How do I create a successful chatbot

Chatbots: How to Create a Successful Concept


Your chatbot should be friendly

Just like with the right customer advisor, users expect the chatbot to answer their questions in a friendly and factual manner. The tonality can be adjusted depending on the situation and industry. In the case of an advertising agency, for example, the chatbot may be equipped with wit and charm, while in the case of a bank, a serious tone is appropriate.

If the chatbot is only to provide information on a specific topic, the content can be clearly defined by only being able to access the respective answers. If, on the other hand, he is to provide information on several topics, the basis for good answers and content is a database. If the chatbot does not have an answer, you should pursue the service concept, apologize and suggest that the chatbot connect directly to customer service.

What should the dialog structure look like?

There are two options for creating a dialogue between chatbot and human. In the guided dialog, the bot gives the questions and guides the user through the conversation. In the free dialog, the user has the opportunity to ask questions himself. In order to cover as many customer inquiries as possible in this case, the dialogue structure must be clearly designed so that the chatbot knows which answer to give to which question.

Which structure you choose depends on the goal you are pursuing with your chatbot. Depending on whether you want to encourage customers to buy or want to bind them to the brand, combinations of guided and free dialogues can also be useful.

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