What's the best Rammstein song

The 10 best songs by Rammstein

10. Rammstein ("Herzeleid", 1995)

Cult director David Lynch used the song "Rammstein" in 1997 in a key scene of his film "Lost Highway". In one fell swoop, Rammstein became the epitome of German rock music in the USA and started their international career. David Lynch said the band sent him a CD because they wanted him to make a video for them. The then largely unknown band from Berlin would probably not have believed that their music would play a leading role in one of his best films.

9. You smell so good ("Herzeleid", 1995)

Provocative-poetic lyrics by Till Lindemann, hectic keyboard synths by Flake and simple, hard riffing - the debut single already manifested the sound that is still known from Rammstein twenty years later. The song was re-released in 1998 after the first chart successes and became a hit three years after it was first published.

8. Angel ("Longing", 1997)

The "Wind Of Change" from Rammstein. Despite the smart melody, "Engel" is anything but lively or hopeful, rather it articulates loneliness and melancholy. With "Engel" the ex-punks Rammstein reached number 3 in the German single charts for the first time and became mainstream. In the chorus is singer Christiane Hebold from the indie band Bobo In White Wooden Houses to listen.

7. Fire free ("Mother", 2001)

Like "Links 2 3 4", "Feuer Frei" uses German military style, which Lindemann is able to pronounce perfectly. With its elaborate pyro use, "Feuer Frei" is one of the highlights of every Rammstein concert and was also the soundtrack of the film "Triple X - XXX".

6. I want ("Mother", 2001)

The repetitive verses and questions in the chorus ("Do you see me?") Make "Ich Will" an energetic live song that not only enables communication with the audience at concerts in Germany.

5. No desire ("Reise, Reise", 2004)

The video for "Keine Lust", in which the aged and grossly overweight Rammstein members meet again to really rock again, was already a cult shortly after it was released. Perhaps because they also appeared in their Fat Suits for the Echo Awards at the time.

4. I hurt you ("Love is for everyone", 2009)

Among other things, the explicitly declared sadomasochistic practices in the text of "Ich tu dir weh" ensured that "love is there for everyone" was indexed by the federal inspection agency for writings that are harmful to minors. The anthemic refrain should not be denied to anyone.

3. Sun ("Mother", 2001)

"Sun" was actually written as an opening song for the Klitschko brothers, which explains the enumeration in the chorus as a paraphrase for counting an opponent. Even if "Sonne" was rejected as too harsh, the song turned out to be one of the most successful in Rammstein's vita.

2. My heart burns ("Mother", 2001)

When a creepy sandman with Led Zeppelin Kashmir strings in his luggage appeals to small children, it can almost only be Rammstein. "My heart burns" is an epochal masterpiece by the Berliners.

1. You have ("Sehnsucht", 1997)

Lindemann uses the homophonic conjugation of the verbs "haben" and "hassen" in "Du hast" for stanzas rich in puns and synthetics, which then lead to a brutal refrain. "You have" is the blueprint of a Rammstein song: simple, catchy and rock hard.