you are talking to have installed the app. It doesn't matter whether you call an Android device with an Apple device or vice versa.
  • If the connection is to be smooth and free of interference, a WLAN connection is advisable. If you are connected to the mobile network, some data volume may be necessary. If necessary, arrange for a flat rate here. In the case of poor reception or reduced speed (e.g. 3G), delays and limited audio quality can also occur.
  • WhatsApp must have permission to access your microphone - and also your camera for video calls. If you have not already set this, you will automatically be asked if you want to use the microphone and camera when you try to call. Alternatively, go to yours Settings and allow the use in advance.

This is how the call works

Are all requirements met and you and your counterpart ready the call is very easy. The procedure is identical for iOS and Android.

To start a call, do the following:

  1. Go to chat with the person you want to call.
  2. Tap the phone receiver icon in the top right corner of your display.
  3. The call starts immediately. You hear an acoustic signal, just like you would with a regular phone call.

Several call functions appear on the display. For example, you can use your Loudspeaker on and off or open the call Mute put. If your counterpart picks up, a button also appears for a Video. You can use this to quickly switch to the video call.

If you want to end the conversation, tap the corresponding button. This is shown as a red point with an on-hook telephone receiver.

By the way: If someone calls you via WhatsApp, your phone will be loud and clear with your regular ringtone. However, if you set your smartphone to silent mode, it will remain silent as usual. Now you will only hear the WhatsApp call if you look at the display or have activated the vibration alarm.

As with a normal phone call, when you receive an incoming WhatsApp call, you can see who is calling you and you can decide whether to accept or decline the call. There are two buttons available for this: one for accept (shown as a tick or green handset depending on the smartphone / system) and one for reject (X or handset in red).

On the left you can see the outgoing call, on the right the incoming call (on the iPhone 5S)

These special functions offer WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp calls basically work worldwide thanks to their independence from the telephone network. Only one working internet connection is necessary for this. For example, if your best friend or partner is abroad and connects to a WLAN there, you can talk to each other for free and thus avoid telephone charges that can quickly turn into money. And that's not all that is possible with the WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp group calls

Telephone conferences with several participants at the same time - this is easily possible with the latest WhatsApp version (2.18.162 or higher). If you are still using an older version, perform an update first. After successful installation, these steps are required to make a group call:

  1. Start a WhatsApp call as described in the previous chapter.
  2. If you are on the phone, you will see a small plus symbol in the upper right corner of your display.
  3. Tap on it and choose another person from your contacts. If this accepts the call, it is added to the group call.

WhatsApp video calls

WhatsApp is the ideal messenger service for those who not only want to speak to their loved ones over long distances, but also see them. The handling of the video calls is straightforward Video quality depending on the internet connectiong flawless.

But be careful: If you make a video call using your mobile data volume, your quota may be used up very quickly. In addition, the video quality can suffer noticeably from the inconsistent data stream of the mobile network. So better take care of one stable WiFi connection. If it is secured, you start a video call as follows:

  1. Navigate in WhatsApp to the chat whose participants you want to reach via video call.
  2. In the upper right corner of your display, tap the small camera icon.
  3. Your conversation partner will now be called.

By the way: You can also turn a voice call into a video call. To do this, tap on the button with the camera (in the middle of your display) while you are on the phone. Your selfie camera switches on and immediately delivers a video transmission.

Group calls and video calls can also be started with WhatsApp.

One app, many options

WhatsApp has long been more than an app for exchanging short messages. In addition to texts and pictures, you can also talk to your loved ones in real time or chat via video - no matter where they are in the world. Because the WhatsApp calls and videos run completely free of charge via a simple WLAN connection. So you always stay up to date when your daughter is racing around the world or your partner is on a business trip to Southeast Asia.

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