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Tampa Mayor Announces Super Bowl Celebration

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, the Mayor of Tampa announced a celebration.

© Luis Santana / Tampa Bay Times / AP / dpa Jane Castor, mayor of Tampa, holds the Stanley Cup trophy, which she wants to celebrate extensively.

"We can not have a historic event of this importance for our community and not celebrate it," said Jane Castor according to the "Tampa Bay Times". "We definitely have to celebrate this monumental occasion." Details on the course of the celebrations will be given after the votes with the Bucs on Tuesday or Wednesday, she said.

Tom Brady's team prevailed in Super Bowl 31: 9 against defending champions Kansas City Chiefs and became the first team in history to win the NFL championship in their own stadium.

Castor expressed confidence that most Tampa residents will adhere to recommendations on how to deal with the coronavirus even at a grand celebration. “There will always be concerns. But, again, if we can get the majority of individuals to wear their masks, then we can suppress and control the spread of the virus, ”Castor said, referring to the Tampa Bay Lightning boat parade after winning the Stanley Cup the championship in the NHL. Last September, however, there had been reports of crowded fans without masks who had even drunk from the cup.

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